Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

Dogs don’t like summer much, in summer many problems can be noticed in your dog. So I decide to write about Summer Dog Care to share my views with fellow dog lovers. So lets start discussion.

What Is Summer Dog Care?

When there is climate change we humans change our living style according to it. Our diet, dressing etc. many things got changed. We know our requirements and we change it accordingly, but dogs are not able to do it by theirselve, they depend upon us. The things that we have to care about our dogs during summer to make them safe from any problem is called Summer Dog Care.

What Are The Problems That A Dog Face During Summer?

During summer the biggest problem is heat and temprature, except from this many other problems also exist about those we will discuss here. Dogs feel better in winter than summer. So lets discuss all the points.

I have divided the dog care during summer into two parts:-

1. Health Problems

2. Care Requirements

Summer Dog Care - All The Points You Should Know

Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

A. Health Problems

Summer brings many health problems to dogs and they need utmost care to make your dog healthy during summer. So we have shortlisted somen health problems of dogs in Summer Dog Care, which are discussed here-under:-

1. Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite is a major problem that dogs face during summer. There are several reasons behind it like digestion probelm, excessive water intake etc. Main among them is problem in digestion. If you want to read about it in detail you can visit our article on Dog Digestion, it will provide you great help.

Diet of dog should have extra amount of probiotic to help in better digestion. I also suggest to introduce a liver tonic once or twice a week for better results. A good digestion is most important in summer dog care.

2. Worms

Summer is golden time for worms too. You have to keep a regular check to save your dog from worms. We have already discussed about Deworming In Dogs, you can too visit it. Worms cause many serious ailments in dogs like anemia and require a prevention in time.

Deworming is reccommended after 40-45 days in summer to save your dog from worms. Dogs are not aware about what to eat or drink. Many times during summer your dig may drink water from a place where he not supposed to, that increases the chances of worms in dogs.

3. Tick & Fleas

Tick & fleas are in heaven during summer, this is there favourite time. They are main reason behind anemia and ticke fever, both are lethal for your dog. So it is compulsory to save your dog from them during summer.

Deworming is first thing that you should do to avoid them, avoid contact with street dogs and visiting place where ticks and fleas are common. You can also use tick and flea repelant products. Remove manually if you found them on your dog.

Summer Dog Care - All The Points You Should Know

Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

4. Skin Problems

Dogs face many skin problems during summer. They love to sit at wet place and place where moisture is more. When skin remain wet continuosly many skin problems rise. Ticks and fleas are also a reason behind skin probelms. They cause itching and regular itching cause damage to skin.

Try to keep your dog at cool and dry place to about skin problems. Regular bath with good quality shampoo is also a good thing to avoid skin problems. Worms are also behind skin problems as they make skin dull with excessive blood consumption. Saving dog from all these things must be given priority during summer dog care.

5. Dehydration

Dehydration is another problem that dogs face durings summers. Dehydration is state when water level drops down in body. This occurs when amount of water consumed by body is less than water lost by body. Give your dog a good amount of water, but avoid too much. Too much consumption can cause diahhrea and appetite lost. So only give water which is good to keep him healthy.

6. Sun Burn

Yes! Dogs too suffer from sun burn. Avoid as much as possible from leaving your dog too much in direct sun light. It is really painfull and cause many other side effects too. Dogs with small coat and thin skin have higher chances of getting sun burn.

7. Heat Stroke

Great threat to your dog is heat stroke. Heat stroke is a condition where body temperature of dog rises dangerously. It can cause death. It occurs when you leave your dog at a very hot place like car, cage in sunlight etc. So avoiding letting your dog in hot places during summer.

8. Decreasing Platelet Count

Decreased platelet count is another big problem during summer. Give your dog goat milk and yogurt to maintain this, visit your vet and get his advise too. Avoid breeding, mating is also a big reason for platelet count decrease.

These are some health related problems that are must to check in summer dog care to keep your dog healthy. Now lets talk about care requirements.

B. Care Requirements

Above we have talked about health problems that dogs have to face during summer, now we will discuss about all those points that will help you to take care of your dog during summer. These points will help you in maintaining good and healthy dog during summer. So lets talk about basic points of summer dog care.

1. Regular Bath

Regular bath is the most necessary thing to do in summers. Your dog should get a bath in daily morning, I am suggesting time of morning as during summers body temprature of dog during mid day or evening is high and giving a bath in high body temprature is not good at all, it can give fever to your dog. In morning body is not having that much high temprature.

The daily bath should not be taken a as daily bath with shampoo or soap instead it means a bath with clean water to refresh your dog. You can use shampoo or soap once a week. Your bath will not only give relief from heat but also from tick and fleas. Bath is most important part of summer dog care.

Summer Dog Care - All The Points You Should Know

Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

2. Regular Exercise

Exercise is a great tool to increase the endurance of body and in summer it is very important. But keep in mind only exercise in morning and it should be light in nature. But daily exercise will help you to keep him fit. You can also visit our article Benefits Of Daily Walk For Dog and Benefits Of Daily Exercise.

3. Feeding

Many dogs face loss of appetite in summer and for maintaining it you have to look for many things. Amount you feed and what you feed both needs to be checked. Avoid heavy feeding during summer and also try to give light meals and if feel skip meals to maintain lust for food. Best thing to feed during summers is sweet potato, it is great food for summer time. You can also use goat milk and yogurt. You can also read our article on Dog Digestion for better understanding of concept.

Feed your dog in shaddy places and also give him good enough water to drink. Try to give him food at room temperature, excessive cooling can effect adversly. Only feed when your dog is relaxed. Feeding herbs is a great option during summer. Feeding is very important in Summer Dog Care.

4. Place To Rest

Your motive should be to save your dog from heat and give him temperature where he can feel comfortable. Too much cooling can also effect adversly. Try to maintain room temperature around 20-25 degree lower than this can also cause problem when your dog went suddenly out. You can also attach a cooling fan to cage of your dog or place where he spent most of his time.

Summer Dog Care - All The Points You Should Know

Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

5. Care For Paws

Dogs are inncoent and they follow their owner blindly, it is upon us to take care of them. During summers avoid taking your out during day time, this can hurt his paws. Temperature of your floor and earth can cause serious problems to their paws. So if you have to take them out than choose morning or evening time and avoid it during day time.

6. Vet Check-Ups

Vet check ups are always important and during summer their importance got increased more. You can also check our article on Importance Of Regular Vet Check-Ups for better understanding. This will help you to know about upcoming problems and make your dog safe from them.

7. Know About The Signs Of Over Heating

You should be aware about the over heating in dogs, here are some signs that will help you to understand over heating and take action accordingly.

# Heavy Panting

# Heavy Drooling

# Trouble Breathing

# Rapid Heartbeat

# Weakness

# Dark or Red Guma

# Agitation

If you find any of these signs act fast and consult your vet, these all are signs of over heating.

8. Grooming

If your dog is having long and heavy hair they are going to increase his trouble in summer. Remove them and give him relief during summer. Bathing for dogs with longer hair is more important than dogs with small coat.

9. Avoid Breeding

If you are planning to breed ypur female in summer than I would suggest to skip it. Summer is not good for breeding if temperature is 35+. Wait for the batter conditions. Mating during summer can also cause platelet count decrease in male dogs.

So in this article I have tried to discuss some points to help you in summer dog care and make your dog better and healthy. For more articles like this keep visiting us.

Summer Dog Care – All The Points You Should Know

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