Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

In our article on Summer Dog Care I have given importance to dog bath. Now in this article I will give you a guide on dog bath and will also discuss benefits of it. As from title it is clear our topic of discussion today is Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency. So lets start discussion.

What Is Dog Bath?

In simple words we can say a dog bath is bath given to your dog to prevent skin problems and giving him a refreshing time. But I have divided it into two catagories:-

1. Casual Bath

2. Proper Bath

1. Casual Bath

A bath given to your dog to just make him refresh and providing relief from heat is called casual bath. It do not require much time and you need simple clean water for it.

2. Proper Bath

Bath given to dog to make his skin better, fight against tick and fleas and eliminating unwantdd odour is called proper bath. We need a good quality shampoo, clean water etc. for this.

Complete Guide On Dog Bath - From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Although I have given here two types of bath but almost every other article you will find will talk about only one bath i.e Proper Bath. The reason behind catagorisation of bath is summer season, you don’t have enough time everytime to give a proper bath to your dog but in summer he wants some refreshing moments so I have introduced Casual Bath.

What You Have To Consider Before Bath?

When you are going to give your dog a bath you have to consider somethings that are discussed here-under:-

1. Time

First thing you have to look while giving a bath to your dog is time and you have to choose it according to weather. In summers it is good give bath in morning and in winter you should wait upto noon time.

The reason for morning time in summer is that during day time temperature of your dog’s body also got increased and if you give him bath he might get fever and in winter morning is too cold to give a bath and dog might get ill if you give him a bath at that time.

2. Last Bath

This question is also important, when you have given last bath to your dog as excessive bathing can also cause harm to him skin and coat and less bathing too. So make a proper schedule for dog bath.

3. Is Your Dog Just Coming From Play

Sometimes we ignore this thing and in hurry give a bath to our dog but it is advised to give some rest to your dog when he comes from play or exercise while giving a bath as when he plays his body gets heat up and giving bath to him at that point can cause him health problems like fever etc.

4. When Your Dog Has His Meal

It is also an important thing to look for while giving a bath, never give a bath immidiately after meal. A meal same like humans increases the body temperature of dog and can cause harm if we give him a bath immidiately after bath. Give an hour break before bath after meal.

5. Health Of Your Dog

Never give a bath to dog during illness it can create big problem. It is wise to wait for him to recover from illness and give a bath.

Complete Guide On Dog Bath - From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

How To Give A Bath?

As above I have talked about two type of baths one is casual and one is proper. In casual bath there is no need to apply any kind of shampoo or bathing product but in proper bath they are must. The only requirement in casual bath is clean and lukewarm water. So lets talked about the points that you have to follow while giving a bath.

1. Save Ear, Eye And Mouth

Dogs don’t like to get water into their ear and eyes and it is harmfull for them too, so avoid applying water at theae too points, you can wash his mouth but wet hand or cloth, do not directly apply water there. The parfect thing is giving cotton in ears to save them from water. It is best to start from and go down excluding ear, eyes and mouth.

2. Use A Good Quality Shampoo

Always use a good quality shampoo while giving your dog bath. Dog’s skin can get damage from a lower quality bathing product and coat to becomes dull looking. Do a proper research and buy a trusted product.

3. Water Temperature

Water temperature should be lukewarm. Too warm water also cause problems to skin and cold water will not be liked by your dog and also have side effects too. So it is good to have lukewarm warer for giving bath to your dog.

4. Rinse Well

Sometimes we are in hurry and skip a proper rinse and shapmoo or soap remains in skin and coat of your dog. Never let this to happen always rinse well. When you give dog bath it is necessary to remove the shampoo properly otherwise it will make the skin dry and irritating.

5. Making Dry

During making your dog dry never use heat or hot air of blow-dryer as this can cause problem to skin of your dog. Itis good to clean it first with towel and than use a air blower without heat. There are blow dryers designed for dogs you can also use him.

Complete Guide On Dog Bath - From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

6. Care In Tub

If your dog is small than it is another point to look while giving bath to him take care of him in tub. Many accidents happen when we let our dog alone in tub. So be carefull while giving bath to your dog specailly to puppy never leave him alone in tub.

7. Procedure Of Bath

It is best to start from neck and go down. Please check that shampoo should not cause irritation at senstive parts of your dog. Apply the shampoo gently and remove it without making any hard rub on skin. Try to make your dog feel better and relaxed during bath.

So these are some points that you should have in your mind while you give bath to your dog. Now lets talk about frequency of dog bath.

Dog Bath Frequency

Frequency of dog bath depends upon many things which are discussed here-under:-

1. Dog Coat

A dog with large hair coat needs more baths than a dog with small coat. Dig with large coat gets dirty easily and things got struck in his hair so he needs more baths than a dog with small coat.

2. Your Residence Area

If you stay at place where there is less dust in atmosphere and dog rarely go outside to open land than he normally stay clean and needs less bath and if you belong to are where your dog has to go to places with full of dust he needs more baths.

3. Habits Of Dog

Habits of your dog is also a big factor behind frequency of bath as some dogs like to stay clean and many likes to enjoy the every moment of play, this is also a factor behind frequency of bath.

4. Season

It is winter or summer it too decides frequency. I suggests more baths during summer as it is a way to refresh your dog and less during winter.

So after considering all above points a dog at place which has less dust and habits of dog are good than it is must to give proper bath after 30 days. But a dog who stays at place full of dust and like to play in open ground needs a bath after maximum 20 days.

Talking about seasons during summer you can give casual bath to your dog to give him some refreshing moment and relief from heat, but in winter above said procedure should be applied. Do not apply shampoo or soap during casual wash but water you use should be clean enough to avoid infection.

Complete Guide On Dog Bath - From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

Making Bath Interesting

After above discussion a question still remains and i.e my dog is reluctant to bath or how can I make my dog bath interesting. So some tips are here-under:-

1. Develop The Habit From Childhood

This is the must to do step. If you avoid giving bath to your dog at childhood than he will be more reluctant to bath. It is important to build a habit from childhood itself. Start giving regular bath from 3 months of age, this will help you a lot in future.

2. Use Lukewarn Water

Never use too hot or too cold water to give dog bath, it is best to use lukewarm water as skin of your dog and he too will not like too cold or warm water.

3. Invent Water Games

You can also start with water games, in this initially you will play with your dog using water and in the end give him a bath. It is a great and innovative way to make your dog bath interesting.

4. Use Dog Toys

Threw some dog toys into water and let him play with then in starting. This will also develop his interest in bath. You can also read our article on Dog Toys.

5. Never Rub Too Hard

Always give a gentle and smooth bath to your dog, never rub his skin and coat too hard. It will make him pain and skin related problems too. He will like a gentle touch during bath.

Benefits Of Dog Bath

So above we have talked about every point you should have in mind while starting or giving a bath, now lets talk about benefits of dog bath.

1. Solution To Skin Problems

Regular proper bath is a good option to save your dog from many skin problems. It avoids many kind of infections related to skin of your dog.

2. Refresh Your Dog

Dog bath is great option to refresh your dog specailly during summer it helps a lot to refresh your dig and give him relief from heat. You can also read our article on Summer Dog Care.

3. Make Him Safer For You

A dirty and dog with skin infection is also problematic for his owner too, when you give him a bath you also make yourself safe from unwanted infection.

4. Better Dog Odour

Body of a dog who have less baths gives an un-pleasant odour and bath is a great option to replace it with a good odouras many shampoos are there in market that makes your dog’s odour better.

5. Better Skin Coat

Regular bath also improves skin quality of your dog. It gives him a better shining skin that attracts everybody towards him.

6. Benefit From Tick And Fleas

Dog bath is a greag option to save your dog from tick and fleas. Dogs who get regular bath have less chances of tick and fleas.

So above we have discussed about many points about dog bath. I hope our article will help you a lot for Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency. A healthy dog is a dream of every owner and dog bath is an important part of making your dog healthy. Use good quality shampoo to give a regular bath it will help in many ways to you dog and you too. If you have any suggestion you can comment below. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Complete Guide On Dog Bath – From Benefits, Way To Frequency

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