Coronavirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Coronavirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Every owner wants to make his dog healthy and make him safe from health problems. In article Vaccination In Dogs we have discussed about serious health problems that needs utmost care to prevent them. One of them is Coronavirus. In this article we have decided to write about Coronavirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention for better understanding of this problems. So lets start discussion.

What Is Coronavirus?

It is a disease that effect intestinal tract of dogs. It is highly contagious and spreads easily from one dog to another. The most damage is done by virus in intestines of dog.

It cause diarrhea, vomitting, depression etc. Although it is mild in nature but still it can cause lot of problems to your dog. In puppies it can lead upto death. So ignoring this can cost you a lot.

How It Spreads?

Coronavirus is highly contagious virus the main source of it’s spreading is feces and saliva. When a healthy dog comes into contact of feces or saliva of infected dog he too becomes infected.

Feces or saliva of infected dog contains tge virus that cause it. Even after your dog is cured and you think that he is healthy there are still chances of presence of virus in his feces. So it is highlt contagious virus and needs proper understanding to keep your dogs safe from it.

How Much Time It Takes To Develop?

It is virus that shows it’s sign within one to five days after a dog gets infected. So it is a virus that develops too fast. Many dog viruses like Rabies took too much time to develop but coronavirus is too fast than them and shows it’s initial signs within one to five days.

Coronavirus In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Coronavirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Symptoms Of Coronavirus

Coronvirus has symptoms similar to Parvovirus. Which are mentioned here-under:-

For Adult Dogs

Coronavirus is mild in nature and not as severe as parvovirus, in adult dogs it’s symptoms are not much noticeable. But still in some cases following signs can be seen:-

# Diarrhea

# Vomiting

# Sometimes Fever

# Depression

# Mild Reapiratory Problems

For Puppies

In adults it is not too dangerous but for puppies it can be lifd taking. Some signs that can be seen in puppies are given below:-

# Diarrhea

# Vomitting

# Fever

# Depression

# Inflammation Of Small Intestine

# Respiratory Problems

# Dehydration

Cure Of Coronavirus

As discussed above in adults it don’t show much intensity and has mild nature but for puppies it can cause problems. In adults it can be easily cured without any medication in most of the cases, but if you find that intensity is increasing you can consult the vet accordingly. Most of the adult dog get cured themselves without any medication.

In puppies it can be life taking and needs proper medication to save your dog. There is no specific medicine is available for coronavirus, but still we have the option. Here is suggesstion for treatment:-

# IV (Intravenous) Fluids

# Antibiotic

# Anti-inflammatories

# Antiemetics

Same these fluids are used in Parvovirus to save the dog.

Coronavirus In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Coronavirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

What Is Difference Between Parvovirus And Coronavirus?

Both of these have same symptoms and cure is also same for both, than question rises what is the difference between both. The main difference between both is intensity. Coronvirus is milder than Parvovirus. Parvovirus is lethal and survival rate is less, but Coronavirus has higher survival rate than it.


One thing I repeat in most of my articles is that prevention is always better than cure. It is always better to prevent any upcoming health problem with adequate precautions. The one and only precaution for coronavirus is Vaccination. First vaccination is reccomended at the age of 6-8 weeks. For first six weeks a puppy has to remain on immunity of his mother.

When you adopt a puppy it is must to visit your vet and consult about your dog’s health. You can also read our article on Regular Vet Check-Ups. This will help you to draw a schedule for vaccination of your dog. You shouls also we aware about Frequency Of Vet Check Up, this will also help you to understand when your dog needs a check-up. Here are some other points that will too help you to prevent your dog from coronavirus.

Steps To Prevent Your Dog From Coronavirus

1. Make a proper vaccination schedule and vaccinate your dog according to it.

2. Isolate infected dog from other dogs.

3. Never let healthy dogs to come in contact with infected dog and his feces.

4. Reduce contact of your dog with un-vaccinated dogs.

5. Avoid letting your dog to play with street dogs.

These are some common points that you should keep in mind to save your dog from all the contagious viruses.

Which Dogs Are At High Risk Of Coronavirus?

Simple and one word answer is un-vaccinated dogs. The chances of a getting infected by any disease is directly related to immunity of your dog. A dog who has better immunity has lesser chances to get infected than the dog who has weaker immunity. Vacvination is the process to increase the immunity of your dog.

What Is Immunity?

Immunity is internal power that helps to fight with all the viruses those effect our health. Better immunity means healthier life. To save your dog from unwanted health problems it is must to increase his immunity.

So this is the article where we have discussed have a major problem related to health of dog’s i.e Coronavirus. I hope this will help you to save your dog from unwantdd health problems. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Coronavirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

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