How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

We at Dog Nation always talk about social issues that affect the dogs and dog fighting is the most vital issue in them. Today we have decided to discuss about How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality. We have earlier discussed about dog fighting in our article Dog Fighting – A Dark Face and have appealed the world to stop it.

Today in this article we will discuss about how people develop fighting dog means the hardship a dog has to face during this whole process. So lets start discussion.

How It Starts?

The process to develop fighting dog starts even before the birth of a dog. Perfect pair of male and female is choosen who already have proved them in dog fight for mating. This is due to Effect Of Parentage On A Puppy, because all his features and attitude depends upon his parents.

It is considered that fighting skills and stamina all are passed on by parents to their puppies, so when people breed for the purpose of dog fighting they do a selective breeding of good fighting mother and father.

So whole process to develop fighting dog starts from breeding a perfect pair for desired result.


How People Develop Fighting Dog - A Harsh Reality

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

The work starts from their puppyhood to become a destroyer. Lesser playtime, less interaction with other dogsare common things that a person keeps in mind while prepating a dog for fight.

The basic reason behind this is to develop a feeling of un-certainty about other dogs. If they let their dogs to plauly together than they will develop a feeling of friendliness toward other dogs which is hated by person who enroll his dogs in fight.

So he keeps his dog mostly detach from other dogs and if somehow they confront each other the role of owner is to make them show aggression for each other, in this way the feeling of hatred got developed in dogs.

When The Actual Work Start?

Till now we have talked about the things that do not directly affect the procees to develop fighting dog. Because there are chances that a puppy having fighting parents may not fight and many other people living in society keep their dogs detach from other dogs for many reasons.

No doubt these things are backbones of developing an attitude in a dog but there is no surety that the dog will fight or not. The actual work get started after age of 8 months. So lets discuss how the process went on.

Test Fight

How People Develop Fighting Dog - A Harsh Reality

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

The first thing that decides whether the dog will get enroll in dog fighting or not is test fighting. Till tge age of 8 months a dog is given all the facilities like food and care to build attitude but after the age of eight months the owner test his fighting skill, this is called test fight.

When you anybody develop fighting dog he spends money and time on development of puppy and he wants to be certain that is this dog worth of this. Between age of eight months to 12 months he is enrolled in test fight to check whether he has inbuilt qualities to fight.

Many dogs fails in first test fight they get the second chance to prove themselves after 4-6 months and those who get selected in it gets advanced to another stage and those who fail gets three options.

1. Death

2. Breeding purpose

3. Sold

There are rare chances that a dog gets his third chance to prove himself. The reality is very harsh and sad that many owners kill their dogs if they think that he is not serving their purpose because they do not want to waste money on their food and don’t sell them to keep the prestige of their line.

Some dogs are kept for enrolling in breeding as still the blood in their veins is of great fighters and many are sold to new owners where they met with the same fortune of test fight and these three options.

After Test Fight

Now when a dog has shown his ability to fight and have proved his skills the actual process of hardship starts here. He repeatedly used in test fights to enhance his skills and give experience.

Another reason for using a dig again and again in test fight is to develop anger and aggression in him. Building anger and aggression is the next stage that comes in the way to develop fighting dog.

Ways To Develop Aggression

How People Develop Fighting Dog - A Harsh Reality

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

As above discussed that once a dog has proved him in test fight he is repeatedly used in test fights to build anger in him. Here are some another ways commonly used to build anger in a dog:-

1. Repeated Use In Fight

As above discussed a dog is again and again used in test fight so that he become aggressive toward other dogs. This is also used as a way to develop fighting dog skills.

2. Beating

Another sad and harsh reality that exist is beating dog to make him more aggressive. The only motive of the person who is working to develop fighting dog is to make a killing machine full of aggression and for this he take every in-human action.

3. Starving

Yes! people also starve their dogs to build aggression in them. They give them little and that much food which is enough to live on and this makes dog more irritating and aggressive.

4. Heavy Exercise

Stamina and power are key of dog fighting and to develop fighting dog it is important to build stamina and power. Hard exercises are used for this purpose, many dogs even lost their lives in this process.

5. Keeping

The only way and move behind keeping a dog is to develop power and aggression. They keep then heavily chained all the time, give minimum interaction with outer world, wounded with fight scars etc. are some harsh realities of a fighting dog’s life.

6. Giving Drugs

Dogs are also given drugs to enhance their performance in fight and minimise the affect of pain during fight. These drugs also cause serious affects on health of dog and many lost their lives due to it.

So these are some points that are used to develop aggression in a dog so that he can become more aggressive toward other dogs and give his maximum in dog fight.

After whole this process to develop fighting dog the next stage comes the actual fight or the real fight.

What Is Actual Or Real Fight?

How People Develop Fighting Dog - A Harsh Reality

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

A test fight is only used to verify whether the dog has ability to fight or not but the actual fight is the fight which ends with a result and sometimes the result is death.

A test fight has time spam of 10-15 minutes but the real fight can last for hours. There are different rules in different countries about dog fighting and result is declared according to them. Huge money is involved in tgis fighting business.

Dog fighting is banned in many countries but still people are enrolling their dogs in it. There are secret dog fighting organisers who set all the work done and choose the hidden places for it.

What Next After Fight?

Even after this the work don’t get stopped. A dog who losses his first fight his future fighting career is over and there are four options left for him:-

1. Death

2. Breeding

3. Used for train to others

4. Sold

And those who win will have to undergo more fights in their life to get the titles like champion, grand champion etc. for tge sake of his owner.

What Is Outcome Of Dog Fighting?

How People Develop Fighting Dog - A Harsh Reality

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

We discuss the process to develop fighting dog and dog fighting but have you ever think what a dog gets from it and answer is wound and pain for the false respect of his owner. Even many dogs lost their lives during this whole process.


Dog fighting is a cruel practice and you can also imagine the hardship a dig has to undergo during the process to develop fighting dog. Dog fighting is banned in many conluntries but still people are using their dogs in dog fighting.

Some dog breeds like pitbull are used for dog fighting. You can als check our article on Top Fighting Breeds to get the list of breeds mostly used in dog fighting. This practice has also created mis-conception about these breeds and many countries has banned these breeds.

I hope this article will help you to understand how painfull the process is to develop fighting dog. We write this article How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality to make people aware about the truth of dog fighting and urge all of you to never use your dog in dog foghting.

Give your views and suggestions in comment box and keep visiting orlur site for more articles like this.

How People Develop Fighting Dog – A Harsh Reality

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