Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Many prople inquire me about health problems of dogs like canine hepatitis. Making dog healthy is always dream of owner and we have always liked to help you in achieving it. We have written a complete series of articles on Vaccination In Dogs, which includes almost every required topic related to vaccination. In this article we are going to add another article to this series. Today our topic is Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention. So lets start discussion.

What Is Canine Hepatitis?

It is contagious and viral disease caused by canine adenovirus CAV-1. It is a type of DNA virus. Hepatitis is a acute liver infection which is also found in wolves, bears and foxes. It cause upper respiratory tract infection. The most affect of virus can be found in liver and kidneys.

Canine Hepatitis In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Cause Of Canine Hepatitis?

The main sources that carries the virus are feces, urine, blood, saliva and nasal discharge. Any healthy dog when comes into contact of these things or consume anything contaminated with virus got infected.

This occurs when your dog to let play or contact with un-vaccinated or infected dogs.

How It Proceeds And Develop?

The virus is contractrd through the mouth or nose and than it proceeds toward tonsils. Next step that comes is reaching blood stream and through it proceeds toward liver and kidneys. The total incubation period is around 4-8 days.

During this virus is shed into feces, blood and saliva making them infectious to other dogs.

Symptoms Of Canine Hepatitis?

If you want to stay at safer side than knowing the symptoms is must. When you are aware about symptoms of disease you starts the treatment or cure early. At early stages it is easy to cure a disease than at severe levels. So here we are sharing some common symptoms of canine hepatitis.

# Fever

# Depression

# Loss of appetite

# Problems related to central nervous system

# Collapse of blood vessels

# Coagulation dis-order

# Vomiting

# Diarrhea

# Pinpoint red dots on skin

# Enlarged lymph nodes

# Eye inflammation and corneal swelling

# Tucked up belly

# Dull coat

These are some common signs or symptoms of hepatitis. In most severe cases Neurological Problems also seen, like lack of co-ordination, seizures, circling, coma etc.

Can It Kill A Dog?

In most of the cases dogs recover without even treatment but when a problem remain un-checked and reach at very severe level it can kill a dog.

As above discussed neurological signs are shown at highest severity of problem like coma and seizures. Even though the problem is of mild nature in most of the cases but dogs having weak immunity or puppies may have to suffer from severity of it.

So it is a well option to increase the immunity of your dog to keep him at a safer end from hepatitis.

Cure Or Treatment

Being a good and aware owner you should have a clear medical history of your dog, this will help you in fighting with future health problems. And if your dog has infected with canine hepatitis you should be aware about the possible reasons behind it.

If you are able to detect the problem at early stage it is very easy to cure as in starting it is uncomplicated. But if it remained unchecked it can lead toward disasters.

The initial step is to give fluid therapy to save your dog from dehydration which can be caused by diarrhea or vomiting. Blood therapy for coagulopathy may be given to your dog.

Nutrition value should be met properly during treatment so that dig should not becomd weak. Partial intravenous nutrition can be suggested for five days by your vet and further he can also reccomend some antibiotics.


Prevention is best key to preserve your hard work. Making a dog what he is today is not a task of single day, instead it needs lots of hardwork to obtain the highest possibke health of dog. So it is better to prevent any unwanted health problem than curing it. Here are some ways to prevent your dog from canine hepatitis.

1. Vaccination

The best tool available to keep your dog or dogs safe from unwanted health problems is vaccination. Vaccination helps in increasing immunity of dog.

Immunity is the power of dog to fight against viruses who creates health related problems. You can visit our article on Vaccination In Dogs it will help you to understand the whole concept.

2. Isolation From Infected Dog

As above discussed canine hepatitis is a contagious problem means it can be passed on from infected dog to a healthy dog through varies mediums like saliva, feces and blood. So if you keep your healthy dog with infected one than there is high possiblity that healthy dog will also get infected.

When you isolate your infected dog from healthy dogs it reduces their chances to get infected.

3. Increasing Immunity Through Other Ways

Vaccination is the best way to increase the immunity of your dog, but still there are other ways that also helps in improving immunity of dog that helps in fighting against canine hepatitis and other problems. Some examples are:-

# Daily exercise

Daily exercise increases immunity of dogs and keep them fit. You can also check our article on Benefits Of Daily Exercise For Dog.

# Good quality food

Food gives your dog energy and many foods also boost his immunity. You can also check our article on Best Dog Food Brands.

4. Regular Vet Check-Ups

Regular vet check-ups also helps in preventing many disease like canine hepatitis. When you visit your vet he can easily identify the early symptoms and cure your dog from leading toward severity.

We have written an complete guide on Regular Vet Check-Ups and Frequency Of Dog Check-Ups.

5. Cleanliness

Keeping the dog and his surrounding clean is also a way to prevent unwanted problems. Virus of canine hepatitis can survive upto several months in atmosphere if the place is not properly clean.

It also helps in prevention of other problems too. So keeping surroundings of your dog safe is also a great way to keep him at safer end.

So these are some ways to prevent this problem in your dogs. Now lets discuss about the point who is at higher risk.

Canine Hepatitis In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Which Dogs Are At Higher Risk Of Canine Hepatitis?

Simple one word answer is dogs with weak immunity or un-vaccinated. As above discuss it has mild nature but dogs with weak immunity easily gets infected.

Also street dogs have higher chances of getting infected from it as they do not get vaccination and also they not live at clean places, if one of them get infected chances for others also got increased.

So giving vaccination and maintaining cleaniliness is the key to keep your dog safe from canine hepatitis. I also suggest to not let your dog play with un-vaccinated and street dogs.

Till now we have shared many points related to canine hepatitis in dogs. I hope this article Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention will help you to understand about the problem and save your dog from it. Kindly give your views related to our article in comment box. If you like to read more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Canine Hepatitis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

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