Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs – Reasons To Know

Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs – Reasons To Know

You give your dog Best Food, Vaccination and take care of all other things to give him a healthy and quality life but in this whole one mistake we make, we never care about his buddies. Today we are going to discuss about Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs – Reasons To Know.

Why This Topic Is Important?

You put lot of efforts to prepare a healthy dog but a normal illness of some day can ruin your hard work and sometimes there may be attack by bigger health evils. So saving your dog from street dogs is need and compulsion of hour to keep your dog healthy.

Before going ahead we have to look upon life style of street dogs. How they live, what they eat etc. will be our centre of discussion.

Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs - Reasons To Know

Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs – Reasons To Know

Living Style Of Street Dogs

When it comes to saving your dog from unwanted problems you have to prevent every chance of infection. We have already written an article on keeping your dog safe, but if you are letting your dog to play with street dogs than the matter is serious.

All your efforts on vaccination and high quality diet will go in vain. The major reason behind this is living style of street dogs. Some major points of street dog’s living style are mentioned here-under:-

A. Living Place

Street dogs don’t have any specific place to live, they are commonly found at place like road sides, city wastage dump areas etc. They keep on going from place to place for the search of food.

Mostly they stay in flocks or in numbers and the place they use to stay is always full of dirtyness. There our many viruses like Parvovirus, Coronavirus etc. are found in huge numbers.

These dogs are un-vaccinated and easily get infected by all these problems. Many dog diseases are contagious means can be passed on from one dog to another and when your dog comes into contact of these dogs he too become infected. So saving your dog from street dogs become compulsion.

B. Food

Do you know what they eat. Anything and everything they found that includes evem their own feces and feces of follow dogs. The main carrier of any virus is feces and saliva and when these dog eat things like this they become highly prone to health issues.

Same here many contagious diseases can infect your dog too when he comes into their contact.

C. Activity

The only motive of street dogs is to find something to eat and for thus they go from one place to another. They visit mud, sewerage, garbage etc. in the search of food.

All these places are home to many viruses and dogs get infected by them when come into contact with them.

D. Their Joint Living Style

You may notice one thing that street dogs also stay in flocks or groups of 2-5 dogs and sometime large. When a single dog in them get infected by any contagious disease there are huge chances that others may also get infected by it.

E. Skin Problems

Mostly street dogs don’t get bath and if they somehow get that with sewerage or dirty water that multiplies the problem. Many external parasites like Tick And Fleas are commonly found in street dogs.

Whenever a street dog comes into contact with your dog, your dog gets these problems as a gift.

Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs - Reasons To Know

Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs – Reasons To Know

What Is Contagious Disease?

A disease that can be passed on by one dog to another is called contagious disease. There are many ways to pass on a disease like saliva, feces, blood, bite and bathroom etc. Some common examples of contagious diseases are:- Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Kennel Cough etc.

Health problems like parvovirus can kill your dog within 72 hours means they are highly lethal and gives minimum time for treatment.

What Your Dog Can Get From Street Dog?

Above we have discussed about life style of street dogs and now it is time to understand how they can create problems to our dogs. Here are some common health problems that can be passed on from street dogs to your dog.

1. All the contagious diseases like parvovirus

2. Major health problems like Rabies.

3. Many skin related problems like itching, rashes etc.

4. Tick and fleas those can lead for bigger disaster in future.

5. Zoonotic diseases are also transmitted by street dogs to your dog that makes the condition more worst.

* Zoonotic disease is health problem or virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

6. Your dog may start to eat the things like feces etc. after coming into contact with street dogs.

7. Your Basic Training may get haltes due to playing with street dogs.

8. Decrease in immunity of your dog as he will become prone to many problems.

What You Should Do?

Now comes the time for action, what you should do to for Saving Your Dog From Street Dog means step required for protecting your dog. Here are some suggestions:-

1. Never let your dog to play with street dog.

2. Don’t leave your dog at places where there are chances of contact with street dogs.

3. Whenever you take him out hold him with the help of his chain or anything other you use for this purpose.

4. You can also put on mask on face of your dog while taking out.

5. Build these habits from childhood to stay away from unknown dogs.

6. Check him properly if accidently your dog comes into contact of a street dog.

7. You can also visit your local governance to draft a plan to keep street dogs at safe and isolated places, this will not only help you but to whole society.

These are some steps that you can take for Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs.

So above we have discussed about what street dogs can cause to your dog and why it is important to Save Your Dog From Street Dogs. I hope you will get benefit from our article Saving Your Dog From Street Dogs – Reasons To Know. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your views in comment box.

Saving Your Dog From Street Dog – Reasons To Know

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