When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity

When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity

Health of a dog is always a top priority of his owner and Regular Vet Check-Ups are the back bone of dog health. I always prefer prevention than care and vet check up is the best tool for prevention. Many owners has doubt about when their dog needs a vet check up and in this article I will try to answer their question. So lets start our discussion on When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity.

According to me there are two types of vet check-ups :-

A. Scheduled Vet Check Up

B. Un-scheduled Vet Check Up

A. Scheduled Vet Check Up

No matter your dog is healthy or not but regular vet check ups are must to keep him healthy. Regular vet check ups those are conducted time to time to check the health of dog and to find and prevent any upcoming health issue is called scheduled vet check up. As discussed in Things To Make Your Dog Better regular vet check ups is a key to prevent unwanted illness and health issues well in time.

When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up - Frequency And Necessity

When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity

When Should I Take My Dog For Scheduled Vet Check Up?

This is the first question that rises in the mind on every owner what should be the frequency. To easily understand this frequency I have divided dogs according to age groups.

1. First Three Months

2. Upto One Year

3. One Year To Seven Years

4. After Seven Years

1. First Three Months

The first thing that is suggested is check up of a puppy within 24 hours of his birth. Call your vet and inquire him about health of puppies after they had just born. This will help you to identify those puppies who needs extra care to save them and will also make you satisfication about health of puppies. For further details for care of new born puppies you can check our article New Born Puppies Care.

After first vet check up repeat this process after every 15 days upto the age of three month of puppies. This will keep you updated about health status of puppies and will also help in drafting Vaccination Schedule.

2. Upto One Year

After three months of age you starts to know many things about your dog which helps in finding you Signs Of His Health, so you can now decrease the frequency of vet check ups. But still vet check ups has great importance in your dog’s life.

After three one to one year of age take your dog for vet check up every month means once in a month. In firat stage frequency was every 15 days now it will be 30 days. Your dog is still puppy and needs utmost care for good growth. You will be able to find perfect time for Deworming and other necessary things.

3. One Year To Seven Year

Upto this time you become fully aware health of your dog and chances of getting sudden illness got reduces. At this time vet check up after every 6 months is enough to keep your dog healthy. Means your dog needs two vet check ups every year. You can also read our article on Things A Dow Owner Should Know to be more aware health of your dog.

4. After Seven Years

This is the time where old age of dog starts in most of the breeds and he needs more care than a young and adult dog. So during this period increase the frequency than previous stage. A vet check up after every three month is must at this age. This will help you in keeping your dog healthy in hisbold age.

So above we have discussed about scheduled vet check ups tgat are compulsory and can never be ignored to help your dog to enjoy a healthy life. Now lets discuss about our second type i.e un-scheduled vet check ups.

B. Un-scheduled Vet Check Up

Above I have talked about Signs That Indicate Health Of Your Dog and at any point if you find that a health related problem has caught your dog and he needs to be checked by vet than you don’t have to wait fir the time of scheduled vet check up, you simply take your dog to vet and ask for the cure. This type of visit to vet where there is no prior planning to visit, but due to sudden problem in health of your dog you have to visit is called un-scheduled vet check up.

The scheduled one helps in prevention but in un-scheduled there are more chances that your dog has a hit from the problem and cure is required. This is also a major difference between these two, first is for prevention and second is for cure in most of the cases.

When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up - Frequency And Necessity

When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity

After all this a question is still pending how I will come to know that my dog needs a un-scheduled vet check-up? So below I have given some points that will help you to find out that your dog needs a vet check up.

1. Refusal Or Less Eating

A wise owner always check the quantity of food that his dog consume on a normal day and this is a must to do thing. Anytime you find that your dog has started to eat less or is refusing his food, check up by vet is must at that time.

Don’t judge it by single meal, take a observation of two three meals to be sure that he is really ignoring the food. Sometimes dogs refuse food due to many other reasons so single meal is not enough to judge the condition. You can also check our article on Dog Digestion.

2. Change In Behaviour

Being an owner most of us are aware about basic habits of our dogs, like what they like and but they don’t. If you find that there is change in behaviour of your dog than he needs to be checked by a vet. Some common behaviour changes are mentioned here-under:-

# Increased aggression

# Try to hide himself

# Less interest in play

# Ignores your call and you

# Become more sleepy

All these problems may be due to Depression In Dog or due to health issue, but advise of vet is must in both cases.

3. Respiration And Temperature

Keep a regular eye on Respiration And Temperature of your dog. Any deviation in these two also need involvement of a vet. Normal respiration is 20-35 in dogs and temperature is 100-102.5°. If find any abnormal change in these than it is must to take your do to a vet.

4. Water Intake

Excessive water intake is also a sign of many health related problems. If you find your dog has increased the water intake than normal days it is must to consult vet.

Sudden decrease in water intake is also a problematic thing. Normal water consumption of a dog in a day is 90ml/kg.

5. Urinating Problems

Always keep a regular watch on your dog while he urinate, many health problems can be detected from it. Sudden increase in urination, urination colour etc. all tells about the health of dog. If you find increased urination or change in colour than normal days than it is must to visit your vet for a check.

6. Stool

It is also a thing that tells about the health of your dog. Problems like worms, diarrhea etc. all can be detected from it. So keep a regular eye on it too.

7. Eyes

Change in colour of eyes, any liquid discharge from them etc. are the signs of problem related to eyes. Eyes are very important for your dog and ignorance can cause you a lot. Also corneal disease can cause great damage to eyes of your dog.

8. Gums

Normal colour of a dogs gums is pink. If the colour is changed to red this indicates that dog is having fever and if they have become withtish this tells loss of blood. Yellow gums also tells about internal problems and problem related to Digestion and worms.

9. Shine Loss Of Coat

A healthy dog has well shining coat and if you find that coat of your dog is becoming dull than this indicates problems related to his health. He may be facing worms problem, digestion problem or any other. If there is increase in dullness of your dog’s coat than it may be due to his illness.

10. Weight Loss

Sudden loss of your dog’s weight also indicates toward illness. Whenever you find that weight of your dog is decreasing than it is must to go for a vet check up, it will help you to find out the reason and cure the problem.

So above we have discussed about all the points related to vet check up. In article When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity we have discussed all the points that tells us about when our dog needs a vet check up. We have tried to clear the facts like what should be frequency and when it is necessary. I hope this article will help you to improve health of your dog. For more articles like this keep visiting are site. Give your suggesstions through comments.

When My Dog Requires A Vet Check Up – Frequency And Necessity

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