Pedigree Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Pedigree Dog Food Review - Complete Information
Pedigree Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Pedigree Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Crowned as world’s most selling dog food product Pedigree is very common name among dog lovers. Company sells it’s product in almost 90 countries and I think at one stage of your life you would have given it to your dog. So in this article Pedigree Dog Food Review – Complete Information we will give you information regarding Pedigree dog food as a brand.

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What We Will Discuss Here?

In this article we will discuss about Pedigree dog food as a brand and it’s positive and negative points. In this article our motive is not compare it with other brands. So the focus of pur article will be on giving you an outline of positive and negative points of this dog food brand.

Pedigree Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Pedigree Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Who Manufactures Pedigree Dog Food?

It is manufactured by Pedigree Petfoods a subsidiary of American group Mars. Mars is the same group which also produces Royal Canin. Pedigree’s production was started in 1957 and it’s headquarter is situated in Mclean, Virginia, USA.

What Are The Positive Points Pedigree Dog Food?

As above discussed it is the largest selling dog food product of world and people has trust in it which is the reason behins popularity of this dog food brand. Some of the positive points of Pedigree dog food are discussed here-under:-

1. Good Nutrition Value

It is a good source of nutrition. Your dog will get 27% protien, 11% fat and other necessary nutritions in it. So if you want a dog food that can help your dog to met his daily food requirements than it is a good option for you.

Nutrition is the key if you want to develop a healthy and confident dog. A dog who do not get balanced diet face many problems during his life.

2. Supports Overall Growth

The formula is so designed that it can support the overall growth of your dog. Dental problems, gum problems and skin problems are tried to get cured through this formula. It also helps in making stronger bones of your dog and increase his immunity.

Balanced Diet is the key for a healthy dog and without it proper growth can not be attained.

3. Easily Available

As above stated it is the largest selling dog food product and is available in almost 90 countries all around the world. So this thing also becomes another positive point of this brand that it is easily available if you are interested in buying it.

4. Everyone Can Afford

It is one of the cheapest dog food products which is also due to it’s large customer base. Anyone who wants to feed his dog a balanced diet in limited investment can opt for Pedigree. So being cheap and easy access has lead toward it’s large customer base all over the world.

5. Many Other Products

Pedigree do not offer only dry food, it also offer other things like chicken pouchs etc. This increases it’s range of products. Many other supplements for your dog are also produced by the company that helps in better growth of your dog.

6. Products For Different Age Groups

Next positive point and which is now compulsory to stay in competition is products for different age groups. Pedigree too have joined this race and has manufactured food products according to age of your dog.

So these are some positive points that you can look in Pedigree dog food brand and next task is to discuss it’s negative points.

Pedigree Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Pedigree Dog Food Review – Complete Information

What Are The Negative Points Of Pedigree Dog Food Brand?

After discussing positive points it is must that we should also discuss about the negative points of this dog food brand to provide you better and fair analysis, so lets discuss them.

1. Content

The major problem is found in it’s content. Company has used corn and gluten meal as it’s main ingridient which is not considered good at all in dog food product. Expert prefer the food which has first content as chicken or meat, so this is the first and main negative point of this brand.

2. By Products

Company says that they have used chicken and meat by products in their formula which are not considered good at all. The best thing is to feed the real chicken and which is absent in this dog food brand. This becomes the second major problem with this dog food brand.

3. There Are Better Options Available

No doubt Pedigree is great dog food brand and is also largest selling brand of world but if you want to buy the best quality food than this is not an option for you. Those who want high performance food have better options available for them those can serve their matter in better way.

But those who want a quality food product in limited investment can opt for Pedigree.


So above we have discussed many points regarding Pedigree as a dog food brand. No doubt it is a great dog food and has established itself all over the world, but still some deficiency exists in it to have better results.

I hope our article Pedigree Dog Food Review – Complete Information will help you a lot to get an overview regarding this dog food brand. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and give your valuabke views in comment section below.

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