Behaviour Disorder In Dogs – Understanding Dogs

Behaviour Disorder In Dogs - Understanding Dogs
Behaviour Disorder In Dogs - Understanding Dogs

Behaviour Disorder In Dogs – Understanding Dogs

Many people came to me saying that their dog is having some sort of problem. Many claims him to be over-aggressive, some depressed, some shy etc. In this article we will discuss about the different points which are very important to understand behaviour disorder in dogs. Our article Behaviour Disorder In Dogs – Understanding Dogs is completly dedicated to all the issues related to dog behaviour.

What Is Dog Behaviour Disorder?

When a dog behaves abnormal to his nature is called behavior disorder. Depression, Aggression are some examples of dog behaviour disorder. These may look or appear common problems but if we ignore them they can cause us serious results.

Why Dog Behaviour Disorder Is Important Topic?

A friendly and disciplined dog is what an owner wants but these dis-orders makes a dog in-disciplined and sometime aggressive. So to stop any serious problem that can cause serious damage it is important to be aware about this problem.

When you will be aware you will also be aware about the ways to tackle or handle this type of behaviour in dogs. So studying dog behaviour disorder is important.

What Are The Common Dog Behaviour Disorder?

Now the next step that we have to discuss which are the common defects or disorders of dog behaviour. Lets start our discussion.

# Aggression

Behaviour Disorder In Dogs - Understanding Dogs

Behaviour Disorder In Dogs – Understanding Dogs

There are many disorders in dogs related to their behaviour but most dangerous among them is Aggression and every owner wants to keep his dog away from this problem.

Aggression in dog is a state when he becomes aggressive to humans, dogs and other animals. Many time aggressive dogs has also attacked on their owners too. There are many reasons behind it like:-


Lack Of Socialization

Lack In Basic Care

Irresponsible Owner

Sometimes people don’t care aggression and they have to pay it in the form of big losses. So never ever take risk to ignore the aggression in dog.

A dog who is victim of aggression can cause harm to his owner, his relatives, friends etc. So you have to take care of some steps to save your dog from getting aggressive. These steps our:-


Play Time

Building Confidence Of Dog

These steps will help you to control the aggression of dog. The most important step in this whole process is to understand your dog, if you fail in this you have to fave the troubles.

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# Depression

Second in the list of dog behaviour disorder is Depression In Dogs. Depression is a state when a dog is facing the situation of low interest in his daily activities like play, food etc. In simple words state of being depressed.

There are many reasons that are responsible for depression in dogs, like:-

# Death of companion

# Addition of new pet

# Lack of owner’s love

# Shock or fear

# Lesser socialization

# Illness

Many times we ignore state of depression in dogs and that leads to disasters. Depression becomes cause of many problems in dogs and it is must to give appropriate attention to your dog during depression.

Here we are providing some ways to help your dog to recover from depression:-

# Build His Confidence

# Take Dog For Vet Check Up

# Show Your Love To Your Dog

# Give Your Dog Time

# Give Your Dog Time To Play

These steps will definitely work for you to help your dog during depression.

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# Dog Jealousy

The next behaviour disorder that can be found in dogs is jealousy. A dog who develop a feeling of possession on his owner face this type of problem. Dog start to feel jealous when his owner share his time with someone another.

There are no known reason behind jealousy but it is consider combination of many points like:-

# Less attention by owner

# Too much time spending with dog

# Multiple Dogs In House

# Sharing his things with another dogs

# Illness

# Lesser Socialization

It may appear a simple thing but if it remain un-noticed it leads towards other behaviour dis-orders like:-



Low Confidence

There are many more things that can cause effect on your dog. So it is must to work to help your dog to over-come this situation. There are some steps to follow for this:-

# Introduce him to new people

# Give him appropriate time, too much and too less both cause jealousy

# Let him play with other dogs of house

# Develop his habit to share his things

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# Low Confidence

Low confidence in dogs is also a behaviour disorder noticed in dogs. In this state dog start to be depressed and hide himself from others. His eye to eye interaction with people get stopped and also do not take part in playing.

This condition is also an outcome of many things that leads toward low confidence in dogs. Some of the common reasons behind low confidence in dogs are here-under:-

# Less time by owner

# Starvation or under-nutrition

# Beating up by owner

# Excessive chaining

Low confidence is a reason for many other behaviour problems like Depression, Aggression, excessive fear etc. So systematic approach is must to help your dog to recover from it. Some common steps that you can take to help your dog to recover are:-

# Give him time

# Give him Balanced Diet

# Give him playtime

# Find his health status

# Show Him Love

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# Sepration Anxiety

The last in our list is sepration anxiety. When owner of dog or anything to whom dog loves went ways from him he went into state of depression, it is called sepration anxiety. Many times it get cured after sometime but in rare cases deaths are also caused by it.

There are some reasons behind sepration anxiety in dogs like:-

# Death of owner

# Owner went away

# Dog get sold or went to new house

# Death of compnion dog

The best cure during this is to love your dog and give him time to play. Also spend some time with him that will help him to recover from this condition.

So these are some common behaviour dis-orders in dogs. Next question comes how we will come to know that our dog is victim of any othese problems. Lets talk about symptoms of dog behavior disorder.

Symptoms Of Dog Behaviour Disorder

To cure first of all we need to know about illness and symptoms are the way to find it. Lets talk about some commom symptoms of dog behaviour disorder:-

# Excessive barking

# Refusing food

# Hiding himself

# Urinating again and again

# Too much digging

# Chewing everything

# Biting

These are some common symptoms and can vary dog to dog and case to case. Finding these will help you to identify that your dog is victim of behaviour disorder.

I hope this article will help you to get an idea about behaviour disorder in dogs. For more articles like Behaviour Disorder In Dogs – Understanding Dogs keep visiting our site. Kindly give your views in comment section below.

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