Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention

Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Need Intention

If you are breeding your female dog and now the time has come to deliver the puppies than this is the article you must read. Delivery is the process that pays off your all the hard work and any error in it can cause you big disaster. So this is the article about Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention. So lets start discussion.

I have already written many articles on female dog breeding and it is must that you should have a look at them. Here are their links:-

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These are some articles that will be great beneficial to you to understand the pregnancy of female dog and how you can take care of her during this time. So lets proceed toward our topic female dog delivery time care.

What Should Be My First Step For Delivery Preparation?

First step for delivery preparation is to prepare the place for delivery. Whelping box is the best option that you have. Whelping box is box that is prepared in taking mind all the necessary things of breeding. You can also make your own whelping box easily. You have to prepare a box in which your female can sleep and sit easily. Size of the box depends upon breed of your female dog. Whelping box preparation is must for female dog delivery time care.

Female Dog Delivery Time Care - All The Points That Needs Intention

Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention

Keep in mind walls of box should not be too much high, mother of puppies can easily walk through them whenever she wants to come out of box, but puppies should stay in it. After having whelping box you have to make some things sure:-

# Make the habit of female to sit and sleep in it.

# Place whelping box where she can have privacy with her puppies

# It should have clean finishing as any defect can make problem to puppies

# You can also make arrangement of heating and cooling according to conditions.

How I Will Come To Know Delivery Is Near?

This is the major question of Female Dog Delivery Time Care and there are three ways to find it:-

1. Food Avoiding

2. Nesting And Restless

3. Body Temperature

When a female dog is about to give birth she stops to eat. In many cases she may stops eating 24 hours prior to delivery and in some may 12 hours. Never force her to eat during this time.

Nesting is the process just before delivery, in it female starts to search for place which she consider suitable to give birth to puppies. If your female has started nesting puppies are coming within 4-5 hours. She also appears restless and will never sit at single place and continuously will walk from one place to another for finding perfect one.

In last stage temperature drops down and may reach as low as 98°. Keep a regular check on temperature after 58 days and whenever it drops under 99° than starts preparing for the final task.

For better understanding of concept you can also read our article on Caring Female Dog In Last 10 Days, this will help you for better preparation of delivery time.

What Next?

The next stage is delivery. The time for which every owner waits and the fruit of all hardwork. Now lets discuss about this time because any error here can cause you big loss.

Puppy Coming

First thing you will notice that female is breathing heavily and trying to give birth to a puppy. Female will start straining and it take almost 1-2 hours for first puppy to come out.

Female Dog Delivery Time Care - All The Points That Needs Intention

Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention

When a puppy will come out he will be covered with membrane and it is must that you or the female remove the membrane immidiately. Ir is the time when your help is most required.

There may be difference of 30-60 minutes between two puppies but it can be longer in some cases. Female takes a rest after giving birth to a puppy.

If a female has 8 puppies it will take 5-8 hours for delivery, but in some cases it can be longer. Females who are giving birth for first time needs more care than the females who already have experince of it.

How You Should Welcome A Puppy?

When you are sure that puppies are ready to come out make sure your female is in whelping box, you can also change the location of puppies after delivery but it is convinient to have a litter in whelping box. In initial stage if it is summer than use newspapers in whelping box as lot of liquid will come out with puppy. When the delivery process is completed than you can use soft towel or clothes.

In winters it is must to save puppies from cold wave. So use clothes or towel even during delivery time and change them after delivery.

Stay with female during delivery as many times females do not give importance to puppies and ignore to remove membrane from their face that can cause problem. Remove the membrane immidiately if you see female is not doing it.

You can also help the puppies to drink milk. Whenever a puppy comes out and female has removed all the mebrane from his body now it’s time for milk feeding. In large litters sometimes puppies comes under female too you have to take care of it too. You should consider all these points in female dog delivery time care

Female Dog Delivery Time Care - All The Points That Needs Intention

Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention

What Are The Problems That May Occur During Delivery?

There are many problems that may occur during delivery time and needs utmost attention to prevent unwanted problems. Some of them are discussed here-under for female dog delivery time care:-

1. Female Is Straining Puppy Is Not Coming

This is the worst condition if remain unchecked. Normal straining time can take upto one hour and if puppy is not coming even after one hour than there is a problem which needs utmost attention. Consult your vet and call him for help as female may not be able to deliver puppies without his help. If we let this problem unchecked it can cause death of female and puppies.

2. Ignoring Puppies

Many female dogs do not pay interest in puppies, and if it happens reponsobility of an owner increases. You have to take care whether membrane has taken off, puppies getting milk and save them from coming under female.

3. Puppy Is Not Breathing

For initial few seconds some puppies do not breath at that time you have to come into action. Check whether membrane is removed properly, press his chest. After these two action puplies start to breath if you find that he is still not breathing than contact your vet immidiately as puppy might be or is going to dead.

4. Female Is Aggressive To Puppies

I have personally seen some females who are aggressive to their own puppies. Many kills their own puppies and eat them. If an owner is careless he will never be able to save puppies, an active and caring owner is must to save puppies from this problem.

Female Dog Delivery Time Care - All The Points That Needs Intention

Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention

5. Umbilical Cord

A puppy is connected to his mother through umbilical cord and when he takes birth it comes with the puppy. Most of the time mother herself chews that cord but sometime she didn’t. If she didn’t chew that cord you have to it manually. Take care that puppy should not get during this process.

6. Checking Health Of Puppy

Many puppies at the time of there birth are pre-mature or under-developed. They are weak than their littermates. If you think that you too have this kind of puppy than he needs extra care. Check his activity and also verify is he able to get milk. You can also use a droper to feed that type of puppy. Also check his breathing and if you find any problem consult your vet.

7. Checking The Health Of Mother Female

Delivery gives lot of pain to a female and sometimes it can be life threatning. Take notice of all her activities and if you find any problem than consult your vet accordingly. The health of mother is very important as many lives depends upon her.

8. Test Mother’s Milk

Many times a female dog has infection is her milk that can cause death of puppies. Sometimes it can be identify by clots in her milk and if not sure than you can also verify it through labority. It is a must to do action to avoid death of puppies. You can also visit petmd.com.

9. Temperature Of Room

During female dog delivery time try to maintain a cool temperature of room but avoid it taking under 10°. If outsidd heat is above 35° you can take temperature upto 15°. Delivery takes lot of strain and efforts and lot of liquid too come out of mother, a cool temperature will help her during this time.

10. Dehydration

Female dog lost lot of liquid during delivery, you have to save her from dehydration. Offer her water after 2-3 puppies if she interested, but water should not be too cold and I suggest lukewarn water.

So these are some important points that you should have in mind during delivery of female dog. I hope you will get benefit from Female Dog Delivery Time Care. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Female Dog Delivery Time Care – All The Points That Needs Intention

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