Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment

Dog Diarrhea - Causes And Treatment
Dog Diarrhea - Causes And Treatment

Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment

When it comes to health of your dog any ignorance can lead toward a bigger health issue. Dog diarrhea is such a problem that we ignore sometime and have to pay a lot for it. So we have decided to write an article on Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment to share our ways to cure this problem.

The main problem with diarrhea is that sometimes it is a symptom of other major health problem and that makes it more lethal.

What We Have To Look For

Diarrhea is problem that dehydrate your dog and proper care is must to save him from this condition. Whenever your dog got struck by this problem there are some things that you have too look for:-

# Frequency

# Presence of blood

# Presence of other problems like Vomiting and Fever

As sometimes the diarrhea comes with a bigger problem and your quick response is must in this situation.

Dog Diarrhea - Causes And Treatment

Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment

Causes Of Dog Diarrhea

There are several reasons behind diarrhea in dogs, some of them are discussed here-under:-

# Sudden change in diet or eating something in inappropriate cause diarrhea.

# Intestinal worms are also a big reason behind diarrhea in dogs. Ypu can also find the symptoms of worms in stool of your dog.

# Infection it may be viral or bacterial is also responsible for dog diarrhea.

# Stress or excitement also sometimes results in diarrhea.

# Disease related to liver can also cause diarrhea.

# Dog Fever and Dog Vomiting sometimes also cause diarrhea. Actually sometimes these three problems comes combined at a time.

# Reaction or side-effect of medicine also cause diarrhea.

# Some other problems like cancer and disease outside gastointestinal tract also cause dog diarrhea.

So these are some common causes behind diarrhea in dogs. So the next point that we have in our discussion is what we have to keep in mind when our dog get struck by this problem. So lets discuss about it.

Points To Worry About In Dog Diarrhea

Although diarrhea is a common problem in dogs but when it comes with other problems like Vomiting or Fever it becomes lethal. So the points that we have to worry about during diarrhea are discussed here-under:-

# Is There Any Other Problem

The first and most important thing you have to look for is there any other problem is combined with diarrhea. Vomiting, fever etc. are problems when they comes with diarrhea they are the symptoms for bigger problems like Parvovirus.

So if you find that your dog is suffering with other problems also than it is must to rush to your vet to find a solution.

# De-Hydration

The most lethal side-effect that diarrhea cause to your dog is de-hydration. Always try to keep your dog hydrated in this problem. Give him plenty of water to drink and also you can give him fluid therapy.

# Presence Of Blood

Presence of blood in stool or feces is a very lethal problem. In this condition diarrhea not only de-hydrate your dog but also makes blood level down. First thing that you have to work upon is to stop bleeding.

# Feeding

There are two types of views regarding this, one side support the complete no to food and other side says keep feeding. Both types have there own reasons.

First type support this view saying that it will give the rest to digestion system of dog and without presence of any food diarrhea will also stop. This is an old view and many people support it.

Second type says that diarrhea makes dog weak and de-hydrated and he needs energy to recover from it. So they support feeding the dog during diarrhea also but with slight change in diet plan.

But it is always recommended to give enough fluids so that your dog stay hydrated, because dehydration leads toward other health problems.

Dog Diarrhea - Causes And Treatment

Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment


Next thing comes treatment. It depends upon the condition of your dog and what your vet thinks best according to his condition. Your vet will examine the dehydration level and also take sample of stool and blood to examine them.

After finding the proper reason the treatment will proceed. Slight change in diet and fluid therapy to avoid dehydration are some common things to follow. So you can ask your vet to draft a diet plan that suits your dog according to your region.

Medication is also an important part of diarrhea. Your vet may also suggest some medicines to control the diarrhea in your dog.

Try to increase the fibre intake as it works as equalizer, give small meals 3-4 times a day. Food should be easily digestable like rice is a great option in dog diarrhea.

So in this article we have discussed about Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment. I hope this will help you a lot in the matter and will you to keep your dog healthy. has also provided a great guide for diarrhea in dogs. Kindly give your views in comment section and keep visiting Dog Nation for more articles like this.

Dog Diarrhea – Causes And Treatment

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