Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Dog Fever - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
Dog Fever - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

When I was writing about Respiration And Temperature of dogs my intention was to give a quick guide about normal temperature and respiration of dogs. Today we will go one step forward and will talk about dog fever or hyperthermia in dogs. So lets we start our discussion in Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment.

What Is Normal Temperature Of Dogs?

Normal temperature of dogs is between 99.5-102.5 F. But at many places I have find different stats also. Like a very renowed name in pets care has given it 101-102.5 F. But on the other hand has given the normal range between 99.5-102.5 F.

We are taking normal range between 99.5-102.5 F as it is widely accepted by vets and dog owners.

What Is Dog Fever Or Hyperthermia In Dogs?

Dog Fever - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

As we have discussed above that normal or healthy body temperature for a dog is 99.5-102.5 F and when this temperature gets increased from this given level it is called fever or hyperthermia.

There are several reasons behind this problem and you can also identify this situation through physical signs. All these things are discussed here-under.

Symptoms Of Dog Fever

Next point comes what are the symptoms that gives you the signal that your dog might have fever. I always said that Early Symptom Detection Helps In Defeating Illness and as soon as you notice the symptoms you should start working to save your dog.

Some of the symptoms you can notice in your dog during fever are mentioned here-under:-



Loss of apetite


Nasal discharge

Red eyes

Warm ears and body

These are some common signs that a dog show during fever. If you are able to recognize the signs of dog fever at early stage than it makes easier to cure the problem.

Causes Of Dog Fever?

Coming to the point of cause or reason behind dog fever we can not say that this is the one reason that cause the fever, but there several reasons behind it and some are still unknown. Some of the major reasons that cause the fever in dogs are given here-under:-


There are several types of infections that cause dog fever. Most common are bacterial, viral and micro-organisms.

Immune Mediated

It is a term related to inflammatory disease. So inflammation also cause dog fever.


A minor or low grade fever for 24-48 hours is also caused by vaccination. It is due to reaction between injection and immune system of your dog.


If a dog consume any toxin means susbstance which are poisonous to dog can lead toward fever in dogs.

Unknown Reason

Sometime fever is caused by unknown reasons which are not clear.

Therse are some main causes of dog fever which are responsible for fever in dogs. What how will you become clear and sure that your dog is having fever,so lets talk about it.

Confirming The Dog Fever

Dog Fever - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

To get the accurate result and be sure you can use thermometer for this purpose. First of all lubricate thermometer with petroleum gel or baby oil and than gently insert the thermometer in dog’s anus.

It takes 60 seconds to give you accurate result or produce results. After this you will become sure is your dog is facing the problem of fever or not.

Now next point comes the treatment, so lets talk about treatment of dog fever.


There are two ways for treatment of fever in dogs. First is treatment by you at home and second is by vet. So lets talk about them seprately.

When the temperature of dog is less than 106 F but more than 103 F you can try to cure the dog fever at home. Apply cool water on fur of dog near his ears and feet. This will start to lower the temperature of dog. Once it comes to near 103 F you should stop applying water and let it come down slowly.

But still in this situation it is best to take your dog to vet and get his advice about it as your dog may be suffering any other problem too.

When temperature of your dog is above 106 F it is emergency like situation and try to reach your vet as soon as possible. You vet will examin the dog and will try to find out the reason or cause of the fever.

For finding reason or cause he may ask you about the medical history of your dog as it helps him to find out the things to whom your dog may be allergic and what are the possoble reasons behind this situation.

Most prescribed medication during fever is antibiotic with fluid therapy. But the main point on which your vet will work is to find out the possible reason behind the fever so that he can cure the origin of the fever.

Some Important Points Related To Treatment

Dog Fever - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

A medicine or treatment will work if you give your full co-operation to your vet. You have to keep in mind following things:-

# Give water and fluids after small intervals to keep your dog hydrated.

# Never use human medicine used for treatment of fever they can cause disaster to your vet.

# Always follow the instructions of your vet.

# Do not make any experiment with treatment procedure.

# Give proper detail about condition of your dog and do not hide things from vet.

# Give him as much rest as possible during fever.

Keep in mind these points while treatment of your dog from fever asany fault from your side can increase the problems of your dog.

How Much Time It Take To Cure Dog Fever?

There is no fix time for this, it can be get cured in a days and take upto months. Many things are responsible for this like reason of fever, immunity of dog. A dog with better immunity will get cured early than those who has lower immunity.

Management And Keeping During Fever

Your dog will need utmost care during fever. Diet high in nutrition and calories is must during dog fever, it helps in fast recovery and makes your dog internally strong.

Your dog may start eating less during fever and may avoid solid foods, it is must to consult your vet regarding this and ask for subsitute foods for your dog with high nutrition and calorie value.

Rest is also a key during treatment. Energy level of your dog gets too down and he becomes un-interested in physical movements. So it is best to give rest to your dog so that he can get recover fast.

So in this article Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment we have discussed every major point related to fever in dogs. I hope this article will help you to cure your dog and keep him healthy. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your valuable views in comment section.

Dog Fever – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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