Drools Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Drools Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Drools Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Drools is very famous and common name in the field of dog food. It has large customer base and also growing day by day. Today in this article Drools Dog Food Review – Complete Information we will discuss about different points related to this dog food brand, lets start discussion.

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What We Will Discuss Here?

In this article we will nkt discuss about percentage of protien, carbohydrate or fat, but we will discuss about the overall brand value of food brand and will give you an honest view about this food brand.

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Drools Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Drools Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Who Manfactures Drools Dog Food?

This brand is manufactured and marketed by IB Group, India’s leading conglomerate. Drools as a company was founded in 1985 and it started it,’s production from India and it has emerged as one of the leading dog food brands in India.

It comes in two types premium food and focus. Both have their own importance and which will discussed in later part of this article.

What Are The Positive Points Of Drools?

Drools is one of the leading food brands on India and in last few years it has emerged as first choice for many dog owners. We have discussed it’s basic positive points here-under:-

1. Large Variety According To Need

The first positive point that this brand has that it has large variety according to your requirement. Five types of products are available in market which you can choose according to your need and income.

The main motive of this variety is to compete with other two top brands in India i.e Royal Canin and Pedigree. Royal Canin is famous for it’s quality and Pedigree for it’s cheap price and Drools have launched the range to compete with both as they produce both quality and cheap products.

2. First Content

Drools in it’s most of the products use chicken as first content that earn him huge number of loyal customers. In Drool’s Focus there is more than 40% real chicken which gives it an edge over other competitors.

Focus range has given hard competition to Royal Canin and people are prefering it for more use of real chicken and absence of chicken by-products. It is also a formula which has minimum use of grain.

3. Everyone Can Afford

The next positive that this brand has it has tried to reach the every dog owner for example those who want high quality food they have produced Focus and those who want a dog food at cheaper price they have given option of daily nutrition.

Focus will cost you around $7 per kg and daily nutrition will cost you around $2 per kg, this makes easier for the person with limited income to have a good quality dog food and company get a chance to meet large customer base.

4. Good Nutrition

Next benefit that you will get is good amount of nutrition. It contains almost 30% protien and 22% fat which is considered good. It also contains omega-3 and other essential elements which are must for a good growth of your dog.

5. Formula For Different Age Groups

Another positive point is that it has vafiety of products according to age groups. Drools offer product range as starter, puppy food, adult food etc. Which provides you with option to feed your dog according to his age.

6. Supports Overall Growth

Producers take care of different parametres of dog’s growth, for example they give attention toward skin, bones, teeth, gums and weight etc. All these things help in overall growth of your dog.

7. Absence Of Artificial Colour And Flavour

Next point that makes a difference is absence of artificial colour and flavour. All the food experts and vets strongly reccomend those dog foods which do not contain any artificial colour and flavour. So here too Drools earn the positive marks.

Now above we have discussed positive points and next point is negative points of Drools, so lets discuss about them.

Drools Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Drools Dog Food Review – Complete Information

What Are The Negative Points Of Drools Dog Food?

Above we have discussed positive points of Drools dog food and now next step is to discuss about negative points. Although it is good dog food brand but still some assumptions exists which are discussed here-under:-

1. Use Of By Products

Although we have above said that first content of Drools is real chicken but it is true about high quality premium food i.e Drools Focus but in other products they have used by products which are not considered good.

2. All Product Ranges Are Not Great

No doubt company has tried to reach the every kind of customer but the quality of food get demolished in cheap food products. Focus is their best food which is competing with all top brands but other products are not standing in competition.


Above we have discussed all the positve as well as negative points of Drools as dog food brand. It is a good dog food no doubt but if you want to feed a high quality dog food than the best option is Drools Focus, it is really a good quality dog food and supports your dog’s health.

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I hope our article Drools Dog Food Review – Complete Information will help you in getting a overview of this dog food brand. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your valuable views in comment section below.

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