Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

Welcome dog lovers! I always like to discuss about muscle building in dogs and I like the dogs who are bulked up. I have written some articles on Muscle Building Ways and also given Conditioning Plan to help you in better results. But this is not enough according to me. It is not as easy as you read an article in evening and start the process from very next day, I always look for preparations and capabilities of dogs. So I have decided to share this article for discussing a process i.e Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding.

What Is Conditioning?

Conditioning is process to take your dog to that physical position where he is in best shape or in other words bringing your dog to desired state by physical exercise or training. In many places dog conditioning is also refered as training to teach Basic Things to your dog, but in this article we will discuss about conditioning related to physical health and muscle building.

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

What It Mean To Getting Ready For Conditioning?

In simple words every dog is not ready to go under a hard physical training, you have to check many things before enrolling your dog into physical training. Making your dog capable to bear the physical training is called getting ready for conditioning.

You can check that a Conditioning Plan is not an easy task to follow by every dog and owner. You have to make ready to yourself and your dog for this whole process to get best results.

What Are The Points That You Have To Look For?

Now next thing comes what are the points that you have to consider while starting the process of conditioning, according to me there three major points that you have to look for:-

1. Age

2. Health

3. Capability

These are the three major points that you should have in mind while you plan to start a conditioning plan. Now lets discuss these points seprately.

1. Age

If you want to condition your dog age has great role in it. Exercise and intensity will depend upon age of the dog. You can not force a puppy of 5 months of age to work as an adult dog, you have to plan according to his age.

If you want to start a muscle building process than first of all let your dog to reach at the age of 8 months minimum. But you can give your dog long walks and daily playtime to build his endurance. You can also check our article on Benefits Of Playtime for understanding.

The motive behind playtime and walks is to develop the endurance of puppy and maintain his physical fitness. A dog who gets regular play time will have better stamina and endurance than a dog who is strived of it. So if you want to develop a muscular dog start preparing for it from his childhood.

Even after the age of 8 month you cannot force him to follow the Conditioning Plan that is hard in nature, you have to prepare the plan accroding to his capabilities.

Let the dog reach the age of one year to give him proper exercise for muscle building so that his physical growth should not get halted.

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

What Are The Main Factors You Have To Consider According To Age?

If you are thinking of giving exercise from vert young age than you have to look for following things:-

Type Of Exercise

For a dog under one year of age never go for weight pulling exercises, just stay focused on normal and slow running. You can introduce jumps also but upto limited extent. So it is best to give normal running and jumps one or two days in week. Weight pulling can cause defects in structure or Crooked Bones.

Intensity Of Exercise

Deal your dog as puppy upto the age of 12 months, as even though he appears to be a dog but still his most of development is pending. Give a light exercise upto the age of ine year as intensive exercise can cause halted growth. Your focus should be on growth of dog, not on muscles. Intensive exercise can cause halted growth, weakness and structural defects.

Age Of Dog

Never start giving exercise to a dog of under 5 month of age, yes you can give him running upto 2 kms but that should be slower than 10km/hour after achieving the age of four months and only let him play with his fellow dogs or give long walks. 5-8 month dogs can be given running of 2-3 kms and dogs of age 8-12 months can be given running upto 4-5 kms a day. Always remeber speed should be as slow as possible.

After age next thing comes health. Lets talk about it.

2. Health

When a dog has reached his minimum age next thing comes his health. If you are going to enroll a dog in muscle building or conditioning process he should be physically fit and healthy. Some of the common points that you have to look for are given here-under:-

Respiration And Temperature

When you plan to enroll a dog in exercise look for his respiration and temperature. You can read our article on Respiration And Temperature. A normal dog at rest has respiration equal to 10-35 breath per minute and normal temperature is 100-102.5°. If you ignore this point your dog may face many problems and that can produce disasters for you.

Basic Health Signs

One of the most important thing in knowing your dog’s health is knowing Basic Signs Of Health. Make sure your dog is doing well in normal life and basic signs that shows health of your dog are showing that your dog is healthy. Basic signs are like respiration, poop, coat shine etc. You can check our complete article on Basic Signs Of Dog’s Health. If you find that your dog is healthy only than opt for conditioning process.

Take Your Dog To Vet

It is also an important point in making sure that your dog is healthy. Take him to vet for Regular Vet Check Up to find and access his health properly. During the period of exercise you can also decide Frequency For Vet Check Up, this will help you a lot. So it is good option to take your dog for vet check up to access his health properly.

Platelet Count

This is the point that we commonly ignore but needs a proper intention. If you are planning to take your dog for conditioning process that includes hard exercise it is muat that he should have healthy platelet count. Normal platelet count in dogs is 175,000 to 500,000. If you enroll a dog with lower platelet count into hard exercise it will further lower his platelet and this can harm your dog upto great extent.

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

What Can Happen If We Ignore This?

Never ever take risk to ignore these points in conditioning starting as they can create problems for you. Some of them are mentioned here-under:-

# If your dog has abnormal respiration and you enroll him in conditioning process that includes hard exercise that can cause heart attack to him.

# Lower platelet count can lead towards death.

# Problem in tempearture can also lead toward heat or heart attack.

# Ignoring vet check ups will cause you great loss as you will not be aware about actual condition of dog and many side-effects can happen.

So these are some points that are related to your dog’s health, now lets talk about capability.

3. Capability

Next important point that you have to look for is intensity. If you look at the Conditioning Plan you will find that I have suggested to increase the intensity step by step, in another article on Muscle Building I have said same thing to increase tge intensity step by step. There are many other things that you have to look for which are discussed here-under:-

What Is Present Condition

What is the present condition of ypur dog, is he somewhere near to his best shape or is far away. Is he has good stamina or not, can he bear the stress of exercise or not etc. are the questions that you have to ask yourself and answer them what is tge truth. Answer should be clear cut to access the present condition, as this will decide your future steps.

If a dog is too far from called fit than you will have to adopt a different plan and if it is near about it than you have to choose a different plan. So accessing the present condition has lot to do with your dog’s conditioning planning.

Level Of Endrance

How much stress he can take, is the another question that needs attention. Every dog has different endurance level, some can run opto 20 kms and some may fail to run even 10 kms even after reaching at best of their endurance. It is you who have to identify to which catagory your dog belong. Never go for emotions or passion always try to find truth and work according to it. Otherwise results can become disaster for you.

Type Of Exercise

Every exercise do not suits to every dog. Look for the weak points as well as strong points of your dog and plan an exercise according to it. Some dogs have a strong chest and some have good back legs, you have tonplan a exercise to make his weaker points strong and stronger points more strong.

For example a dog with weaker leg will have problem in weight pulling, you have to adopt a plan to make his legs strongs that he will be able to good at this, but this will not happen a day and needs planning and consistent work on it. So choose the exercise according to capability of your dog.

Inceasing Intensity

Never increase the intensity of exercise in hurry, give time to your dog to adapt it and gradually proceed according to his capability. There is no shortcut for conditioning and muscle building, you have to follow the basics. Increasing intensity without judging the capability of dog can cause you disasters.

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding


So above we have discussed about all the points that are important in Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding and find that three points are most important i.e age, health and capability.

So according to me never make hurry and verify all the avove points whenever you have a plan to condition your dog to keep him healthy and fit. There is no shortcut for success and it’s require hardwork and consistency to succeed. I hope this article will help you in making ready your dog for conditioning process and muscle building. Keep visiting our site for more articles like this and give your suggestions about our article in comment section.

Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning Or Muscle Bulding

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