Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother

Puppy Care After Adoption - Time Away From Mother
Puppy Care After Adoption - Time Away From Mother

Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother

The only motive behind this article to prepare a proper guide about Building A Dog, so we have decided to write puppy care after adoption to give are views what kind of care a puppy needs after speration from mother. I hope our article Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother will be beneficial for you.

We have already written an article on Puppy’s First 45 Days and I think the minimum time a puppy should get with his mother is 45 days. It will help in his proper growth and building confidence. So in this article we will discuss about puppy care after adoption means the step which are most important after adoption of puppy. So lets start discussion.

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Puppy Care After Adoption - Time Away From Mother

Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother


Never make too hurry in adoption, give atleast 45 days to your puppy with his mother so that he can get a best overall growth. This will help in building his confidence and boost up his growth.

So after adoption there are four basic things that you have to look upon:-

1. Diet

2. Health

3. Keeping

4. Basic Training

Here we have given one point extra than first 45 days care i.e Basic Training. So lets discuss these points in detail.

1. Diet

Puppy who is 45 days old is active and always like to play and his activity increases with increasing age. Most of a dog’s development is achieved before 8-9 months and the main focus of our article is also this period. So while Feeding Puppy keep in mind below mentioned things. This is very important part of puppy care after adoption.

# Choose A Top Quality Food

Dependance upon mother’s food is now over and puppy is now totally dependant upon the food which you offer him. During this time the growth progress is at peak and activity is also increasing day by day, so the food that your puppy needs should have high proportion of protien and fat.

Analyse The Available Dog Food Brands and always try to choose the best Best Food Brand available in the market.

# Frequency

When a puppy gets the food from mother you don’t have to worry about frequency but now you have to care about it. A puppy under three months of age and above 45 days of age should get four meals a day.

With increasing age the frequency will also change. After 3 months of age start to give three meals a day and after 5 months of age the frequency should be two times a day, still you can give little snacks in afternoon.

# Content Of Food

Content of food should have high value of protien and fats to push up the growth. It is best to feed puppy starter upto three months and than switch to puppy food. The food should have following nutrition value.

Protien – Minimum 30%

Fat – Minimum 20%

Carbohydrates – Minimum 28%

You can also supplement your dog’s food with multi-vitamins and calcium as per vet suggestions.

So these are some important points related to diet in puppy care after adoption.

Puppy Care After Adoption - Time Away From Mother

Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother

2. Health

The second most important part of puppy care after adoption is health. As the puppy is 45 days old you will get some awareness about hos health and nature but still following things must be followed.

# Vaccination

The very first thing that a puppy needs after 45 days is vaccination. For the first initial 45 days he depends upon immunity of his mother but now he needs vaccination to be safe. You can check our article on Vaccination In Dogs, it will help you alot in this whole process.

Vaccination provides shield to your dog from many life threatning problems like Parvovirus, Distemper and Rabies.

# Regular Vet Check-Ups

Regular Vet Check-Ups are the key to keep your dog safe. After adopting a dog take him to your vet and consult about health of your dog. Also set-up a Frequecny For Vet Check Ups.

Regular vet check ups helps in keeping your healthy and Defeating Dog Illness with early symptom detection. So regular vet check ups are the key for a healthy dog and must be taken serious in puppy care after adoption.

# Keep A Watch

You should be aware about the Signs Of Healthy Dog, this will help you in early detection kf disease. Keep a regular eye on your dog and if found any problem consult your vet for it.

So being aware about signs of healthy dog will help you to save your dog from unwanted health problems and keep him healthy.

# Exercise

Now your dog should start to get exercised so that he can stay healthy and happy. There are Great Benefits Of Daily Exercise and it is must to give your dog exercise on daily basis.

You can also give him time to play as Playtime Also Has Great Importance to keep your dog healthy. But keep in mind always avoid heavy exercise at this age, light exercise is suggested. You can also take the dog on walks as it is also an exercise and Daily Walk Has Great Benefits in your dog’s life.

So these are some important poimlnts related to dog health in puppy care after adoption and now our next point is keeping.

Puppy Care After Adoption - Time Away From Mother

Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother

3. Keeping

There are little changes in keeping your dog after 45 days of age. His activity got increased and he likes to play with everything now you have to be much carefull with this point.

# Start Cage Habit

Now start to build his habit to stay in cage as you cannot moniter him always. He do not know what is good and bad for him and if you let him alone without cage, it can cause problem. So start to build his habit to stay in cage.

# Dog Bath

Even though I suggest not to apply any product for bath under the age of 3 months but you can give him bath with simple water. After the age of three months start to build his habit of dog bath.

You can also check our article Complete Guide On Dog Bath for better understanding of topic.

# Spend Time With Him

Start to spend time with him and let him know you and your family. This will help you also in understanding him and build a bond with your dog.

# Place Of Rest

Now choose a place for your dog where you suppose to stay him and start his habit to stay there. Keep that place clean and germs free. The place he will get use to in initial days will be liked by him during rest of his life.

# Dog Toy

He will like to play as much he can. But it is not possible for you to give him time always. So you can introduce him Dog Toy so that he can keep himseld busy.

It will also be beneficial for his teeths and gums as many dog toys are specailly designed for teeth exercise of dog. So dog toy is a very good option in puppy care after adoption.

Now we have one point left in puppy care after adoption, so lets discuss about it.

Puppy Care After Adoption - Time Away From Mother

Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother

4. Basic Training

Basic training is the part of the Socialization Of Your Dog and you should take it serious. Follow some rules for it.

# Let him know his role in the family.

# Make him familiar with his place of living.

# Introduce him to your friends and family.

# Start teaching him Basic Things.

# Introduce to your other pet or dogs.

Basic training has great role in upcoming life if your dog. An Owner Has Great Role In Building Dog and you are the person who can make your Dog Different with following these rules.

So I hope you will learn about puppy care after adoption after reading this article. Kindly give your views in comment section below about our article Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother and keep visiting our site for more articles lile this.

Puppy Care After Adoption – Time Away From Mother

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