How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression

How To Handle Aggressive Dog - Controlling Dog Aggression
How To Handle Aggressive Dog - Controlling Dog Aggression

 How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression

Aggressive dog is big headache for his owner and he always remain in worry to handle aggressive dog. So in this article How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression we will discuss about the ways that will help you to understand how you can handle aggressive dog. So lets discuss about it.

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Why A Dog Becomes Aggressive?

The most important question that we have is why a dog become aggressive, the reasons behind it are many. Like:-

# Fear

# Starvation

# Lesser Socialization

# Lesser Outer World Interaction

These are some possible reasons behind Aggression In Dogs. The most important point that makes a dog aggressive is when an owner fails to understand his dog. You can visit our complete article Aggression In Dogs to understand it fully.

Why This Topic Is Important?

As a dog owner you may have dogs who are aggressive to other dogs and humans and can cause harm to them. Aggressive dogs in some cases have also attacked their owners. To avoid these kind of incidents it is must to know the ways that can help you to make your dog friendly and less aggressive.

How To Handle Aggressive Dog - Controlling Dog Aggression

How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression

What Are Type Of Aggression In Dog?

First of all make it clear it is not a work of few days, it is process that needs active involvement over period of time. There are several types of aggression and before finding the solution first of all look at each type.

# Territorial

# Protective

# Possessive

# Fear

# Defensive

# Social

# Frustration

# Pain Elicited

These are some common type of aggressions in dogs.

Ways To Handle Aggressive Dog

Now comes our main point i.e ways to handle aggression in dogs. As above discussed it is not a process of one day, it needs time and active involvement to get results. The ways to handle aggressive dog are discussed here-under:-

1. Socialize Your Dog

The first and most important task is to socialize your dog. Make him familiar with new things, people and places so that his fear and suspension gets an end. Fear is a cause behind aggression and when a dog gets exposure he also becomes friendly and less aggressive.

2. Give Him Playtime

Give your dog time to play so that he can get relaxed. A dog who mostly stay chained and gets lesser playtime becomes aggressive and the best solution for this is playtime. It makes him relaxed and calm that leads toward a friendly dog.

3. Take On Daily Walk

Walk is not an exercise but also a tool to give basic training and socialize your dog. A dog who gets daily walk gets interaction with new people, places and dogs and that changes their behaviour. Their feeling of fear gets an end and they become friendly. So taking dog on regular walk is also very usefull when it comes to dealing with aggression.

4. Teach Basic Things

The next step is to teach basic things. Basic things include come, site, name etc. This will also helps in the process of socialization and making your dog disciplined. He will also start to obey your command and this will help you to control his temprament. So teaching basic things is another tool to handle aggressive dog.

5. Give Better Basic Care

The next step is to uplift basic care of your dog. Give him proper diet, Dog Bath etc. to uplift the standard of his basic care. A dog who gets proper basic care and time to time food, Clean Living Place etc. develop a calm and friendly nature that helps to prevent aggression in dogs.

6. Introduce To New Things

This will also help you. Take your dkg out, let him meet with new people, dogs and places. But keep in mind if your dog is aggressive than apply this method when you see that he is improving after above steps otherwise it can put you in trouble.

7. Multiple Dog House

A house having multiple dogs face this problem mostly that dogs start jealous from each other and that leads toward aggression in them. You have to take care of this thing if you have multiple dogs in your home. We have already written an complete article on Having Multiple Dogs In Home. This will help you to find perfect solutions.

How To Handle Aggressive Dog - Controlling Dog Aggression

How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression

What Is Most Important Step To Handle Aggressive Dog?

The most important step to handle aggressive dog is to understand why he is aggressive. You should know the exact reason or most suitable reason behind his aggression. Some of the reasons are:-

# Over possessive

# Over protective

# Fear from anything

# Jealousy

There are many more and it vary dog to dog that what makes him aggressive. If yoy want to work on making him a friendly dog than you have to find out that reason and work accordingly.

I hope our article How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression will help you a lot. Keep visiting our site for more articles like this and give your views in comment section below.

How To Handle Aggressive Dog – Controlling Dog Aggression

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