Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

Healthy coat and shiny skin always fascinate the people toward dog and so it is a dream of every owner to make an appealing and healthy coat with shiny skin. So we have decided to help you in this matter and have choosen some points that will help you to improve the shine and health of your dog’s coat. So lets start discussion in our today’s topic Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog.

What It Mean To Have A Healthy And Shining Skin?

Skin or coat free from dullness, rashes and tick and fleas. There are several other things that you can find in the healthy skin like a healthy skin will also appear shining. So you can easily identify a healthy skin of dog.

Why A Healthy Coat Or Shiny Skin Is Required?

It is liked by every owner that his dig should attract others toward him, and the first and most important thing in this is skin of a dog. A dog with good and healthy skin earns love and affection.

A shiny skin is also sign of healthy dog. A dog with dull skin shows that he has health related issues. So a shiny and healthy coat not only earn love but also shows how caring an owner is.

How We Can Make Healthy Coat Or Shiny Skin?

There is always a scope for improvement even though you think that it is the best level. This reality implies on each and every condition of life and same in dogs. There is always lot of ways to improve the health of your dog and as we are today talking about skin, you still have lotbof options to make it healthy and shining. There are some ways to improve it like

A. Health

B. Food

C. Keeping

D. Exercise

Now we will discuss about each point seprately and in detail. So lets start discussion.

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

A. Health

Healthy is the first point and most impotant point of making your dog attractive. A healthy dog always earn the love and affection. Coming to the point of skin a dog who is healthy will have a healthy and shiny skin too. Below I have given some points that will help you to improve the skin of your dog while improving his health.

1. Deworming

First step for better skin always starts with deworming. Worms suck the blood and that leads toward many health problems and one of them is dull skin. You can read our article on Deworming Dog to understand better.

After getting deworm you will see many changes, like reduction in tick and fleas, shining skin and dog will get better nutrition from food as most of the benefits of food are taken away by worms.

Heartworms is a problem that leads toward disaster results. Deworming will also help in preventing heartworms too. So it is must to deworm your dog for getting healthy coat and shiny skin.

2. Regular Vet Check-Ups

Every illness leads toward effect on skin. Whenever a dogs get ill it will effect his charming sking. Regular Vet Chek-Ups is great tool to keep your dog healthy and prevent unwanted health problems.

It is must to make Schedule For Vet Check-Ups and work according to it. It will help you to make a healthy dog with healthy coat.

You can also take advice from vet about your dog’s skin during vet check-up. Vet can also help to find the best shampoo product for your dog. So regular vet check-ups have great role in making better healthy coat.

3. Vaccination

Vaccination In Dogs is a great tool to keep your dog safe from unwanted problems. You can also read our article on Vaccination. Health is the key for shiny coat and vaccination is a tool to keep your dog safe from unwanted problems.

Vaccination is a process to improve immunity of your dog. A dog with better immunity has less chances of getting ill. If you have vaccinated your dog you remain confident that many problems like Parvovirus, Heartworms etc. will stay away from your dog upto a great extent, although in some cases vaccinated dogs may get infected but still chances are less.

So these are some points related to health of a dog, but I suggest that an owner should be aware about Signs That Indicate Dogs Health, it helps in early detection and prevention of health problem.

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

B. Food

Second thing that comes after health is food, a healthy food results in healthy coat and shiny skin of dog. Lets discuss about food and it’s relative things:-

1. Digestion

Although this point I may have discussed in Health but I think it justifies better here. Digestion is must to get best out of food. First of all we have to look at but effects digestion, in most of the cases it is worms or lower quality food.

I have already written an article on Dog Digestion, you can also visit it for better understanding. A dog with good digestion shows interest in food and you will get maximum benefit out of it.

2. Food Quality

Feed him best to get best out of it. Never compromise with food quality if you needs best result. I suggest a dog food should have below mentioned content:-

Protien – 30% Minimum

Fat – 20% Minimum

Carbohydrates – 28% Minimum

These are essential for a good healthy dog to get best results. You can also visit our article on Best Dog Food Brands if you trust canned dog foods. And if you think that you can prepare a food by yourself than you can check our article on Home Made Diet and Balanced Diet.

It is must to prepare a Diet Plan for your dog to get best results. Be aware about the breed type, dog requirements etc. while choosing a food for your dog.

How To Choose A Best Food?

As above mentioned that it should contain minimum 30% protien, 20% fat and 28% carbohydrates and second thing while buying a canned dog food you should look for the first content.

Always prefer a food product with chicken or meat as first content. The dog foods with first content chicken or meat gives better results than other foods. Food you buy should met AAFCO requirements.

3. Food Supplements

Supplements can also be introduced for better results. I prefer to add omega-3 fatty acids to dogs food as supplement for healthy coat and shiny skin.

You can also give multivitamins for making better dog coat. They also helps in better and shiny skin in dogs.

4. Raw Feeding

Raw food is the best food that you can feed your dog. Chicken is the best thing that a dog needs. You can also feed your dog cooked eggs and coconut oil for better skin and great results.

You can also check our article on Balanced Diet For Dog for better understanding of concept. Adding fish oil is another great option, it also helps in smothning of skin and coat. So it is another good option to add in your dog’s meal.

5. Water

Give clean and adequate water to your dog it also helps in better skin. Give your dog good amount of clean water minimum twice a day to keep his skin healthy and shining.

So it is clear food has lot to do with your dog’s skin and feeding healthy food helps in making healthy coat and shiny skin.

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

C. Keeping

Next point that joins our list is keeping means how you keep ypur dog. Although all the points are related to this topic as health and food are also part of it, but in this section we will discuss about its effect on skin of dog. How we can make a dog with healthy coat and shiny skin. You can also check our article on Little Things To Make Your Dog Better. So lets discusses about effect of keeping on dog skin.

1. Dog Bath

It is the backbone of healthy coat and shiny skin of dog. A schedule for giving bath to your dog is must for a healthy skin. You can also read our article on Guide On Dog Bath. You have to take care of many things while deciding bath schedule, which are given here-under:-

# Frequency

Too much and too less both to be avoided in case of dog bath. Give a bath between 20-30 days as giving too much baths too makes skin dry.

# Shampoo

Do a proper research before buying a shampoo for your dog. It should not make his skin dry and rough.

# Water

Water should be clean and lukewarm. Too hot and too cold both are to be avoided for making best out of it.

So keep these things in mind and for more guide you can check our article on Dog Bath.

2. Sitting Place

A place which is too dry or too wet must be avoided. Humidity should be of comfort level, normally house humidity is good for dogs. Dry place and wet place both create rashes on dog skin. Wet places also increases chances of tick and fleas.

Place should be clean and soft particle should be used to sit on. As hard surface also create rashes. So choose a place that can give a better skin health to your dog.

3. Hair Trimming

Many breeds needs time to time hair trim. Long hairs needs extra care and dust particles remain strucked in them. Give your dog regular trim if you are having a long hair breed to keep his skin and coat healthy.

4. Hair Brushing

As above I said too much bath makes skin dry which is not healthy at all, but if you find that your dog has dust and needs cleaning you can choose for hair brushing. In this way you will be able to remove dust.

This also helps in removing unwanted hair from body and dead ticks. So it also a good way to keep healthy coat and shiny skin of your dog.

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

So these are some points that are related to keeping a dog. Now the last and final part comes i.e Exercise.

D. Exercise

A question may struck in many mind how exercise will effect skin? The answer is by improving health. First of all ask yourself a question, what exercise do? The answer is:-

# Improves Health

# Improves immunity and endurance

# Improves digestion

# Dog become happy

All these things are part of our above discussion. I have written an article on Benefits Of Exercise you can read it for understanding. Just follow Simple Way To Build Muscle, if you are interest in enhanced level you can also check our Conditioning Plan.

So above we have discussed all the points that effect the skin or coat of your dog. Now the next thing that I want to give in Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog is conclusion.


Although we have above discussed four points, but there are three major points for healthy coat and shiny skin, which are:-

# Health

# Food

# Keeping

Although exercise is also a great source tonimprove skin quality but these three are for quick results. So if you want to have a dog with healthy coat or shiny skin just follow three rules:-

1. Make him healthy

2. Feed him best

3. Take care of him

I hope this article will help you in making healthy coat and shiny skin of your dog. For more articles like this keep visiting or site. All your reviews are worthy for us, please give your views and suggestions in comment box.

Ways To Make Healthy Coat And Shiny Skin Of Dog

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