How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus - Experience That Will Help
How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus - Experience That Will Help

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help

Parvovirus is a disease that can cause great fear in mind of owners as it is one of the most lethal diseases of dogs. Recently one of dogs was also got infected by it, so I decided to write that experience in How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help. So lets start the discussion.

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus - Experience That Will Help

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help

What Were The Initial Symptoms?

When a dog got struck by a health problem or disease it is important that you should be aware about some common symptoms of them. This will help you in identifying the problem at early stage and saving your dog from bigger disaster.

On very first day my dog was vomiting and I don’t take it seriously and I injected him with vomiset, and he was fine after that. But during night he again vomit and in morning I gave him one more vomiset.

During next day he again remain active but refuse to eat. The terrible thing starts in evening, he was vomiting again and again during whole night and was making me worried.

In morning I called my vet to check my dog and I take him out for walk, now the big sign appears, there was blood in the latring. Now nothing was left to understand, it was sure that it is Parvovirus.

Can Vaccination Give Complete Shield?

Like many of us I was also having the same view that Vaccination gives the complete shield against all these deadly diseases, but my thinking is changes now.

My dog was vaccinated with one of the best brands available in India i.e Vencomax 11 in 1. But all goes in vain. My dog was infected even after all of this.

No doubt vaccination increases immunity but it does not give complete shield, dogs with proper vaccination can also get infected.

What Were My Early Steps?

After seeing blood I was confident that it is Parvovirus and I immidiately consult the vet and told him about the symptoms, he also confirmed my doubt. But still you can’t we certain with these two symptoms, as Coronavirus has same symptoms identical to parvovirus.

You can take your dog to your vet and ask him to do ELISA test toake sure that it is parvovirus or anything else.

So first thing I do make a call to vet and after getting his confirmation I ask him to reach as soon as possible and also note down the medicines he suggest. Here I am giving a list of those medicines according to my country India, you can use similar drugs available in your country.

1. IV (Intravenous) Fluids

For IV fluids I bought two fluids one is metronidazole 100ml and second is D.N.S 300ml.

2. Antibiotic

My vet suggest me 500mg Intacef, you can also use monocef, taxim etc. according to availability.

3. Antiemitics

Vet asked my to bring vomiset injection to stop vomiting of my dog.

4. Stopping Internal Bleeding

There are many options that you have to stop the bleeding, Jeckshot, Chromostat or Mobiloc can be used for this purpose. I used all of them on different days.

During parvovirus a dog face the problem of dehydration but you are at the position that you can not give him anything to drink or eat, so IV fluids become very important.

A dog has to stay on IV fluids for their necessary requirement as you can not give them food or water.

Next Step Of Treatment?

Fairly speaking I was having no hope that my dog will survive from this incident, even after three days of medication there was no sign of improvement, instead he was becoming more and more weak.

I was trying my best but whole time I was in a worry that this could be his last day. He was not even able to stand or walk. Bleeding was not stopping and vomiting was making the things more worse.

But all in these situation a hope was inside me that he will survive and will be fine. This took almost 10 days to stop bleeding and 12 to vomiting.

Below I have given two pictures first is taken when my dog was not infected and second is taken after 10 days of revocery. Exact dates are 8 April and 3 May. The period of illness was 9-22 April.

First Pic Taken On 8th April

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus - Experience That Will Help

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help

Second Pic Taken On 3 May

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help

My motive behind showing these pictures is this that you can understand what parvovirus can cause to your dog. This pic is still 10 days after recovery you can imagine the condition during the disease. These pictures will also help in understand how hard was the battle in which my dog defeated parvovirus.

When Comes First Positive Sign?

It takes almost 10 days to show first positive sign. That was the thing of cheer for me. The sign was lesser bleeding and less diarrhea. Vomiting was also decreasing. This makes me hopefull.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind During Treatment?

There are two most important things that you have to keep in mind during treatment of parvovirus.

1. Never give anything to eat or drink during whole process

2. Keep your dog in clean and isolated place

I tried to follow both rules although it was tough to follow them. First rule was not to offer him anything to eat or drink. In starting your dog may not look interested in food or anything but after treatment started he will try to drink more and more water or will demand water. Don’t give him even water. Your dog should stay dependant on intravenous fluids during whole treatment process.

Water and food can increase the problem, so it is must to avoid both.

Next thing is also difficult to maintain i.e Keeping Dog Clean. Dog will vomit again and again and also diarrhea will make the problem more worst.

Flies and mosquitos will come in numbers and they will be main problem and reason behind keeping dog clean. If you don’t give proper clean than they will multiply the problem.

Also keep your dog isolated from other dogs as it is a contagious disease and can be passed on from one dog to another.

So if you follow these rules with proper medication there will be great chances of your dog’s survival. Stay focused and be calm in the end you will also say proudly me and my dog defeated parvovirus.

Which Is The Most Important Time?

The simple answer for this is first four days. Dogs who survive these first four days normally recover succesfully. But for this you should be aware about the basic signs of parvovirus. You can also check our complete article on Parvovirus – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention.

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So these are some articles which will also help you in saving your dog from health problems. You can also take help of our Series Of Articles On Vaccination.

How Much It Take To Recover From Parvovirus?

Normal length of parvovirus is about 14-15 days can be longer in some cases. It cause great damage to your dog. He lost lots of weight during this and become weak.

Although a dog may overcome the disease in 15-20 days but still it need 3-4 months to reach his level of health at which he was before the illness. And for this too it require lot of care and hardwork.

Sometimes we start feeding too much immediately after recovery, never do this and increase the food intake slowly according to demand and ability of your dog.

The Most Important Things During Treatment?

If due to bad luck your dog has struck by any health problem their are some rules that you should follow to save your dog and help him in his survival. These are as follow:-

# You are the most important part of his recovery, it is most important that you should stay motivated and hopefull.

# Show your dog love and affection so that he should not face the condition of Depression.

# Consult all known experts and people whose dog has faced similar problems.

# Do your own research and also share your views with vet.

# Never compromise with quality of medication and schedule of medication.

# Don’t make experiements, just follow the basics.

# Don’t be emotional, be practicle, because alone emotions will not solve the problem.

So after discussing the journey of how my dog defeated parvovirus I hope this will motivate you during your dog’s illness and will also help in recovery process. I hope you liked our article How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help. Give your suggestions in comment box and keep visiting our site for more articles like this.

How My Dog Defeated Parvovirus – Experience That Will Help

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