Heat Cycle Of Female Dog – Different Stages Explained

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog – Different Stages Explained

The most important part of a successfull breeding is to understand heat cycle of female dog. If you are not aware about differenf stages of female dog’s heat cycle than our this article is for you.

Today we will discuss about Heat Cycle Of Female Dog – Different Stages Explained. This is a topic that requires a proper knowledge for a great breeding, because all your preparations and hard work depends upon this period, any wrong decision can make you empty handed.

So lets start our discussion on this topic.

What Is Heat Cycle?

Heat cycle is the stage in female dog’s reproductive cycle when she becomes receptive to mating with dogs. Means heat cycle is the period when a female dog is ready for reproduction.

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog - Different Stages Explained

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog – Different Stages Explained

When A Female Dog Comes Into Heat Cycle?

There are two cases for this first case is when a female comes into heat for first time and second is when she has prior experience of it. So let we discuss about them seprately.

# First Heat Cycle Of Life

First heat cycle of female dog vary according to breed to breed. Many females come into heat as early as 7 months of age some take upto 18 months. So there is no set pattern or time for first heat cycle.

What Is Puberty Or Maturation?

Puberty or maturation is the time when a female dog reaches her sexual maturity. The first heat cycle of a female dog is called puberty or maturation. At this time she is ready to participate in breeding.

There is great difference in time of maturation for different breeds. Larger breeds take more time to reach puberty or their first heat cycle than smaller breeds.

Females who get proper care and diet reach this time early than those who get lesser care. Genes and parentage also has affect on this thing.

# Those Who Have Experienced 

Females who have already experienced a heat cycle take almost 6-7 month on average for next heat cycle. This may vary also according to size of female and care of owner.

So after above it is almost clear when a female comes into heat. Now our next step is to undertand how we will come to know female is in heat.


There are some common signs that tells us that the female dog is in heat. Here we have given a complete list of them.

# Size Of Vagina

Size of vagina got expand than her normal life. Actually this process starts some day prior to starting of heat cycle and upto heat cycle the vagina of female got increased 3-4 times than her normal days.

# Blood Discharge

Second sign that indicate the heat cycle is blood discharge from vagina. It is the best sign to identify that female dog is in heat. In first two day it may be in less but on 3-7 days it is maximum and than it stops on 9th day in most of the cases.

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog - Different Stages Explained

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog – Different Stages Explained

# Attraction Toward Male Dogs

This sign is not rely able but can be seen in most of the cases. It starts prior to the heat and become maximum during last stage of heat cycle.

What Are Different Stages?

Normal a female dog has four stages that are related to her her relroduction or heat cycle. Now we will discuss about them in detail. These four stages are:-

1. Proestrus

2. Oestrus

3. Diestrus

4. Anestrus

1. Proestrus

Proestrus is the stage that we have discussed above i.e heat cycle. It lasts for 9-11 days. In this size of female’s vagina got increased and also bloody discharge comes from it.

It is the time prior to mating. Many people who are not experienced and new comers start to mate female during this period, which is not good at all. Female will not concieve during this period.

2. Oestrus

It is the time when eggs got released from ovaries and her highly fertile. In this period attraction between a male and female becomes maximum.

This is also called Flagging as the female starts to show her intension to participate in sexual intercourse with male. She flag her tail up and so kt ks also called flagging.

It lasts for 7-9 days and it is the high time to mate your female with male as female becomes most fertile during this period. Male dogs also get attracted by the smell of female dog’s vagina and they too become attractive toward her.

So if you are looking for the successfull breeding than it is the most important time to get your female dog mated with the male.

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog - Different Stages Explained

Heat Cycle Of Female Dog – Different Stages Explained

3. Diestrus

This is the next stage after mating. If your female dog gets pregnant after mating than it will lasts around 58-63 days and if she don’t get pregnant it can be as long as 60-90 days.

It is the time when female will become most reluctant to get mated and she has zero attraction toward male during this period. In pregnant female it is also called Pregnancy Period.

4. Anestrus

This is the last stage before next heat cycle of female dog. After this stage next step is next heat cycle of female dog.

It starts after ending of diestrus and lasts for 4-5 months. During this period a female becomes ready for next heat cycle. It is also called recovery or repairing time.

What Is Next After My Female Dog Is In Heat?

Here comes another question what is the next step after my female is in heat? The answer depends upon you. You have two options:-

1. Wants to go for breeding

2. Not want to go for breeding

If you want to breed your female than you have to wait for Oestrus and if not than you have to take care that female should bot get into contact of male dog or you can get ger spayed.

What Is Spaying?

Spaying is a process of removing both the ovaries and uterus. If a female dog is spayed she will not become pregnant. Owners who don’t want to enroll their female dog in breeding choose to spay them as it will help them to avoid or prevent pregnancy.

If you have a plan to breed your female dog than it is must that you should check our article on Making Female Ready For Breeding. This will help you to understand all the points that are required to enroll a female dog in breeding.

But if you want to breed your female dog than you will have to find a male dog to get her mated. You can check our article on Breeding Dogs.

So I hope this article will help you to understand heat cycle of female dog. Kindly give your views about our article and keep visiting our site for more articles like this.


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