Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

It is a serious viral illness found in dogs. Many other species like raccoons and foxes etc. also got infected from distemper. So today we have decided to discuss about Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure. So lets start discussion.

Canine Distemper In Dogs -  Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

What Is Distemper In Dogs?

Distemper in dogs is highly contagious disease with no known cure. It is a viral illness that affects a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems. It has also affect on conjuctival membrane of the eye.

It cause pneumonia and dehydration in dogs and also cause great damage to CNS means central nervous system. Immidiate care is necessary to cure your dog.

As the problem leads it may result in depression or paralysis in dog. So it is must to check the problem at very early stage and do the necessary action.


Symptoms distemper in dogs is given here-under:-

# Cough

# Sneezing

# Thick mucus from eyes and nose

# Lethargy

# Fever

# Diarrhea

# Depression

# Loss of appetite

# In severe cases paraytsis and attack of hysteria

These above are some general symproms of distemper in dogs. Knowing them will help you in detection of disease at early stages. There is possibility that your dog may not show all of these symptoms, but still you can get the idea that problem has started and required vet to be checked.

Canine Distemper In Dogs -  Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Why It Is Required To Identify Health Problem At Early Stage?

A healthy dog has better immunity system than a ill dog. If we are able to find a health problem in it’s initial stage it will help us to cure the problem in lesser time. There are two factors for early recovery in initial stage, number one is immunity of dog. As the illness proceeds immunity of dog get decreased, so in initial stage dog have better chances to recover.

Second is intensity of disease. When a bacteria or virus spends more time in body its affect also become more intense. So if we are able to cure the problem in initial stage it will save our lot of time and efforts.

Take the example of Parvovirus, it can kill your dog in first 3-4 days. If you are not aware but are the signs or symptoms of parvovirus or health you will take atleast one day to identify that dog is suffering from a problem. This a huge time that affect the recovery process a lot. These kind of problems require immidiate action to save your dog.

You can visit our article on Signs That Indicate Dog’s Health. It will help you to find some common signs that tells about health of dog and beneficial to identify health problem in initial stage.

Cause Of Distemper

As above discussed it is a highly contagious problem and easily get passed on from infected dog to healthy dog. It is caused by Canine Distemper Virus also known as CDV. There are various sources that carry the virus like urine, air, blood, saliva etc. So there are high chances that a healthy dog will also become infected if he get into contact with infected one.

Un-vaccinated dogs that comes into contact of a healthy dog are ideal carrier of this problem. Every health problem affect most to the dogs having weak immunity. So it is must to give Vaccination to your dog to avoid unwanted risk.


The first step of cure is to make sure that the problem our dog facing is distemper. For this vet may ask to have a urine test of dog. It will also reveal the reduction in lymphocytes and white blood cells. It will help in understanding the intensity of disease.

Vet may advice you to have radiograph to find the pneumonia, but it is done in rare cases. Normally urine, vaginal imprints, nasal mucous and haired skin are tested to find viral antigens.

There are chances development of lesions in brain, to find them vet may ask you to have CT or MRI. CT stands for computed tomography and MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging.

After finding the problem next step is treatment. There is no cure for distemper in dogs, so alour focus should be on alleviating the symptoms.

Generally vets use the following medication to cure or treat distemper.

# IV (Intravenous) fluids

# Anti-seizure medication

# Medication to prevent and stop vomiting and diarrhea

# Antibiotics to cure bacterial infdctions.


The most important point in our discussion is prevention. Canine distemper can be prevented with the help of Vaccination.

Puppy should get vaccinated at the age of 6-8 weeks against distemper. Than after every four weeks upto the age of 20 weeks.

It is also wise step to give boosters to your dog every year. If you like to read full article on vaccination you can visit our article Vaccination In Dogs.

Puppies whose mother is not vaccinated are on high risk of distemper during first 6-7 weeks untill their own vaccination do not get started.

There are some other steps that will also help in preventing canine distemeper.

1. Isolate the infected dog, it will help you to make your healthy dogs safe.

2. Never let your dog to play with un-vaccinated dog.

3. Keep him clean.

4. Routine cleaning and disinfecting of kennel and house

5. You can also take your dog for Regular Vet Check-Ups.

These steps will also help you in preventing the distemper and keep your dog healthy.

Canine Distemper In Dogs -  Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Which Dogs Are Highly Prone To Canine Distemper?

Un-vaccinated dogs are always more prone to health related problems and same in the case of canine distemper. Puppies and adolescent dogs who are un-vaccinated have maximum chances of getting infected.

If your female dog is not vaccinated you have enrolled her in breeding than there is high possibility that puppies might get infected by distemper. Puppies during their initial 6 weeks depends upon immunity of mother.

Dogs with weak immunity are also more prone to distemper as there is lack in their immunity and their system fails to fight against slightest infection.

Street dogs are nost commonly get infected by it due to various reasons. First they do not get vaccinated, second they do not get isolated from infected dog and third they do not get cleaned.

How Much Lethal Is Canine Distemper?

Canine distemper is a conathious plus lethal. Almost 80% of puppies who got infected by it fail to survive and 50% of adults also sccumb to the disease.

Early detection and quick vet help is must to save your dog from canine distemper. There is no known cure of it that makes the problem more worst.

Can A Dog Transmit Canine Distemper Virus To His Owner?

Although it is a highly contagious disease but it is not zoonotic. So it can never be transmitter from dog ti his owner. But his relative problems like vomiting, diarrhea etc. can cause problem to owner.

So it is always wise to have full protection while curing your infected dog to save yourself from getting infected.

So above we have discussed about all the major points related to canine distemper and I hope this will help you in curing and preventing your dog agains canine distemper. Kindly give your views in comment box. For more articles like this keep visitibg our site.

Canine Distemper In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

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