Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics

Dog Breeding Success Secrets - Working On Basics
Dog Breeding Success Secrets - Working On Basics

Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics

People who are not in this business thinks dog breeding is the easiest work to do. Do you really think so. I don’t. It is not just mating male and female it has many other things involved in it. In this article Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics we are going to discuss about all those points that are must to be successfull in this field.

What Is Breeding?

In simple words we can say mating male and female dog for reproduction is called breeding. Do you think this really justify the Breeding,I think no. If it is a breeding than anyone can be a breeder.

Than you will think what is breeding than? Breeding is mating male and female dog for reproduction in such a way that improves the quality of breed and dogs. The word Quality has lot to do with success in breeding.

Dog Breeding Success Secrets - Working On Basics

Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics

Key To Success

You will find that puppies of same breed have different price. Some are very low and some too high. What is the reason behind this? The reason behind this is brandig.

Success in breeding also depends upon branding. Take an example of any normal car to whom any middle income person can buy but do you ever think why Ferrari is costlier. Of-course due to features. Ferrari is an international brand known for his performance. Same is in the case of breeding.

Huge number of people are involved in it, but some are known all over. Price of their puppies or dogs are touching sky, this is due to their proper knowledge and hardwork.

You can not get success in one day, brand building needs time. You have to won loyal customers who can praise your work and have to repeat your good work again and again.

For this you have to keep some points in mind, which we will discuss here.

What Are The Points You Have To Keep In Mind?

When you are searching for Dog Breeding Success Secrets this means you have plans to breed your female dog. The process of breeding starts before the mating or heat cycle. So lets discuss what are the key factors of a great breeding.

1. Health of male and female enrolled in breeding

2. Choosing the perfect couple

3. Proper understanding of heat cycle

4. Mating procedure

5. Care during pregnancy

6. Care during delivery

7. Care after delivery

8. Care of puppies

9. Responsibility of breeder

10. Keeping a watch on puppy

So lets discuss about these points in detail.

1. Health Of Male And Female

If you want good quality puppies first of all their parents should have good health. Male and female you have decided to enroll in breeding should be physically ready to go for this process, otherwise they will not be able to produce quality puppies.

Let them both reach their adulthood and be mature. I have written two articles to find whether male or female is ready to go for breeding. You can check them here:-

1. Male Dog Minimum Breeding Age

2. Female Dog Minimum Age And Weight For Breeding

You can take help these articles to understand why a dog should become mature before going into breeding process. You should start the whole process in advance. You can also check our article on Pre-Breeding. This is our first dog breeding success secret.

The process do not stop here take your dog for Vet Check Up to find whether he or she is ready for the process. Get the Deworming done in time.

2. Choosing The Perfect Couple

Second point that we have is to find the best couple. Every male and female will not give you the best results. You have to choose which Type Of Breeding you are going to dog. There are many type of breedings like In-Breeding, Cross Breeding, Line Breeding etc.

Always go for the Best Breeding Type. Now you will think what is the best breeding type. For this you have to understand the background of your male and female and how they have earlier performed in their breeding.

Many dogs perform best in line breeding and some in cross breeding. In rare cases some dogs give best in in-breeding. All these points will be come to know if you have the proper knowledge of your dog’s previous results and his ancestors.

Dog Breeding Success Secrets - Working On Basics

Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics

3. Understanding Heat Cycle

You have done all Pre-Breeding work and you have also decided Type Of Breeding, not next step is to understand the Heat Cycle Of Female Dog.

This period has two main phases or stages. First stage is bleeding with expanded vagina and second is fertility period. First period lasts for 9-11 days and second 5-9 days. The best period to mate a female dog is during fertility period. If you want to implement Dog Breeding Success Secrets than it is the most important period that you have to understand.

If you are not clear about this period your female may miss the chance to get concieved. So far a successfull breeding have proper knowledge of heat cycle.

4. Mating

As above discussed that second stage of heat cycle is the fertility period and if you want that your female should get concieved it is important that she should get mated during this period.

The best time for mating is two days after bleeding has stopped. You can also get fertility period verified by the vet. We have already written an article on Dog Mating And Procedure. You can take help of it to understand the process in better way.

So for a successfull breeding mating should be done during most fertile period of female so that chances of getting concieved can be increased.

5. Care During Pregnancy

You have taken care of your male and female dog, has given them Vaccination, Balanced Diet and has done everything carefully during heat cycle and mating but if you take it lightly during pregnancy period than all your work will go in vain.

The most important thing is Feeding Female Dog During Pregnancy and Understanding Pregnancy Period. Pregnancy period of a female dog is 58-63 days period that starts from the mating day.

Her nutrition requirement gets increased upto many folds and she needs lot of food and care during this period. The food you choose should be Best Food Brand Available as per your knowledge and feed her on small intervals.

Also stay updated about her health status and consult with vet from time to time about situation of your female dog. In dog breeding success secrets this is the most important part as it is the time that needs proper attention.

Last few days are very crucial and you should must visit our article on Caring Female Dog In Last Ten Days Of Pregnancy.

6. Care During Delivery

We give the best care during whole pregnancy period but mostly ignore the Delivery Time Care. This careless step can ruin all our dreams as any problem during delivey can cause you big.

When you are Breeding Female Dog you invest time and money in it. If you are serious toward it and has opted it as a business than every single day of pregnancy is a different stage.

When a female dog is about to deliver puppies she start to show some signs, like nesting, refusing food, decreased temperature and being a good owner it is our responsibility to catch these signs and start preparing for delivery of puppies.

Many problems can occur during delivery like difficulty to give birth, removing of jelly from puppy etc. that needs your supervision and active involvement. Temperature and cleanliness of the place are also important factors that you have to look for.

Dog Breeding Success Secrets - Working On Basics

Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics

7. Care After Delivery

The work of breeding do not get completed after delivery instead it starts from here if you want to set a Brand. First of all call your vet to perform a check up of all puppies and find out if there is any problem.

Keep the place clean and temperature appropriate for puppies so that they should get the best atmosphere. Also give high quality food to their mother as they will get what she eats.

Take care of Deworming of mother and puppies this also an important part of this period. So care after delivery is also very important part of Dog Breeding Success Secrets.

8. Care Of Puppies

You not have to care for mother but also for puppies. You can also read our article on Basic Care Puppies Need to understand the matter in detail.

You have to check their growth, their food requirement and Regular Vet Check Up so that they should get proper growth. Vaccination is the most important part of puppy’s life. So the care of puppies is also the point that you have to note down for dog breeding success secret.

9. Responsibility Of Breeder

Branding depends upon breeder. You can not be a legend in a day, it needs proper hardwork and continues efforts. If you want to succeed you habe to repeatedly proov yourself to world.

As a breeder you can’t attract the people on your single piece of work. When you will produce quality puppies again and again the world will start to respect you and you will earn true loyal customers.

For this you have to be responsible and also have to justify your profession. Breed for upliftment of breed and dogs not for just money and if you follow this line than it is the summary of Dog Breeding Success Secrets.

10. Keeping A Watch On Puppy

Many people breed and sell and never inquire is the customer is satisfied or has puppy met with the standards. This the work of brand building and key of dog breeding success secrets.

If you want to earn loyal customer stay in touch with them even after you habe saled a puppy to them. Discuss about health and growth of dog, exchange the ideas and knowledge and work together for better dog. This will help in developing a better dog and earn a loyal customer.

Success in breeding depends upon your previous results. People will come to you after looking at your previous productions the point you have to not in dog breeding success secrets.


From above discussion it is clear breeding is not as easy task as considered by most of the people. It is a planned process for achieving better results. Dog Breeding Success Secrets lies in your hardwork and determination. How much you care about the upliftment of breeding standards and providing the best quality puppies to your customers.

So if you are planning to Starting A Kennel than I think this article is must to follow you. We have discussed about dog breeding success secrets to give you a outer view that what people want and what you have to dog. I hope our article Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics will help you to achieve your desired results in breeding field. Give your feedback in comment box and keep visiting our site for more articles like this.

If you want to read more on breeding you can also check this article by clicking here.

Dog Breeding Success Secrets – Working On Basics

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