Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

A most common problem of modern world obesity has also affect of dogs. So looking at the seriousness of dog obesity we have decided to write an article Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure.

People are mostly unaware of this problem and so they have to pay high price for it as ignoring it can never be a good option. So dog obesity is a problem that is mostly ignored by us but in the end we have to pay high for it.

Dog Obesity - Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

What Is Dog Obesity?

In simple words the state of your dog being fat or over-weight is called obesity. Every dog has Body Conditioning Score Which tells what is the actual and perfect body weight of your dog.

If your dog has weight higher than the BCS i.e body conditioning score it means he is affected by dog obesity. It can lead to very serious health problems that are dangerous for your dog.

Symptoms Of Dog Obesity

As we have above stated that state of being fat or over-weight is called obesity, now we will discuss how you will come to know that your dog is affected by it. So here we are providing some symptoms for this problem those will help you to know that your dog may have affected by it.

1. Weight Gain

The first and most reliant symptom of dog obesity is increase in weight. A dog who is affected by it start to gain weight. If you have doubt that your dig has gained weight to you can take him to your vet for Vet Check to find his BCS and be confirmed whether your dog is affected by it or not.

Sometime we think that our dog is underweight and apply Methods To Increase Weight but un-knowingly we make him over-weight.

2. Excess Body Fat

Weight and fat are two different terms, a dog who is heavy may not have extra fat in his body but a dog who has extra fat always has over-weight. For this too you have to visit your vet and find whether your dog has extra fat or not.

Dog Obesity - Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Gaining weight is a sign of extra fat in body. The common sign of a dog having extra fat is that you will not be able to see his waist from upside and second most reliable sign is having no abdomen tuck.

3. Lesser Activity

Another symptom which is common in dog obesity is lesser activity. Dog suffering from this problem normally do not get involved in physical activity and like to sit or sleep.

4. Lesser Stamina

The main reason behind the lesser activity is lesser stamina. A dog suffering from dog obesity has lesser stamina and get tired early. So lesser stamina is also a symptom that helps in identifying this problem in your dog.

5. In-Ability To Exercise

As a dog gets tired early and his physical activity got decreased this leads toward in-ability to exercise. So in-ability to exercise is also a symptom that helps to identify dog obesity.

6. BCS

The method which is mostly used to find whether your dog is suffering from over-weight or not is BCS. Your vet examine the body conditioning score of your dog and tells whether he is over-weight or not.

I hope that from above points it will be easier for you to find whether the your dog is suffering from obesity or not. Next thing that comes in our discussion is reasons or causes behind dog obesity.

Reasons Or Causes Behind Dog Obesity

For treating the problem first we have to understand the reasons behind it. There are several reasons behind dog obesity which are discussed in detail here-under:-

1. Lesser Physical Activity

One of the main reason behind obesity is lesser physical activity. A dog who spend his most of time while sleeping and sitting has higher chances of getting dog obesity.

This problem is common in old age dogs as they reduces their physical activity.

Dog Obesity - Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

2. High Calorie Food Intake

A dog who gets food rich in calories and carbhydrates and do not get adequate workout to burn those calories normally gets affected by obesity.

This happens when we fail to understand the food requirements of our dog and feed him more than his requirements.

3. Difference In Food Intake And Activity

This is also found if there is mis-match in physical activity and food intake chances of obesity got increased. This situation of above said two conditions, here activity is also less and second thing is increased food intake rich in calories.

So the amount of food and level of calories should be in proportion to physical activity, otherwise it can be problematic.

4. Other Factors

Still there are many other factors which are responsible for it like neutring. Neutring is medical treatment for making male dog unable for reproduction. In female dog spaying is used for same purpose.

Hyperthyroidism is also a reason behind dog obesity. In this level of thyroid get increased in body of dog. Insulinoma is also considered responsible for dog obesity.

So till now three things are clear in our mind i.e what is obesity, it’s symptoms and reasons. Now the thing which is most important is solution or cure. So lets discuss about it.

Cure Or Treatment

Now comes the main point of our discussion i.e how we can cure or treat dog obesity. The main thing that we have to work upon is reducing weight. Three points that we have to work upon are:-

1. Exercise

2. Diet

3. Medication

1. Exercise

Dog Obesity - Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

I always talk about the Benefits Of Exercise For Dogs and I think it is the best tool to keep your dog fit. But a dog who is suffering from obesity needs extra care while giving exercise. Points you have to keep in mind while giving exercise are given here-under:-

A. Starting

Starting should be slow and steady. As we have discussed in Making Dog Muscular always start from normal exercise and than take it to enhanced level. Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning is an article that will give you complete guide on how to start the exercise of your dog.

B. Follow A Plan

Reducing weight through exercise is not a task of one day, it needs time and repeated efforts. You should follow a Conditioning Plan to achieve success. Without a proper plan you will stand no-where.

C. Stay Consistent

It is not the thing that you omce achieved and will stay with you. Keeping a healthy dog needs regular efforts, same in the case of exercise. Never stop if you achieved your target keep following Exercise Rules.

Even if you have shortage of time you can give walk to your dog as Daily Walk Has Great Benefits for your dog for giving relief from dog obesity. You should introduce Innovative Ways To Exercise your dog for maintaining his interest.

2. Food

I always suggest for Balanced Diet for your dog, but during dog obesity you have to make some changes in it. When I write about Analysing Dog Food Content my motive was to write about a dog who grts adequate exercise, but when your dog is suffering from obesity you habe to choose the food differently.

Things you have to look upon:-

1. High in protien

2. High in fiber

3. Low in fat

4. Low in calories

These points are backbone while choosing a food during dog obesity. You can consult your vet for a proper diet plan for your dog that you can also follow even after recovery from obesity.

Food should be designed so that your dog should not feel hungry and also your purpose should get served and also weakness can struck your dog if you do not give the adequate food amount. But keep in mind over-feeding shouls be avoided in every way.

3. Medication

In reasons we discussed about thyroid and other related problems that need involvement of a vet or expert in medicine field. Consult him for medication for medication and follow their advise.

Regular Vet Check Ups are must to keep yourself updated about the health of your dog and have regular input from your vet.

Follow Up After Treatment

Dog Obesity - Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Dog obesity is a problem that comes again and again so a proper follow up is must to keep your dog safe. For this you should keep in mind following things.

1. Never stop giving exercise to your dog.

2. You can also increase Playtime of your dog for better results.

3. Give him long walks.

4. Have a proper designed Diet Plan for your dog.

5. Visit your vet for Regular Vet Chek Ups and set up Frequency Of Vet Check Ups.

So above we have discussed about every inch of dog obesity. I hope our article Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure will help you during this problem in your dog. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your views in comment section.

Dog Obesity – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

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