Line Breeding In Dogs – Should You Go For It Or Not

Line Breeding In Dogs - Should You Go For It Or Not
Line Breeding In Dogs - Should You Go For It Or Not

Line Breeding In Dogs – Should You Go For It Or Not

When we decide to go for Breeding the most difficult decision is to Choosing Male Dog For Breeding. Before choosing a male we have to look for Breeding Types like line breeding, cross breeding, inbreeding etc. The main focus that we have in this article is line breeding in dogs. So lets start our discussion in our article Line Breeding In Dogs – Should You Go For It Or Not.

What Is Line Breeding In Dogs?

It is breeding type in which male and female that we enroll in breeding have common ancestral background Quality but their parents should not be same.

Suppose you have a female and you mated her with a male. They produce two male puppies and in future you enroll these males in breeding with two different females. After that in future if you enroll any of these puppies in breeding and if he/she ever get mated by their grand-parents, brother or sister of their parents and children of their father’s/mother’s brother/sister that is called line-breeding.

Line Breeding In Dogs - Should You Go For It Or Not

Line Breeding In Dogs – Should You Go For It Or Not

Benefits Of Line-Breeding

If we look at the benefits of line breeding than there are two major benefits 1. Improved quality 2. Desired traits. Lets discuss about these two points in detail.

1. Improved Quality

First point that comes is improved quality. Quality of a dog depends upon his physical appearance which include colour, skin quality, bone quality etc. When a puppy is born out of line-breeding most common thing that we can notice that he has similarity to his ancestors in all these things.

Means we are aware that what will come out. What how this means improved quality. Lets understand it by an example. Suppose you have two females and one male and you mate both females to that single male. Puppies that will come out will have mixed character and quality of mother and father suppose 50-50%.

Now when these puppies grow up and you think for breeding them and choose a male from one litter and female from other. Now here comes the difference, here quality of their father will become heavy over quality of mother and puppy will have higher qualities embedded of their grandfather.

Now going one step further if you mate any of the female puppy with her grandfather the puppies that will come out will be even superior in quality than their father, because they will have more character alike of their grandfather in them.

Similarly you get an preview of colour and bones too when you enroll your dog in line breeding as mostly the colour resemble to puppy’s ancestors.

2. Desired Traits

The next benefit that you get from line breeding is desired traits. Suppose you like the specific traits of a dog and you breed his grand children through line breeding you will get similar traits upto some extent.

I am not saying that puppies born out of line-breeding will have all the similar quality to their grandparents, but upto great extent they will similar, as each dog is different dog hence producing same qualities are not practically possible but still you can work upon getting similar qualities upto great extent.

If you like to conserve the intelligence indurance or other quality of a dog than line breeding is a great option for you as it helps you to conserve those traits.

Is Line Breeding Has Any Healthy Related Issue?

As discussed in Inbreeding that it cause many serious health related problem to your dog, it struck in mind of many owners that is there any side affect of line breeding too. Than in simple words there is no such issue in this type of breeding.

But if parents are not having good health or are having weak health than there are chances that puppies may face health problems but it is applicable on all Breeding Types and so are applicable on line breeding too.

So if we talk about specifically that will line-breeding will affect health of my dog than the answer is simply no.

Line Breeding In Dogs - Should You Go For It Or Not

Line Breeding In Dogs – Should You Go For It Or Not


With positive points drawbacks also exist and that too applicable on this type of breeding. As we discussed that it helps in preserving qualities of a line and get desired traits but it also multiplies the negative points of line.

A puppy not only gets qualities but also negative points of his ancestors. The best way to go for it is to have proper knowledge about role of second line which also effects the traits and quality of puppies.


So above we have discussed different points regarding to line breeding in dogs and you want me to answer should we go for it or no than I will say yes, it is a great option to conservs the traits and improve the quality of dog.

So I hope our article Line Breeding In Dogs – Should You Go For It Or Not will help you to understand the concept in better way. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and kindly give your views in comment section below.

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