Dog Vomiting – Causes And Treatment

Dog Vomiting - Causes And Treatment
Dog Vomiting - Causes And Treatment

Dog Vomiting – Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

We always try to give you best advice to keep your dog healthy and improve his standard of life. In this series we are back with another article on dog vomiting. So in this article Dog Vomiting – Symptoms, Causes And Prevention we will discuss about every detail of dog vomiting.

So lets starting discussion on this topic.

What Is Dog Vomiting?

Due to internal problems sometimes dog’s throw their food out, this process is called vomiting. Here I am not saying that always food will come out, a dog who is empty stomach may throw out whitish water type fluid.

There are many reasons behind vomiting in dogs and quick response to dog vomiting is must as it is symptoms of many lethal diseases like Parvovirus. So if you find your dog vomiting take a quick action to make the problem rectified.

Dog Vomiting - Causes And Treatment

Dog Vomiting – Causes And Treatment

What Is Regurgitation?

The process in which un-digested or partially digested food comes back up through oesophagus is called regurgitation. It appears similar to vomiting but in actual it is a differend problem and must not be treated as vomiting.

Treatment for regurgitation and vomiting are completely different and any mistaken identity can cause you bigger problem. So first thing that you have to do is to differentiate between two to find what actual problem your dog is facing.

Causes Of Dog Vomiting

The most important thing that you have to do if your dog is vomiting is to identify the cause. We know that vomiting is serious health problem but the worst part of it is that it is symptom of many lethal health problems. Some of the common reasons behind vomiting are:-

# Bacterial infection of the gastrointestinal tract

# intestinal obstruction caused by foreign material or by any internal organ displacement.

# Disease or failure of kidney

# Disease related to liver of the dog

# Side effect of drugs

# Viral infection

# Some dogs vomit due to car sickness

# Heatstroke is also a possible reason for it

# Food allergy or intolerance

So these are some major reasons or causes of dog vomiting. But the main thing here that I would like to mention and which is very important is that vomiting is itself a symptom of many other diseases, some of them are mentioned here-under:-



Dog Fever

And many more. We have to be carefull about this point as Early Detection Helps In Curing Disease Easily and a caring owner should not ignore this point.

Symptoms That Are Of Major Conern

As above discussed that vomiting is symptom of many lethal diseases and we have to take care that our dog should not get involved in serious health issues. Although occasional vomiting is not matter of concern, however of your dog gets affected frequently than it is a sign of upcoming problem.

Some of the symptoms that you have to look for when your dog is suffering from vomiting are given below:-

# Frequency

# Presence of blood

# Dehydration

# Diarrhea

# Weight Loss

# Appetite loss

If you found any of these problems than it is must to consult your vet as soon as possible.

Treatment For Dog Vomiting

Dog Vomiting - Causes And Treatment

Dog Vomiting – Causes And Treatment

Dog Vomiting – Causes And TreatmentI would like to divide the treatment into two catagoties i.e


Basic Care

In medical treatment first requirement is to consult your vet and he will perform basic Dog Check Ups to find whether there is chances of any other health problem. After the confirmation and monitering the condition the first step would be giving antiemetics. Antiemetics are drugs given to control vomiting.

In some cases fluid therapy may also be given with antibiotics. Saving your dog from dehydration is must to do task during vomiting.

In food try to give home cooked light food to your dog and also analyse his food you are feeding him currently. Boiled potatos, rice and skinless chicken are some prefered food options during vomiting.

It also best option to take aways all the food and water from your dog for 6-8 hours and than start with water. If you find that dog is not vomiting after drinking water than you can give him small meal also.

I always suggest to follow your vet and never make any experiment with treatment procedure.


Dog vomiting if looked as a single illness is not a big problem but if it is symptom for a bigger health issue than it can be lethal. It dehydrates your dog and makes him weak. Proper care is must if your dog is facing this problem and I also suggest to isolate him from other dogs.

Follow some steps to keep your dog away from this problem:-

# Never make sudden change in diet

# Don’t toys or things for play which can be swallowed by him

# Keep his sitting area clean

# Some human cooked foods can also create problem for him

# Monitor his activity while outdoor activity

# Don’t let him anything which he not supposed to eat

So above we have discussed about dog vomiting and it’s causes. I hope our article Dog Vomiting – Causes And Treatment will help you to cure your dog from this problem. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your reviews in comment box below.

Dog Vomiting – Causes And Treatment

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