Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

Shiny skin of dog always become point of attraction and the thing that is most required to keep skin shiny is keeping dog clean.

Hello friends! we are here with a complete guide on Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean. This article is simply to give a btter life standard to your dog.

Why We Are Talking About Keeping Dog Clean?

Dogs are integral part of our family and their health is important for us. A dog who is clean and germs free enjoys a better life than other dogs. As this topic helps in many ways to keep our dogs healthy than I think it is important to educate all my friends about this. Hence we have decided to write about keeping dog clean.

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

In this article I would like to start with benefits. So lets start discussion.

Benefits Of Keeping Dog Clean

In my many articles I start with the solutions and than talk about the benefits, but in this topic I would like to discuss the benefits first because they are the backbone of your dog’s health. So lets start discussion.

1. Saves From Many Diseases

Dirty dog is home to many health problems and to avoid all the keeping dog clean is must. The main problem that will face if you let him stay in dirty area and don’t care about his cleaning also is he will become to many diseases like Parvovirus, Heartworms etc.

Many diseases like parvovirus are contagious disease and can be passed on from one dog to another. If your dogis living at dirty place than it is sure that any other dog during his illness has left the virus in the form of feces, saliva etc.

Virus of many diseases can stay in environment for many months, and if you don’t make the proper cleaning than there are huge chances of getting that disease.

Many would think that none of their dig has faced that problem in past than how the virus will come there. There are many ways to bring the virus at that place like birds, other animals and even humans.

So regular cleaning will help you to keep your dog aways from these kind of problems.

2. Tick And Fleas

Tick and fleas are heagache for every owner and the best solution to it is keeping dog clean. We have already prublished article on Tick Flea Solution and Safely Remove Fleas to help in this problem.

Dirty area is the living place of tick and fleas and other parasites. If you keep your dog clean and the place where he lives clean than there are less chances thathe will get these kind of problems.

3. Better Skin

The third best thing that cleaning your dog his place gives you is better and shiny skin of your dog. For Making Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin of dog keeping him clean is the first and most important condition that you can never ignore on any cost.

Many skin problems like itching, infection etc. are also caused by dirty places and in lack of proper cleaning of your dog.

4. Relief From Unwanted Odour

If a dog stays in dirty area his body also gets dust particles and if he don’t get regular this problem get multiplied. After sometime skin of your dog will start to produce an un-pleasent smell or odour.

But if you keep your dog in clean and also his surroundings clean this un-pleasent odour will vanish. So it is important to give a clean environment to avoid this odour.

5. Health Of Owner

This factor can never be denied, if your dog is dirty and when you touches him or come into his contact you too have chances to get that problem.

Many infections that can cause serious ailment to owner are carried by dirty dogs. So keep yourself healthy it is important to give time to time wash and cleaning to your dog. Keeping dog clean is a solution to many problems.

6. Early Recovery From Illness

The next big benefit of keeping dog clean is early recovery from illness. When you keep your dog clean many bacteria and viruses got killed and that gives help to your dog in recovery process.

When a dog is ill his immunity gets weakend and he become prone to more health issues and when he comes into contact of bacteria or virus he got struck with another problem. So keeping dog clean also eliminate this problem.

7. Early Healing Of Wounds

When it comes to healing of wounds than keeping dog clean is the must to do task. Dirt cause infection and that can enhance the problem or will require more time to get healed.

But when a dog stays in a clean place which is free of dust and fleas it heals faster. So if your dog has any wound than it is must to do task to keep him cleaned.

8. Overall Affect

Overall affect of keeping dog clean a great. It makes your dog more loving and attractive. When a dog is free from unwanted odour, have healthy skin and a good healthy he always loved by people.

When you keep your dog clean it helps in all these things and this helps your dog to earn more love and affection.

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

So these are some benefits of keeping your dog clean. Now our next point is how we can keep our dog clean.

Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

After benefits now we will discuss about the ways to keep dog clean. So here are some ways that can be used for keeping dog clean.

1. Regular Bath

The first and most import thing is to give regular bath. Surrounding comes second first thing is self and if you want to have the benefits of clean dog than it is must to give him regular bath for keeping dog clean.

We have already written an article on Complete Guide For Dog Bath, it will help you to understand the term in better way. The important point you have to remeber while giving bath to dog are here:-

# Use good quality shampoo

# Water should be clean and lukewarm

# Shampoo should not make the skin dry

# Set up a proper schedule for giving bath

# Don’t use blower after bath

2. Anti Tick Products

It is important to make your dog safe from tick and fleas as they also make the dog dirty and are cause of many health problems like Dog Heartworm.

I have already provided articles on this topic too on my blog, you can visit them from following links:-

How To Safely Remove Fleas

Solutions For Tick And Fleas

Use good quality products to make your dog safe against these problem as low quality products can cause other skin related issues.

3. Try To Make Better Skin

Even though above mentioned both points are part of it but discussing it seprately is must. When you try to improve skin quality of dog both above said points automatically got cover.

For better details in this topic you can check our article on Ways To Make Healthy And Shiny Skin. A shiny and pleasent smell skin always attracts the people toward it. Some tips you can follow for better skin are here:-

# Give regular bath

# Trim hair

# Brush hair

# Use good quality shampoo

4. Keep The Surrounding Clean

Another way for keeping dog clean is to keep surrounding clean, in this way you minimise many problems. Suppose you give regular bath to your dog, but his living place is not clean. In this scene bath will not serve it’s purpose.

If you keep your dog at clean place than he gets less dirt on him and he needs less cleaning or bath. Surrounding directly affect the keeping dog clean.

5. Cage And Sitting Place

If you want to keep dog clean than it is important to keep his cage and sitting place clean because if these remain dirty all your efforts will not serve the matter.

Use anti germ floor cleaner to clean cage and sitting place so that production of germs can be minimise. Too much dry or wet place also cause problem, try to keep it home like as it is the best situation for dog.

6. Clothes Of Dog

Clothes should also get proper cleaning so that unwanted problems can be eliminated. Change the clothes time to time ans wash them properly.

Dogs get into contact of many germs when they are playing or are on outdoor activity, and these germs remain struck in clothes. So it is important to clean the clothes to make dog clean.

7. Outdoor Activity

Outdoor activity is very important part of Socialization so I will never stop you to take your dog out. But I will always advice you to follow some precautions.

# Never let dog to play with street dog

# You can use anti tick powder while taking dog out

# Don’t keep dog on places which are dirty

So these are some points that you should follow while taking dog out.

8. Fur

Dogs with short hair are easy to keep clean than dogs with more and long hair. Give time to time trimming to your dog’s hair to keep his fur clean.

Many dust particles got struck in long hair and also it is difficult to give proper bath to dog with long hair. So in short you can trim them to keep clean.

9. Also Clean Mouth And Ears

Things that mostly get ignored in keeping dog clean are mouth and ears. So always keep care of them too. You can use baby oil to clean ears and dental chews are great option for keeping mouth clean.

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

So in this article we have discussed about the benefits and ways of keeping dog clean. I hope this article Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean will help you to keep your dog clean. For more articles like this keep visiting our site. I would like to hear your reviews on this article in comment box.

Benefits And Ways Of Keeping Dog Clean

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