Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

Our motive is to improve the condition of dog in society and healthy dog is must for better life and so we write more on dog health. Platelet count has major role in dogs health and it is must to keep an eye on it to help your dog to enjoy a good life. So in this article we will discuss about Low Platelet Count In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve. So lets start the discussion.

What Is Platelet?

Platelets helps to bind clot broken or leaking blood vessels and resulting in prevention of blood loss. So it is very important to stop bleeding in your dog as excessive bleeding can cause disasters for your dog.

What Is Low Platelet Count?

Low platelet count is also called thrombocytopenia. As it is discussed that platelets helps in binding clot broken or leaking blood vessels, but in low platelet cell it is become difficult to stop bleeding and dog has to suffer from lot of blood loss and in many cases low platelet count leads to death of dog.

Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

What Is The Healthy Platelet Count?

The healthy count in dogs is beween 175,000 to 500,000. Anything lower than 175,000 is called low platelet count and as the number goes decreasing the problem becomes more lethal. Excess blood cell is also a problem that leads toward many health issues in dogs. Excess blood cell is also known as thromobocytosis.


Here are some syptoms that are helpfull to identify thrombocytopenia or low platelet count.

# Fever

# Urinary Bleeding

# Excessive Bruising

# Heart Murmur

# Lethargy

# Coughing

# Sudden Collapse

# Nasal Mucus

# Laziness or inactivity

# Loss of appetite

These are some common signs that indicate this problem. But in most of the cases these signs appear when count has decreased too much and immidiately action is must to save your dog.

Cause Of Low Count

There are several reasons behind low platelet count, which are discusse here-under:-

1. Injury

Any physical injury that cause blood loss can be a reason behind it. When our body losses blood it decreases the platelets also.

2. Lesser Production

As discussed platelets are produced by blood marrow and in many cases it is seen that platelet count production has been decreased and this is another reason behind low count.

3. Hemorrhage

It also responsible behind blood loss and as already said blood loss is directly relative to loss of platelet.

4. Cancer

It also cause shortage of platelet in two cases i.e leukemia and lymphoma.

5. Exercise

I have always suggest to give exercise according to capability of dog as excessive exercise can cause low platelet count. You can also read are article on Making Dog Ready For Conditioning to understand better.

6. Over Breeding

When you use a male dog repeatedly for mating purpose this cause low platelets in him. Restrict your dog’s involvement in breeding to save him from this problem.

7. Parentage

Here too parentage has role to play. If a father or mother is suffering from this problem than there are chances that their puppies may suffer from this in future. You can also read our article on Effect Of Parentage On Puppy.

So these are some reasons that cause lower count of platelet. Now next point comes cure. Lets discuss about it.

Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs - Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

Cure Or Treatment

First step in the cure is to find the exact position and your vet will take the blood sample of your dog to find what is the present count of platelet. By this he will come to know the level and cause of problem and will design his future course of action according to it.

In severe cases to judge the internal organs X-ray and ultrasound tests may be performed to become more clear about the condition of dog.

The most popular option that a vet has to treat your dog is transfussion and in many cases entire blood transfussion may be performed to correct anemia. Transfusion is always a risk and a proper monitoring of dog is required. Negative effect of transfussion includes shock and even death in some cases.

A dog with weak immunity system may be given drugs to increase immunity like corticosteroids. You may have to hospitalised your dog for proper results.

Food To Improve Platelet Count

Here we will try to provide you some food options that will help you to improve platelet level in your dog. Lets discuss about them:-

1. Keep Hydrated

It is must to keep your dog hydrated to avoid low platelets. Give him fresh water in peoper amount and change it twice a day.

2. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is also a great source to imcrease platelets in dogs and in humans too. You can also give it a touch of carrot and potato for better results.

3. Goat Milk

The best natural remedy for platelet is goat milk, I alwaya prefer feeding goat milk to dogs to uplift cell counts. It has many more benefits like Better Digestion etc. So you can also give it a try to increase platelet count.

4. Coconut Water

Naturak coconut water will give great benefits to your dog during this problem. It contains Vitamin A, C and iron all are beneficial to increase the platelets.

5. Lean Meats

It is a great option to feed lean meat like fish, chicken and turkey as they are rich in protien, zinc and Vitamin B12. All these things helps in better platelet count.

So above we have discussed all the basic points to imporve the health of your dog while improving platelet count. I hope this article will help you. For more articles like this keep visiting our site. Don’t forget to give your views and suggestions in comment box.

Low Platelet Count or Thrombocytopenia In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Way To Improve

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