Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know

Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know

While discussing Heat Cycle Of Female Dog I said that an owner has two options while his female is in heat. First option is go for breeding and second is not to go for breeding. If you opt to go for breeding than the next step is dog mating. So in this article we will discuss about Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know. So lets start discussion.

If The Owner Is Not Interested In Breeding?

As above said there two options that an owner has to go for breeding or not. First of all lets talk about not going for breeding. An owner has many reasons for not to go for breeding, some of them are here-under:-

# He may think that female dog not ready to undergo breeding process. You can check our article to find out whether your female is ready or not Click Here To Find Whether Your Female Is Ready Or Not.

# Owner may think that his female need rest of one heat as she has not recovered properly from last breeding.

# Many owners do not want to enroll their female in breeding at any condition.

# He may have failed to find the male of his choice.

These are some common reasons that stops owner to enroll the female in breeding. But our main topic is dog mating today and it is important for those who want to enroll their female in breeding.

Dog Mating - Procedure And Points To Know

Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know

What Are Important Points To Look Before Dog Mating?

Although I have written an complete article on Preparing Female For Breeding, but still I can provide you some basic short points.

# Health of female

# Health of male

# Vaccination

# Deworming

# Weight of female

These are some points that an owner should make clear well in time. These are some common points. The most important point is Understanding Heat Cycle.

Heat Cycle

Although you can read our complete article on Heat Cycle but here you should be aware about two stages i.e

1. Proestrus

2. Oestrus

Proestrus is the starting stage of heat cycle. In this stage size of female’s vagina got increased and also blood discharge comes through it. It lasts for 9-11 days.

Oestrus is the next stage after proestrus. Oestrus is the perfect time for mating. It lasts for 7-9 days in most of the cases.

So for first 9 days during heat there is blood discharge and when it stops fertile period starts. In this time eggs got released from ovaries and are highly fertile.

What Is Flagging?

During oestrus female become attractive toward male dogs and she lifts her tail to show her intension for mating, and this process is called flagging.

Time of flagging is most productive time and it is recommended for dog mating if you want positive results.

Dog Mating - Procedure And Points To Know

Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know


Mating is the most important part of dog breeding. Perfect productive time is must for positive results. So finding the best time is most important for dog mating, otherwise female may not get concieved.

How To Find Best Time For Dog Mating?

For successfull breeding mating should be done during productive period otherwise results will not be good or female may not get concieved. There are three ways to find the perfect time for mating, which are discussed here-under:-

1. Two Day Formula

Two day formula is most popular among breeders, in this formula a female will be get mated after two days when blood discharge is stopped. In most of the cases it is the most fertile time, but if you go for it than you will need two nodes to be relaxed.

Second node will be given after one day gap between first node. So if your female has stopped blood discharge on 9th day than get her mated on 11th and 13th day.

2. Flagging

Flagging is also a good way to judge fertile period for dog mating. When a female is most fertile she is also become more attractive toward males and when she see a male she will lift her tail to show her intension for mating.

So if your female is going through this period or stage you can also take her for mating.

3. Vet Verification

Your vet can perform a test to find the most productive time of your female dog. She may take urine sample or liquid discharge from vagina to find out productive period.

This is the most reliable way to find the productive time of your female dog.

So these are some ways to find the best time for mating.

Dog Mating

If you are sure that female is in her most productive time and ready for mating than it is high time to get her mated. In dog mating there two stages.

1. Male Up

2. Back Joining

1. Male Up

Dog Mating - Procedure And Points To Know

Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know

It is the initial stage of dog mating. Male dog will come upon female and his penis will enter the vagina. The sizd of penis will get increased and will get stuck inside female.

2. Back Joining

Dog Mating - Procedure And Points To Know

Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know

After the first stage second stage is back joining. In this male and female will turn their faces to opposite direction and it is compulsory for sperm injecting.

Time Of Dog Mating Or Node

There is no fix time for dog mating or node. A node can last for 2 minutes and even less and sometime for hours. Stamina of dog, weather etc. are some deciding factor for node time.

How Much Minimum Time Node Is Required For Succesfull Breeding?

Here there is no fix time for it. A female may get concieved by a one minute node and sometimes an hour long node may went vacant. The whole thing depends upon active sperm count and fertility of female.

Chances Of Female Getting Pregnant After Mating?

There are lot of people who are searching for this question that is this possible that a female may not get concieved after mating. Than answer is yes. The answer lies upon three things:-

1. Fertility of female

2. Fertility of male

3. Productive period

For getting pregnant a female should have fertile eggs, because without them there is no chance of getting her pregnant. Second condition is fertility of male, a male should be fertile and have adequate sperm count.

Many times a female may not get concieved even above two conditions are fulfilled than the reason behind this is productive period.

A female will not get concieved if she is not in her productive period. So it is compulsory that a fertile female should get mated by a fertile male during her fertility period to get concieved.

So above we have discussed in detail about Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know. I hope this article will help you to understand this whole process. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Dog Mating – Procedure And Points To Know

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