Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not

Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not

Whenever an owner find his dog eating it sometimes make him amazed. Many questions rise in his mind, why he is eating grass, is it healthy or not etc. So we have decided to right a complete article to clarify all your doubts. So lets discuss about Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not.

Why Dog Eating Grass Appears Odd?

Dog Grass Eating - Is This Normal Or Not

Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not

Dog is not a herbivores who eats grass, so whenever we see a dog grass eating it appears odd. Grass is not their food and thier system will not digest it. Although dogs can eat the food products obtained from plants but they do not eat grass.

Rabbits, sheeps, goats etc. are herbivores, their natural food is grass and they depend upon it to obtain nutrition, but this is not true in case of dogs.

Dog grass eating is also consider as pica a psychological disorder characterized by appetite. This means eating anything that do not have nutrition value like ice eating etc.

Why Dogs Eat Grass?

There is no specific answer to this, there are several reasons for grass eating in dogs which are proposed by experts and vets. Now we will discuss about all of them in detail. So lets start:-

1. Problem In Stomach

The most popular belief is this that when a dog feels nauseated or distress in stomach he eats grass. According this belief a dog eats grass so that he can vomit and feel fresh.

But many people argue against this belief as they think dogs are not enough intelligent that they can think it and a study conductes on dog owners also falsify this belief.

But still large number of people and dog owners believe that dogs eat grass to rectify their internal system. So this belief is still popular and people are trusting it.

2. To Get Relief From Parasites

This belief is also popular and revealed by studies. Dogs who are suffering from intestinal parasites eat grass to increase intestinal motility.

Parasites are a problematic issue in dogs and time to time Deworming is must to save your dog from worms.

This belief is taken from a study on chimpanzees. A study on chimpanzees reveal that they eat grass or plant material to increase intestinal motility and removing intestinal worms.

3. Dogs Like The Taste

A large number of owners also believe that their dogs like the taste of certain type of grass. This can also be the reason behind their dog grass eating.

But this is true for certain cases and only to a specific type of grass. Some dogs just start to eat every kind of grass than this belief does not get hold.

So this belief also have value upto some extent and can be true in some cases.

4. He Is Bored

According to Cesar’s Way dogs do this to pass their time. Cesar is well known dog behaviour expert.

This case is very rare and can be cured easily by engaging your dog in play or exercise, but finding it needs proper knowledge of dog and his behaviour.

5. Food Deficiency

An another belief is also proposed by a large number of people that dog grass eating is due to food or dietry deficiency.

When I was researching on this topic than I found that still there are two type of people first who believes that dog grass eating is due to food deficiency and second who do not agry with them.

Both groups shows their own studies regarding their belief. But our motive is not find who is right, our motive ia to find the reason. And if giving a better diet can solve our problem than it must be done.

6. Playing Mood

Dogs have a habit while playtime they grab everything that comes in their ways and this can be possible reason in some cases.

Your dog may be eating the grass during playtime to just entertain himself, but to find the exact reason you have to watch his activities in normal day routine.

7. Inherited From Ancestors

Many people put forward tge argue that it is due to affect of ancestors. Wild dog ingested prey which include plant matter in their bowels and due to this ancestor affect dogs eat grass.

Upto some level this argument also holds it’s ground for dog grass eating and many experts also support it.

8. Helping In Better Digestion

Dog Grass Eating - Is This Normal Or Not

Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not

Dog eating grass to improve his digestion system is also a belief that is popular in many people. Dogs eats grass to boost their digestion. If according to you your dog has same problem you can also check our article on Dog Digestion.

So these are some common beliefs about grass eating in dogs. Now lets talk about pros and cons of grass eating.


Dog grass eating is considered beneficial by a large number of experts, they give the following reasons for it.

1. It is a natural way to release stomach distress.

2. Natural way to fight against parasites.

3. Some hebrs are beneficial to improve digestion.

4. Many also put forward the belief that they get nutrition from grass or plants.

5. A belief is also propsed that it is an exercise that it helps in cleaning food pipe.

These are some benefits that are proposed by who support dog grass eating, now lets talk about the side effects of grass eating:-

1. Dog may eat conteminated or infected grass with un-healthy virus like Parvovirus, this will create great problem for you and your dog.

2. Dog grass eating can also lead toward food infection.

3. The grass your dog eat may be sprayed with pesticides.

4. If it improves the digestion system than there exists chances also that it can affect adversly to digestion of your dog.

5. Grass eating may also become a reason for less interest in food.

How To Stop Your Dog From Grass Eating?

Dogs are innocent and they do not know what is too much. As above discussed dogs are not herbivores and grass is not their natural diet. Dog grass eating may be beneficial upto some extent, what when it become too much it is problematic. So lets discuss about some ways to stop your dog from grass eating.

1. Give Good Quality Food

The best option that we have to stop our dog from grass eating is giving him good quality food. A large number of experts says that a great reason behind dog grass eating is internal deficiencies.

If we feed our dog a good quality food these deficiencies can be cured and hence our dog will also stop to eat grass. You can also check our article on Best Dog Food Brands.

2. Giving Basic Education

Sometimes dogs also develop a habit to grab everything in mouth and this kind of habit needs to be rectified through basic education. Your dog may be facing the same problem and you can cure it easily.

We have already written an article on Basic Things To Teach Your Dog it will help you in making your dog more disciplined.

3. Deworming

Time to time deworming is also important to stop your dog from eating grass. You can also check our article on Dog Deworming. It will help you in finding the perfect product and way to deworm your dog.

4. Give Him Exercise

Sometimes dogs do this when they have nothing to do, this kind of problem needs to be checked by owner and you can rectify it by giving him Playtime or by Exercise.

Exercise also have other benefits that will make your dog more healthy and happy. So giving some playtime and exercise can be usefull to stop dog grass eating.

5. Vet Check Up

If you find that your dog is not stoping to eat grass or have started it recently you can also visit your vet for Regular Vet Check Up, this will help you to find out whether there is any health related issue behind grass eating.

6. Improve Digestion

Dog Grass Eating - Is This Normal Or Not

Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not

Sudden decrease in appetite may be the reason for dog grass eating and if you think that weak digestion is reason for grass eating in your dog than try to improve his digestion. You can also check our article on Ways To Improve Dog Digestion.

So above we have touched the every point related to the topic Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not. I hope this article will help you to understand grass eating in dogs. Give your views in comment box and for more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Dog Grass Eating – Is This Normal Or Not

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