Leptospirosis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Leptospirosis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

We care about dogs and always talk about the health related problems of dogs. In our articles we have discussed about many dog health problems and Vaccination In Dogs. In this article we will discuss about an another health problem called Leptospirosis a problem that can create worry in every dog owner’s mind. So our topic of discussion today is Leptospirosis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention. So lets start discussion.

What Is Leptospirosis?

It is a a disease caused by laptospira bacteria commonly found all around the world in soil and water. It is contagious as well as zoonotic problem that can be passed to even human from dogs. It effects the lever and kidney of infected dog or person.

Cause Of Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is highly contagious and zoonotic disease. It can pass on from one infected animal to another and even to humans. The main source of leptospira are soil and water. Water and soil become infected with urine of infected dog or animal and when an un-infected animal comes into contact of it he too becomes infected. So it is a problem can infect the owner too.

Leptospirosis In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Leptospirosis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention


Symptoms depends upon age and immunity of dog. But common symptoms found are mentioned here-under:-

# Fever 103-104°

# Shivering

# Vomitting

# Dehydration

# Kidney or lever failure

# Loss of appetite

# Harsh and dry coat

# Coughing

# Abdominal pain

# Blood in stool

These are some common signs of leptospirosis, some other signs also exist like greenish bile in stool, ulceration of mucous membranes etc. These signs will help you to detect the problem at early stage.


If your dog got infected by leptospirosis than it is must that he should immidiate vet help. In severe cases dog may be hospitalized. First and most important thing is to save your dog from dehydration so fluid therapy is must in leptopirosis. Antiemic to stop vomitting and antibiotic to give relief from infection. So the cure will be similar to Parvovirus and Coronavirus. Most popular treatment includes four things in it.

1. IV (Intravsnous) Fluids

2. Antibiotic

3. Anti-inflammatories

4. Antiemitics

You can also use pencillin in initial stage of infection, but if the problem has become severe than above treatment is must. In case of severe hemorrhaging blood transfusion may also be given to dog. Antibiotics may be advised for four weeks to cure the problem properly. If your dog is unable to eat you can also use gastric tube to nourish him.


Repeating one thing again and again look odd but it is must to remind that prevention is better than the cure. The first step of prevention is Vaccination. It is must to vaccinate your dog to prevent this unwanted problem.

Many people think that laptospirosis is a rare disease and vaccination is not compulsory, but I prefer to increase the immunity of your dog through vaccination. Take the example of any health problem it easily affect the dogs with weak immunity.

Second thing in prevention is preventing your healthy dogs from getting infected through infected dogs. It is must to isolate your infected dog as it is a contagious disease, and take your dogs out with mask on their face to avoid unwanted licking to soil and water.

Soil and water are the great source of laptospira and unwanted licking can become a problem. Wherever an infected dog urinate he makes that place infected, so it is must to isolate that dog and put mask to other dogs while taking out.

How Much Lethal Is Laptospirosis?

It is a lethal and life taking problem if you do not care properly or make delay in care. It must that when you saw the signs of this you must visit your vet. I always suggest to be aware about Signs Of Healthy Dog, if you are aware you will quickly find any problem related to your dog’s health.

Leptospirosis In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Leptospirosis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Which Dog Is At Higher Risk Of Laptospirosis?

The first answer is un-vaccinated dogs and the dogs with weak immunity system. This problem is also mostly found in middle aged dogs than other age groups.

Street dogs are also at high risk of it as firstly they are not vaccinated and secondly they drink water at places where the chances of getting infected higher. They mostly sleep on soil and this is also a factor behind there high risk to getting infected.

Dogs which are feeded in common bowls also have chances of it as if one of them get infected chances of others also become higher.

Can It Infect Human Too?

It is a zoonotic problem means dogs can pass on it to their owners too. If you get into connection with infected soil and water or bathroom of your dog you too can get infected. So it is must to save yourself also when you cure your dog.

How You Can Save Yourself?

Here are some tips to make yourself safe from getting infected:-

# Clean your hands properly with a good product after handling dog and his other things.

# Wear gloves while touching your dog.

# Use good quality cleaner to clean bathroom of dog in house and surrounding.

# Try to be safe and avoid licking by your dog.

# It is must to keep pregnant lady and others at distance who have higher chances of getting infected.

# Change the clothes after giving walk and visiting your dog.

# Don’t allow the children to go near or play with infected dog

It is must to follow these guidelines to make yourself safe from leptospirosis.

So above we have talked about a rare but lethal disease of dogs called leptospirosis. It is a zoonotic problem and it is must to keep yourself safe also. I hope this article will help you to keep your dog healthy. Give your suggestions in comments box. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Leptospirosis In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

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