Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy

Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy

Every owner uses his own tricks for increasing dog’s immunity and in this article we will also discuss some old and trusted ways for increasing dog’s immunity.

So tge topic we have today is Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy and I hope this article will you in increasing dog’s immunity and make him healthy. So lets start discussion.

What Is Immunity?

The first question that we have here is what is immunity, because without understanding it all this article will have zero benefit. Immunity is internal power or power of our body to fight with un-healthy viruses, health issues etc.

Similarly in dogs it is their internal power that safeguard them from many health issues like Parvovirus, Coronavirus and Kennel Cough etc. Not only these major problems but also common problems like fever etc.

So immunity has great benefits for us and our dogs and helps in enjoying healthy life.

Increasing Dog's Immunity - Making Dog Healthy

Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy

Why Immunity Is Important?

As discussed above immunity safeguard our dogs from many health problems. A dog with higher immunity will have lesser chances to get ill and similarly a dog with weak immunity has higher chances to get ill.

Immunity is very important to give your dog a better and healthy life. If you work on increasing his immunity and get success it will be beneficial to save him from many health diseases which are lethal and fatal.

Ways for Increasing Dog’s Immunity

Above we have discussed that immunity has great role to keep our dog healthy, but how we can improve or increase a dog’s immunity is still a question. So now let we discuss about the some ways for increasing dog’s immunity, some of them are mentioned and discussed here-under:-

1. Vaccination

The best and most trusted way for increasing dog’s immunity is Vaccination. There is no better and quicker option to increase the immunity of dog than vaccination. It helps in prevention of many health problems like:-



Kennel Cough

Canine Hepatitis




All these are serious health problems and can even kill your dog.

The process of vaccination starts prior to even birth of puppies. A puppy for his first 6 weeks of life depends upon immunity of his mother and it is important that female you enrolled in Breeding must be vaccinated.

After the birth the actual vaccination of a puppy starts at the age of 6 weeks, where he is vaccinated against many problems like parvo, corona etc.

Boosters are also required for keeping the immunity at good level. Boosters are the yearly re-vaccination process. Some vaccines are repeated every year and some after gap of 2 or 3 years.

So the vaccination is the first step in increasing dog’s immunity. You can consult your vet for further details or visit our article Vaccination In Dogs.

2. Exercise

The next thing that comes in increasing dog’s immunity is exercise. Exercise increases immunity and also enhance endurance. Both these helps in keeping your dog healthy and fit.

Endurance is also helpfull to fight with illness as a dog who gets regular exercise will have higher endurance and he will easily bear the normal illness and recovery will be also very fast.

You can also check our article to find Benefits Of Daily Exercise. Some of the common benefits are mentioned here-under:-

# It helps in increasing endurance and immunity.

# Keeps problems like obesity and hypertension aways from your dog.

# Helps in improving Digestion of your dog.

# Exercise also makes strong bones and muscles.

In these ways exercise keeps your dog fit and healthy and with higher level of immunity and endurance he overcome many diseases easily.

One thing that I want to discuss here is happiness of dog. A dog who gets regular exercise and Playtime normally have a happy life. Having a happy dog also reduces the chances of his Depression.

So overall exercise has great benefits for your dog and increasing dog’s immunity. If you want to enroll your dog in exercise you can also check our articles:-

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Conditioning Plan

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These articles will help you with some important tips regarding dog exercise and muscle building.

Increasing Dog's Immunity - Making Dog Healthy

Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy

3. Diet

Now comes the third most important thing i.e diet. Diet has great role to play in increasing dog’s immunity. If you feed him healthy he will stay healthy. There are many foods that increases immunity of dog.

For example goat milk can be used to increase platelet count and yogurt is a great source to improve Digestion of dog. If you give your dog Balanced Diet it will help in increasing his overall immunity.

Always try to get Best Food available so that your dog should get maximum benefits out of it. For selecting the best food you can also check our article Analysing Dog Food Content, it will help you in looking at each every point that is important while selecting a food for your dog.

4. Vet Check Ups

The last point that we have in our list is Regular Vet Check Ups. Regular vet check ups helps in finding any health related irregularity in your dog and take immidiate action accordingly, in this way you are able to cure a problem in it’s starting.

You should consult your vet and set up a Vet Check Up Schedule, in this way you will be able to stay updated about health of your dog and save him from any unwanted problem.

Your vet will advise you about Deworming your dog and also Vaccination is also part of it. So regular vet check-up is also a great tool for increasing dog’s immunity.

5. Basic Keep

How you keep your dog has lot to do with immunity of your dog. If you are Keeping Your Dog Clean and giving him time to time Dog Bath than it also increases him immunity.

So it is also important to give a clean place and clean body to your dog to keep him safe from many health problems. The place where he stay should have good temperature i.e not too cool and not too warm.

Also keeping Dog Safe From Tick And Fleas helps in immunity of your dog. When you Remove Unwanted Parasites from his body that helps him in many ways. So it is also a great way for increasing dog’s immunity. Petmd has also given some usefull tips for increasing dog’s immunity.

Till now we have discussed what is immunity and how we can improve it. Our next point is benefits. So lets discuss about it.

Benefits Of Increasing Dog’s Immunity

There are great benefits of increasing dog’s immunity, some of them are mentioned here-under:-

# Your dog will stay healthy and free from illness

# Your money and time will be saved

# It will also keep you confident about health of your dog.

# Your hardwork in Building Dog will be saved.

# Dog will have a better and happy life

These are soms benefits of increasing dog’s immunity.

Increasing Dog's Immunity - Making Dog Healthy

Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy

So above we have discussed about how we can increase the immunity of our dog and how it will be beneficial for us. I hope our article Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy will help you in keeping your dig healthy. Kindly give your views in comment section and keep visiting our site for more articles like this.

Increasing Dog’s Immunity – Making Dog Healthy

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