Kennel Cough – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Kennel Cough – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

There are two types of illness according to intensity severe and mild. Although it is must to save your dog from severe illness as it can kill your dog but ignoring milder one can also cause you a lot. It takes a lot of work hard to make a dog healthy and letting his health going down is never an easy task for an owner. So in this article we will discuss about an illness which is consider mild or less intense in dogs i.e Kennel Cough and will try to find out the best options to save your dog from it.

What Is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is highly contagious virus in dogs also known as tracheobronchitis. Many times it is also reffered as Bordetella, as it is also caused by bacteria Bordetella Bronchisepetica.

How It Is Spread?

There are several bacteria and viruses that can cause kennel cough like bordetella bronchisepetica, canine adenovirus, mycoplasma, parainfluenza etc. Your dog can get infected from it if he inhaled anything that is influenced or infected by above said bacteria or virus. It is a contagious virus and can be passed from one dog to another.

Kennel Cough - Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Kennel Cough – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure


It is always beneficial to know about the symptoms of common health problems of your dog, this helps in preventing and curing the disease at early stage. Some of the common symptoms of kennel cough are given here-under:-

# Dry or honking cough

# Sneezing, clear watery discharge from eyes and nose

# Lethargy

# Fever

# Loss of appetite

# Pneumonia

These are some signs of kennel cough that will help you to identify the problem.

How Many Days It Gets To Develop?

After getting infected a dog show symptoms within 2-14 days. It is best to isolate the dog who shows symptoms of kennel cough as it is highly contagious virus and easily pass from one dog to another. These symptoms can last up to 10-15 days.

Which Dogs Are At Higher Risk Of Kennel Cough?

It is obvious that un-vaccinated dogs are more prone to any disease. In case of kennel cough it is also true, but it can never be true that a vaccinated dog will never got effected by it, there are great chances of even vaccinated dogs can be infected by kennel cough.

Young dogs and puppies with weak immunity system are at higher risk of this problem. So it is better to give Vaccination to increase it.

Many authors say that it is not required to vaccinate your dog against kennel cough as it is a mild disease, but it is always better to prevent as even the disease is of weaker intensity it will cause weakness to dog and will make him more prone to other problems. So it is better to give vaccination to increase immunity of dog.


It is discussed again and again that kennel cough is not a severe disease and can be cured by dogs themselves in most of the cases but still for puppies it can cause problems.

Vitamins are best to cure kennel cough, Vitamin C is a great antiviral and Vitamin E increases immunity of dog. You can also use manuka honey and essential oils as they are natural source of antibacterial and antiviral.

If you find that the disease is getting severe you can opt for medication according to your vets advice. Intranassal vaccine gives best results in kennel cough and its prevention.


The best answer for prevention is increasing immunity. It is best to give vaccination to increase immunity of your dog. Also avoid the exposure of dog to chemicals.

If you find that one of your dog is suffering from kennel cough than it is better to isolate him. Minimum isolation period is 7-8 days but I think to stay at safer end it is must to isolate for minimum of 14 days.

You can also introduce immune boosting food to your dog for example echinacea, food with vitamins etc. These steps will help you to boost the immunity of your dog.

When you adopt a dog it is must to arrange a Regular Vet Check Up for your dog. Consult your vet and Schedule the future vet check-ups. Vet check up is a great way to prevent many health related diseases of your dog.

Give a good Balanced Diet to your dog and regular exercise. You can also read our article on Benefits Of Daily Exercise. This will also help you to increase immunity and endurance of your dog.

Kennel Cough - Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Kennel Cough – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Can Dogs Die From Kennel Cough?

It is not a severe disease like Parvovirus and in most of the cases it gets cured without any medication but still it can be dangerous for puppies and dogs with weak immunity system. So a dog can die of kennel cough if he has weak immunity system but in most of the cases dogs easily survive it without any medication.

Main Reasons Behind Kennel Cough

There are some reasons which increases the chances of this problem which are discussed here-under:-

# Poor and crowded ventilated system

# Temperatures are too cold

# Exposure to dust, chemicals and cigarette smoke

# Stress in dogs

# Contact with infected dog

So above we have discussed about a common problem found in dogs i.e kennel cough. I hope our article will help you to save your dog from this problem and keep him happy.

Kennel Cough – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

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