Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits

Dog Swimming - Every Detail From Way To Benefits
Dog Swimming - Every Detail From Way To Benefits

Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits

When I was writing about Innovative Ways Of Muscle Building my main motive was to introduce ways that will be loved by your dog. Dog swimming is a Muscle Building Way which is very usefull not only for muscle building of dog but for overall health.

So looking at it’s importance we have decided to write this article Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits. So lets start our discussion.

Can All Dogs Are Able To Swim?

This question is asked by many of us and has to answered in this article as all the points that we will discuss here depends upon it.

Dogs are born swimmers, I have seen puppies as young as 45 days swimming so there should be no confusion that can all dogs swim or not. But still I suggest to give supervision during their swimming time.

When To Start Enrolling Your Dog In Swimming?

As above mentioned dogs from their childhood are good swimmers, you can enroll a puppy of 70-75 days in swimming but proper supervision is must during that time, this will ensure his safety during swimming.

Things To Take Care While Dog Swimming

You have to take care of some things when you start to enroll your dog in swimming. Here we have discussed some things those need your attention while dog swimming.

1. Stay With Dog

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind that stay with dog while he is swimming. No doubt dogs are naturally good swimmers but still there are chances of mis-happening.

2. Do Not Use Too Much Deep Water

Water source used for dog swimming should not be too much deep as it can cause problem if your dog is tired or there may be any reason. So only use water depth which os appropriate to swim but not too deep.

3. Best To Use Lukewarm And Clean Water

It is best to use lukewarm water during dog swimming. It is best for your dog’s skin and also his muscles get relaxed in this process. Water should be clean and free of germs.

4. Save His Ears

Dogs do not like water in their ears and also it can cause them ear infection. You can use cotton or anything else that can save your dog’s ear from water.

5. Slowly Increase The Intensity

Don’t give too much pressure from very first day instead increase the intensity day by day. If you put extra pressure from very first day that will be harmfull for your dog and can cause problems.

6. Do Not Start In Running Water

When you are planning to enroll your dog in swimming do not start with running water. It is best to start in standing water and let him improve his stamina and skills, it will be beneficial for him.

Dog Swimming - Every Detail From Way To Benefits

Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits

Now these are some points that you have to keep in mind while dog swimming. Our next point is to discuss about benefits of dog swimming. So lets start.

Benefits Of Dog Swimming

There are huge benefits of swimming for your dog. He gets many benefits that are related to his health and physical fitness. They are discussed here-under in detail.

1. Keeps Dog Healthy

The best benefit of dog swimming is that it helps in keeping your dog healthy. It is an exercise it improves immunity and endurance of your dog.

As we have already discussed in Benefits Of Daily Exercise that it is a great way to keep your dog healthy to give him regular exercise. So if you are giving your dog swimming time than it will help in improving his health.

2. Helps In Building Muscle

Swimming is a Great Way To Build Muscle of your dog. If you want to make your dog muscular than it is great option to add in his daily exercise schedule. It will help in building his all body muscles.

So if you are trying to Make Dog Muscular than it is great option to enroll him in swimming. Dog swimming is a great and Innovative Way Of Muscle Building

3. Helpfull For Starting Conditioning Plan

If you are going to enroll your dog in Conditioning Plan in initial days he needs time to increase his endurance and muscle power, swimming is a great tool for it.

Swimming do not put too much pressure on bones or muscles so it slowly increase their endurance and helps in making them strong for hard and intense exercises. So if you are planning to Making Your Dog Ready For Conditioning than swimming is a good option.

4. Increases Stamina

Swimming also helps in improving stamina of your dog. It helps to improve the strength of walls of lungs and that imcreases stamina. You will see after some days swimming that your dog has become use to it and can swim for longer time than starting.

So if you are looking to increase the stamina of your dog than it is a best and easy way.

5. Fight With Obesity

As we all know that to fight with Dog Obesity it is must to decrease the weight of your dog and for this you have to give him exercise. Dog swimming gives you an option to exercise your dog in an easy way.

A dog who is going through obesity has lesser stamina and weak bones, hee needs the type of exercise that put minimum pressure on bones. Swimming is the best answer for it, it puts minimum pressure on bones and helps in reducing weight of dog.

Dog Swimming - Every Detail From Way To Benefits

Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits

6. Keeping Dog Busy

We talke about Benefits Of Playtime for dog. How a playtime helps you, the answer is it keeps your dog busy. Dog swimming can do the same thing, it will keep your dog busy and he will also enjoy it. So it is a tool to relax and keep busy your dog.

7. Keep Dog Cool

In summers swimming is a great tool to keep your dog cool. He will love to swim during this time and enjoy the cool feeling of water. It is difficult to give running or weight pulling in summers so it is also a great exercise for summer.

8. Helps In Burning Calories

As we know the basic reason behind Dog Obesity is un-burned fat and calories and it is important to give adequate workout to burn them. So it is a great tool for burning calories and fat of your dog and keep him healthy.

9. Keeping Dog Clean

All of us are aware about Benefits Of Keeping Dog Clean and swimming helps in it too. When you give your dog swimming time he also gets Bath during this whole process that helps in making him clean.

So dog swimming also helps in keeping your dog clean and free from dust.

10. Helps To Keep Him Calm

When a dog gets exercise he becomes calm as he get tired after workout. Same thing happens when you take your dog for swim. He gets tired after workout and gets a relaxed and sound sleep that makes him calm.

Dog Swimming - Every Detail From Way To Benefits

Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits

So above we have discussed about dog swimming in detail. I hope this article will help you in this matter. Kindly give your reviews in comment section below and keep visiting our site for more articles like this.

Dog Swimming – Every Detail From Way To Benefits

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