Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy – Dog Obesity Treatment

Exercise As Dog Obesity's Remedy
Exercise As Dog Obesity's Remedy

Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy – Dog Obesity Treatment

Whenever we talk about Dog Obesity we start to think about solutions. The main thing that we have to work upon as dog obesity’s remedy is loosing weight. So we have decided to write this article Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy – Dog Obesity Treatment to help you in finding dog obesity’s remedy. So lets start discussion.

Understanding Dog Obesity

A dog has different weight catagories, first of all be sure Is Dog Underweight Or Over Weight because if you are sure that your dog is suffering from the problem of obesity only than start the process to reduce the weight. If you are not aware if your dog is underweight or over than kindly take your dog to vet and find the catagory to whom your dog belong.

This is a very important part of dog care to be sure is your dog fit or fat. Because it makes you aware about the health condition of your dog.

Exercise As Dog Obesity's Remedy

Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy

Reasons Behind Dog Obesity

When we talk about dog obesity’s remedy we should be aware about reasons behind it. There are mainly three reasons behind it.

1. Lesser Physical Workout

2. Feeding High Calorie Diet

3. Thyroid

Here 3rd reason is connected to medical field but other two are related to our care. Now in this article we will discuss about how we can solve this problem with some basic exercises. So lets start discussion.

Dog Obesity’s Remedy

Whena dog is suffering from dog obesity his stamina and endurance become too weak. He gets easily tired up and many times even ignore to go into physical work. So the dog who is not willing to move and is having less stamina become headache when we try to enroll him in exercise. For this we have to follow three basic rules:-

1. Make Him Ready

2. Take To Next Level

3. Make It Habit

After following these steps you will be able to get the best results from your efforts. So lets explore these points.

1. Make Him Ready

Exercise As Dog Obesity's Remedy

Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy

As above stated that a dog who is suffering from dog obesity is too much weak and is un-interested in any physical work-out due to his low stamina and endurance. So the first step in this whole process is to build his stamina and endurance, But how? This is very important question.

Here I want to give you a reference to our article Making Dog Ready For Conditioning. This is a must to read article if you are planning to start the exercise or conditioning of your dog.

Now we come to the point how we should start? This is the first and most important step in this whole process of dog obesity’s remedy. The best way is to start with two exercise:-

1. Walking

2. Swimming

Both these are simple exercise and put least pressure on dog’s muscles.

1. Walking

If you are begginer in dog exercise than this is the best that you can give. Start giving your dog minimum of 5 km walk so that his stamina should get start to build. In intial days speed should be slow as your dog’s stamina is too weak and when you will feel he us has adopted to it than slowly increase the speed.

If you have started from 5 km than you can increase the distance and give him walk for an hour a day and slowly start to increase the speed. Divide the walk into lapses. For example you are giving him 8 km walk now than you should start the walk at normal speed after 2 kms of walk increase the speed slightly and after more 2 kms come to initial speed.

After 15 days you will feel your dog is now ready to have a slow speed running and this is the high time to switch for it. Now take your whole shcedule for 10 kms and start with a walk of 2 km as a warm up exercise and than give running for 3 kms. Now after this 1 km walk and again 3 km running and 1 km more walk to cool him down.

Speed of running should be maximum 10 km/h as still your dog is suffering from the problem of low stamina and weak endurance.

You can also have look at Benefits Of Daily Walk

2. Swimming

Swimming is great exercise for your dog as it is a whole body exercise that works on almost every muscle of ypur dog. When your dog is suffering from obesity. The best benefit of this exercise is that it do not put pressure on bones as a dog whonis suffering from obesity has weak bones and joints.

So you can also start the process with swimming also. Give small lapses of swimming to your dog in starting and increase the timing as you see tge improvements. Although dog’s are good swimmers but it is best to stay with them while swimming time specaily in starting days.

In intial days your dog will not have good stamina and endurance and will get up tired easily so it is important that you should stay with him to avoid any un-wanted accident.

Exercise As Dog Obesity's Remedy

Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy

Why We Should Start With These Two?

Now the question that will arise in your mind is that why we should start with these to for dog obesity’s remedy, than answer is in understanding physical condition of your dog. There exist two problems:-

1. Weak stamina and endurance

2. Weak muscle and joints

Both these problems will not allow you to give hard exercises that puts pressure on muscles and joints and also need stamina. So the best way to start the Exercises That Will Work As Dog Obesity’s Remedy is with walking and swimming.

These two will need least stamina and will also put least pressure on muscle and joints. So now lets we talk about next stage i.e Take To Next Level.

2. Take To Next Level

After following initial stage stamina and endurance of your dog will get increased and his will start to burn his weight and fat. You will start to see these changes in your dog that he is more active than his condition prior to starting of exercise.

The next step that we have to take in dog obesity’s remedy is to increase his stamina more and bring him to his normal and more natural look. If you want to read this stage exercises in detail than you must visit 28 Conditioning Plan For Your Dog

For making him more fit and bringing to his normal physical fitness we have to increase his workout. For this we have already written an article with complete guide on Conditioning Plan.

In this we can use three exercise, running, pulling and walking. Although we have discussed about these three exercise you can also include many more typesnof exercises including swimming, mud-walk etc.

For more exercises ways must visit our two articles:-

Simple Ways To Build Muscle Of Dog

Innovative Ways For Dog Muscle Building

What Is Importance Of This Stage?

In first stage we have discussed about how we should start the process but in this we have taken one step further and have used some enhanced level exercises. The points that we will work on during this stage are as under:-

# Increase the running speed to increase stamina and endurance. But the maximum speed I will suggest is under 20 km/h.

# Using walking just for warm up and cool down, means reducing dependance in walking.

# Introducing weight pulling to exercise schedule and mixing it with running.

# Use of sprints for increasing endurance of your dog and give his physical shape a new look.

Now we have left with the third option i.e Make It Habit. So lets talk about it.

Exercise As Dog Obesity's Remedy

Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy

3. Make It Habit

Third step that we have to follow in dog obesity’s remedy is to keep following above steps. A dog who once has struck by the problem of over-weight or obesity has higher chances to get effected by this again so you must be ready for this.

We have written an article Conditioning Dog where we have defined the line between enhanced and normal exercise. If you want only to make your dog healthy and keep your dog healthy you can keep him limited upto simple exercise, so that his weight should not get increased.

So after following these three steps of dog obesity’s remedy you will be able to keep your dogfit and healthy and away from dog obesity.

How The Plan Will Work?

Whole plan of dog obesity’s remedy will work to reduce your dog’s weight and keep him healthy. Some of the important features or key points of this plan are as under:-

# Will start to increase endurance and stamina.

# Weight will start to decrease.

# Physical activity of dog will get increase and he will start to burn more calories.

# With increasing levels the results will become more clear.

# When you will make this process a habit your dog will be away from obesity in future too.

So this plan of dog obesity’s remedy will work on three things:-

1. Decreasing weight

2. Increasing stamina

3. Increasing endurance

Another benefit that you will get is Increased Immunity Of Dog. So if you want to make your dog fit and away from obesity than it is a must to follow plan.

I hope our article Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy will help you to make your dog fit and healthy. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your reviews in comment section below.

Exercise As Dog Obesity’s Remedy – Dog Obesity Treatment

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