Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog

Journey Of Building Dog – The Best Way To Keep Your Dog

I have adopted a dog, how should I keep him now? What is the best way to keep a dog, developing or building dog in best way etc. All these questions struck our mind when we adopt a dog.

In this article Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog we are going to discuss about the things that an owner should have in his mind to give a better life to his dog. So lets start our discussion.

Why I Have Used Word Journey?

I have used this word because building a dog is not a task of one day, it is our regular and consistent hardwork that helps in building a dog. It starts from the day when a dog enters in our house and keep going through out his life.

So building a dog is a long process in which every single day is new step and as a whole it is a journey.

Journey Of Building Dog - Best Way To Keep Your Dog

Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog

How It Starts?

As above discussed the process starts from the day when a dog enters in your house, but in actual words it starts even before it. If look the whole scenario the actual process starts from selection of dog.

I have written three articles one is on it, links to then are given below

1. Choosing A Breed For Home

2. Choosing A Puppy From Litter

3. Adopting Adult Dog For Home

By visiting these links you can get a complete idea about the whole process of choosing a dog for home.

The key points you should look while choosing a dog our given here-under:-

1. What you want means your requirement. You need a companion, a guard dog or a trainable dog etc. are some common requirements.

2. Which breed you choose is the second most important question, because it needs proper knowledge of your resources and requirements of breed.

3. Choosing the best available puppy is also a great task as it makes the task easier when you get the best out of the litter. Best available means best available in your price range.

4. There are several other factors like pedigree or lineage, parentage, health of parents etc. that also affect the process of choosing a puppy.

Is Always The First Choice Become Best?

No! It is not true at all that if you jave the first choice than he will be the best from the litter, there are many other things too. Yes there is not doubt the chances of first choice will be the more than others but the owner makes the biggest difference. A renowed breeder has said ‘ Give a fool a good dog he will destroy him, give an average dog to a good dogman he will make the difference.’

Role of an owner can never be denied in building a dog. You can also check my article on Role Of An Owner In Dog’s Life, it will help you in further understanding of the topic.

So till now we have discussed about choosing a dog for home, this is our first step toward building dog. I have divided the whole process into five parts, which are given here-under:-

1. Food

2. Health

3. Basic Training

4. Exercise

5. How You keep Him

So lets discuss about all these points.

1. Food

Most essential thing that a dog requiresis food. Health, growth, digestion etc. all depends upon food and it’s quality. For providing the best food to your dog you should consider the following things. You can also check our article on Balanced Diet For Dog.

Type Of Food

There are two kind of foods:-

A. Raw Dog Food

B. Canned Dog Food

A. Raw Dog Food

A dog food which is prepared manually or a food which is in his natural form, like chicken, meat etc. If you want to feed your dog raw food than you should have enough knowledge to prepare a raw food that can ful-fill all the requirements.

For new comers it is not an easy task to prepare a raw food as they do not have enough knowledge about requirements of dog. But if you have enough experience than I prefer to choose it as it gives best results.

You can also check our article on Home Made Diet Tips, this will help you in understanding and prepare a diet at home.

B. Canned Dog Food

A food which is balanced using scienctific methods to fullfill the requirements of your dog. Many brands are offering great lines of canned dog foods.

If you are a new dog owner and don’t have enough knowledge about dog requirements than you can go for this option.

If we consider the botg type of foods than according to me raw food gives better result as it is in it’s natural forms and no other chemical or steriods is mixed in it. But I am not saying that canned food is bad, it also has great benefits specailly for new comers.

We also written an article about canned foods you can also check it Best Dog Food Brands.

Journey Of Building Dog - Best Way To Keep Your Dog

Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog

Feed According To Age

An adult dog and a puppy has different requirements and you have to feed them according to it. Dog attains most of his growth in initial 8 months. His height and weight increases exponentially during this period so he needs high amount of protien and fat to match his requirements.

We have divided this in two catagories:-

1. Feeding A Puppy

2. Feeding An Adult Dog

1. Feeding A Puppy

When you adopt a puppy he needs lot of care as he depends totally upon you. A puppy needs more nutritions like high amount of protien, fat and carbohydrates in foods.

The main reason behind this is their development. A dog gets completed his most of development by the age of 8-9 months, even though he continue to grow even upto two years.

During this initial time he needs high amount of protien and fat, you can check normally in puppy starter or puppy foods value of protien and fat remains high than the food of adult dogs.

If you like to read more about on feeding a puppy you can also check our article on How To Feed A Puppy.

2. Feeding An Adult Dog

Demands of adult dog are totally different than a puppy. One time a day is enough for adult dogs in normal cases but if your dog has extra physical activity you can also add another meal to it.

First point is Choosing A Diet Plan according the requirements of your dog and than a good quality food product.

But during pregnancy time a female dog needs high quality food and in excess amount. You can check our article on Feeding A Pregnant Female Dog.

Content Of Food

A good quality dog food must contain minimum 30% protien, 20% fat and 28% carbohydrates. Another point that you have to look for is first component of food.

Main content of food should be chicken or meat, do not choose a food with first content as corn, pulses or soya.

So above we have talked about food and no one can deny the importance of food in building dog as it is the most essential thing in building dog. Now the next point of our discussion is health.

2. Health

You can not choose the one between food and health when it comes to choose the most important factor in building dog. Health is also as important as food. So lets discuss about it in details.

We have pick up some important points that every owner must follow, these are mentioned here-under:-

1. Take Your Dog For Regular Vet Check-Ups

You can not imagine a healthy dog without proper advice of vet. If you want to keep your dog healthy and avoid unwanted illness take him to vet for regular vet check-ups. You can also read our article on Benefits Of Regular Vet Check-Ups.

Regular vet check ups helps in finding the health problems of your dog at early stage, that makes it easier to cure them. It is also must to set up a Frequency For Vet Check Ups, so that you can stay updated about health of your dog.

2. Vaccination

As puppy your dog is prone to many health relatdd problems, those needs proper attention to save your dog from unwanted health risks. When you visit your vet for first time make a schedule for vaccination of your dog.

Vaccination is most important and essential to keep your dog healthy. You can also check our article on Vaccination In Dogs. This article will provide you detail of every health related benefit of vaccination and schedule.

Vaccination starts as early as 6 weeks of age, we have also written an complete guide on each health issue related to vaccination. You can also check our Series On Vaccination.

Vaccination is a tool to increase immunity of your dog. Immunity is a power of dog to fight with un-healthy viruses and bacteria. Through vaccination we give boost to immunity of dog that gives a shield to your dog.

A vaccinated dog has less chances to get infected by deadly viruses than an un-vaccinated, so vaccination is a great tool for building dog and his health.

3. Deworming

A dog must get time to time deworming to keep him healthy and in good shape. Deworming is a process to kill blood sucking worms. We have also written an complete guide in Deworming Your Dog.

Worms halt the growth of dog, they keep him under weight and also cause many life threatning problems. This problem must be checked at right time to keep your dog. So time to time deworming is also important for building dog in a great way.

Journey Of Building Dog - Best Way To Keep Your Dog

Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog

There are many other factors like Knowing Basic Signs Of Dog Health that also helps you to keep your dog healthy and in good shape.

3. Basic Training

When you are building dog or developing dog than basic training is the key behind it. Dogs are part of our family and your dog must be aware about his role and position in family.

Start Teaching Basic Things to your dog from his childhood, Socialization is another important point that you have to work upon. A dog is not only compromise one thing he is known by his health, appearance and basic training.

You can also check our article on Building Confidence Of Your Dog it will help you to understand how basic training and socialization helps in building dog and his confidence.

Taking your dog out, letting him met with new people and dogs, making familiar with new places all these are part of basic training and socialization.

He should be aware about where he has to sit, where he has to eat, how to greet new people and how to differentiate between friends and intruders. He will learn all this things from your contineous efforts.

It is tool that makes your dog eligible to live in society and helps in building dog in better way.

4. Exercise

Exercise is part of health as it helps in making a dog healthy, but it has many more benefits also other than health, which we will discuss here.

How to give exercise, intensity and plan all these are the points that you should be aware about. Many people like to Build Muscle and some do it just to keep dog healthy.

It helps in socialization, making dog healthy and friendly. We have written an article on Benefits Of Daily Exercise that will also give you guide regarding benefits of exercise.

If you want to enroll your dog in exercise than first of all create a Complete Plan for it. Many people make hurry and put extra pressure on their dog in exercise that give disasters to you and your dog. Make Your Dog Ready For Conditioning before enrolling him in it.

If you don’t have enough time than you can take dog on walk. Daily Walk Has Great Benefits for your dog and helps in building dog. So exercise is another great tool for developing or building dog.

5. How You Keep Him

How you keep him means the atmosphere you provide him. The place he get to sit and sleep, the time he get to relax himself, frequency of Dog Bath etc. are some points the are related to how you keep him.

Here are some points that are related to how you keep your dog. They are mentioned here-under:-

1. Playtime

2. Dog Bath

3. Dog Digestion

4. Making Dog’s Food Interesting

5. Role Of An Owner

All these points also affect the process of building dog of your desire.

Journey Of Building Dog - Best Way To Keep Your Dog

Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog

So above we have discussed five major points related to journey of building dog. There are some points that also need to be discussed, they are here-under:-

Why I Say Building Dog Is A Journey?

Suppose you want to build or develop a dog for specific need for example training. He will not born as a well trained dog, he will need time to learn things and will get them step by step. All these small steps will join together to make a complete dog.

As it needs lot of steps for developing or building dog of your dream that is why I call it a journey.

When This Journey Get Halted?

Illness, behaviour dis-orders like aggression etc. are some problems of this journey and need proper care and attention of owner.

Owner is the guide of this journey of building dog and the success of journey depends upon him.

How This Journey Of Dog Building Proceeds?

Although from above discussion it is clear how this journey proceeds, but in short points we can summarise it as under:-

1. We choose a dog or puppy for home

2. Feed him good food

3. Try to keep him healthy

4. Give him basic education according to our demands

5. Give him exercise and playtime to be relaxed

6. Look for the basic things how we keep him

All these points helps in developing or building a dog of our choice.

I hope this article will be helpfull for you. Thanks for reading Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Journey Of Building Dog – Best Way To Keep Your Dog

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