Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

If we look at the Female Dog Pregnancy Period for proper understand we have to learn about many things, and Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant? Is an article that discuss about a very important part of female dog pregnancy period.

So from the title it is clear that we are going to discuss about pregnancy signs of a female dog. So lets start pur discussion.

We have divided the female dog pregnancy signs into short catagories and will discuss about them in detail according to their sequence in 58-63 days pregnancy period.


Female Dog Pregnancy Signs - Is My Dog Pregnant?

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

As we have already discussed in our article on Different Stages Of Heat Cycle that during last stage of heat cycle when bleeding gets stopped female becomes most fertile and this is the time when we take our female dog for Mating. So mating is the starting point of this whole cycle of breeding.

During mating time eggs got released from ovaries and female dog is highly productive. It is must that female should get mated during this period otherwise she will not concieve.


After mating the next thing comes in breeding is fertilisation, meams the process of female dog pregnancy starts from here and it is compulsory to understand it to properly understand the female dog pregnancy signs.

When a female dog is mated after 48-72 hours fertilisation starts and after 10-12 days eggs become fertilized.

This progress can never be noticed by us but still there are little changes in fatigue or slight loss of appetite.


This can not be true about all cases but in some cases female dogs vomit after 7-14 days after mating. But this same thing is also notices in false pregnancy.

So you can not say that your female dog is pregnant even if she vomits, because it is not one of the trusted female dog pregnancy signs. So you have to wait for some more days to be confirm.


Female Dog Pregnancy Signs - Is My Dog Pregnant?

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

The first physical change that a female dog gets after mating or heat cycle is increasing size of nipples. But it can not be taken in trusted female dog pregnancy signs as in false or pseudopregnancy nipple size also get increased.

This process starts after 14-15 days after mating and nipples keep on growing till the end if the female dog is pregnant and if there is false pregnancy than their growth will stop after 35-40 days.

Morning Sickness

Next sign that a pregnant female will show is morning sickness. This stage comes for few days during 3rd or 4th week of pregnancy and during this time female looks tired and less active than her usual days.

Loss of appetite is another thing that happens during this time, means she starts to eat less and sometimes even ignore the food. Offering small meals is a good option during this period.

So even after 25 days you don’t have any solid sign that indicate that your female dog is pregnant or not. The real female dog pregnancy signs starts from here.

Yellowish Gums

Although it is not 100% trustworthy but still ine of the solid female dog pregnancy signs. Between 25-32 days gums of a pregnant female dog becomes yollowish.

At 25 days size of puppies or embryos are equal to a walnut and they starts to grow rapidly. For their growth they consume lot lf blood from female dog’s body and that turns the gums to yellowish colour showing lesser or low blood in body.

But this get cured after 2-3 days without any medication and if you notice that it is takibg longer time than you should consult your vet because it can be due to any another reason.


To make it sure you can ask your vet to do an ultrasound. Ultrasound is safe after 3 weeks of pregnancy but I suggest to go for it after 4th week. Your vet will be able to see the growing puppies by this test.

Expert vet can also confirm the pregnancy by examining the womb with his hands, but don’t try it by yourself as any hard or rough touch can lead toward problem to puppiea or mis-carriage.

So you can opt for ultrasound after 25-28 days of pregnancy to make it clear that is your female is pregnant or not.

Increase In Appetite

In initial days after mating there is loss of appetite but after one month of mating when female is concieved her food intake also get increased. Puppies grow rapidly during this time and she needs more food to support growth of puppies.

So it is good to increase the food quantity of female dog and also introduce high quality rich in protien food during this time.

Increase In Weight

With increasing size of puppies the weight of female also get increased. According to a study weight of a female got increased by 50% during pregnancy than her weight prior to pregnancy.

So this also one of the great female dog pregnancy signs that helps in determine and confirm pregnancy of female dog.

Womb Size

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs - Is My Dog Pregnant?

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

Most trusted and old method is size of womb. After 30 days you can see that womb of your female dog has startrd to grow, this is due to increasing size of puppies. This is the best way to differentiate between false and real pregnancy.

Till now a female dog who has false pregnancy will show the similar signs that of pregnant female but from now on the signs will change. Female with false pregnancy will have the same size of womb even after the 40 days.

In some cases size of womb do not show any increment even after 35 days, this is due to less number of puppies. Females with less puppies will show this sign after 40 days of pregnancy.

As it clearly shows the development of puppies inside the womb so it is called one of the most trusted female dog pregnancy signs.


When a female dog is 42 days old and do not showing increased size of womb you can opt for X-ray now. In X-ray you will be able to see the puppies as their bones have started to develop now.

So if you are not sure even after 42 days you can visit your vet and ask him to perform X-ray on your female dog to confirm the pregnancy. What I always reccomend to avoid these kind of tests as even though we consider they are not harmfull but upto some extent they make the impact.

So it is better to wait for some more days as female pregnancy period is not too much long time.

Shedding Of Hair From Tommy Area

The next stage is sheddimg of hair from tommy area. Size of nipples got increased and you can notice that milk production has started. Sometimes if you notice carefully whitish discharge is also visible in this period.

This period starts near 45 days and nipples become clear and tommy area lost most of its hair. At this time you also got clear change in size of womb and breast of female dog.

Movement Of Puppies

This is the last sign after that nothing remains to explain. After or near 50 days of pregnancy puppies started to move and you can notice this movement clearly when your female dog is at rest.

With increasing pregnancy time movement also get increased. This is one of the most trusted female dog pregnancy signs.

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs - Is My Dog Pregnant?

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

What Is False Or Pseudopregnancy

False or pseudopregnancy is a behaviour of a female dog in which she starts to assume that she is pregnant instead she is not. In initial days she shows the signs of pregnant female dog like:-

# Lost of appetite

# Lesser movement

# Morning sickness in some cases

# Increased size of nipples

# Vomiting

Accordimg to experts hormonal changes ocuured due to heat cycle are the basic reason behind the false pregnancy. Many times people starts to think that their female is pregnant as she shows female dog pregnancy signs, but in the end they have to stay empty handed.

So if you want to be sure if your female dog is pregnant than best option is to take her to a vet and ask him to do ultrasound or X-ray which is best at that time.

What Is The Best Way To Confirm Pregnancy Of Female Dog?

No doubt above we have discussed about many female dog pregnancy signs what a question still remain un-answered is this that which is the best way to confirm pregnancy? According to me taking your female for Vet Check Up.

You can ask your vet to perform ultrasound or X-ray to find whether your female dog is pregnant or not. An ultrasound can be performed after 3 weeks of pregnancy but prefered after 4 weeks for accurate results.

For X-ray you have to wait for 42 days to perform this test. Both these tests must be performed at recommendation of your vet.

Why It Is Important To Confirm Pregnancy Of Female Dog?

Many people think that female dog pregnancy period is a short time of 58-63 days and outcome will come in front of you. But if you are looking for a Successfull Breeding than it is important to find out whether female is pregnant as early as possible.

A pregnant female dog needs Different Feeding and also many other things need your attention during whole Breeding. If you are able to detect the pregnancy at early stage you will be able to give better care for better results.

I hope this article will help you in understanding female dog pregnancy signs and identify whether your female is pregnant or not. Kindly give your views upon our article Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant? in comment box and keep visiting our site.

Female Dog Pregnancy Signs – Is My Dog Pregnant?

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