Starting Kennel – Things Most Required For Success

Starting Kennel – Things Most Required For Success

Starting Kennel is not as easy as normally people thought. It needs proper knowledge, infrastructure, top quality dogs and lot more. In this article we will discuss what are those basic things that are compulsory when you are starting a kennel. So lets start discussion.

1. Your Passion For Dogs

A person who owns a kennel should be passionate about dog. If you are trying to develop your kennel than it is compulsory that you should have love for dogs, otherwise you will be fed up of this job. It is your passion that will bind you with dogs. So ask yourself are you really a dog lover and if yes than you are ready for it.

Starting kennel

Starting kennel

2. Infrastructure

Starting kennel requires infrastructure. You should have enough space to keep dogs and adequate number of cages or dog houses. You should have a small play-ground or field for dogs. Fan, cooler and heater according to weather conditions.

Many people who choose this profession only for money give very bad infrastructure to dogs. Dogs don’t even get proper place to relax. They have to remain in cages all day and food is also not of good level. Dogs face scortching heat and shivering cold without any arrangement. I advise not to go for it if you are not able to provide basic requirements.

3. What Quality You Have

There is lot of difference between a dog owner and a kennel owner. Being a kennel owner means you are a producer and if you are a good producer than your firm will show profit otherwise it will be a loss. If you are about to starting kennel first of all check whether your dogs are of good quality or not. People will come to buy from you, they should get a top quality product otherwise you will not stand in competition.

If you have plan for starting kennel than search for which breed you are choosing and look for the best quality available. If you are new comer and have to buy dogs for starting kennel than you should do research and select the best available. You can also read our article Effect Of Parentage On Puppies.

4. Which Breed You Are Choosing

Many people for the sake of money start to breed many breeds at a time, never get involved in this practice. Be perfect in single breed and if you are satisfied with your performance than go for another. Being a kennel owner you are a breeder, you should have proper knowledge about Breeding.

First of all choose a breed for your kennel and than concentrate on building brand name for your breeding. Look for improvement and betterment of breed. As a beginer never look for money, instead look for brand building.

5. Your Knowledge About Dogs

How much you know about dogs? It is another basic point of starting a kennel. I advise for a basic course about health and treatment if you are starting kennel. Because you should never remain dependant on vet if you own a kennel. You should know about basic keep and treatment of dogs. You should have enough knowledge to identify health related problems of dogs.

6. Basic Trainer

As a kennel owner you should know about basic training to dogs. Your dogs should be disciplined and well socialized. People will visit your kennel and if they found your dogs are behaving good they will get inspired with it and will become your customer. Your dogs should be example for others in every aspect. People should dream about having a dog like you own.

7. Never Run For Just Money

Represent your name as brand to whom people trust, never run behind money. Many people got inludge in excessive breeding after initial success and as result they lost their brand value and name. Read our article on Excessive Breeding. Try to improve quality if you are starting kennel. Money is a secondry thing. If you become a good brand than money will run behind you. Improve your quality and success will be yours.

These above are some points that you should need to look before starting kennel or in initial stage. Still there are many points that you should look for. Here are some more points:-

1. Diet

If you are starting kennel than gou should know about diet of dogs. Which breed you own and what are its needs.

2. Play-time

Never keep your dogs excessive chained or in cage. Give them time to play and relax.

3. Prepare Your Brand

Look for what unique quality your dogs have and publicise it. Advertisement is must for success.

4. Never Compromise With Quality

As a kennel owner your dogs must be example for others. Keep your standard high and never compromise with quality.

5. Vaccination

Your dogs must be vaccinated. Many canine ailments are transfered from one dog to another and proper vaccination os must for stopping it.

So above we have discuss some basic points that are must if you are starting kennel. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

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