Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs – Dogs Weight Loss

Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs - Dogs Weight Loss
Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs - Dogs Weight Loss

Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs – Dogs Weight Loss

The first sign of healthy dog is good and healthy weight. A healthy dog can be identified by his good body weight and if your dog face sudden weight loss or weight loss than the problem may be serious. So in this article Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs – Dogs Weight Loss we will discuss about the reasons of weight loss in dogs.

What Is Weight Loss In Dogs?

Every dog has an ideal weight which is considered perfect for him. BCS (Body Conditioning Score) is the way to find the perfect weight for your dog. If you see that weight of your dog is not matching standards of BCS standards or you find that weight of your dog is less than expected weight than it is called condition of under-weight.

If a dog has healthy weight in past but now he has slipped to under-weight catagory it is called weight loss in dogs.

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Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs

There are several reasons for weight loss in dogs and it is must that you should be aware about the most probable reason of weight loss in your dog. So here we have discussed some common reasons behins weight loss in dogs.

1. Malnutrition

The most common reason for underweight or weight loss in dogs. When a dog do not get a Balanced Diet it leads toward underweight dog. For maintaining a healthy weight of dog it is must to give him a well balanced diet.

The most important step to choose a well balanced diet is to Analyse Dog Food Content, it will help you to understand where diet lacks. You will become aware of proportion of protien, fat and carbohydrates and also will come to know first content of food.

You should also try to buy Best Dog Food Brands to give a proper diet to your dog.

2. Food Amount

Food amount is second most important thing that can cause the loss of weight in your dog. A dog must get the food in proportion to his body weight. You can also follow this chart to get an outline.

Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs - Dogs Weight Loss

Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs – Dogs Weight Loss

This also a big reason that owners fail to understand requirements of his dog, sometime they feed them more and sometime less. So it is must to understand the food intake amount of a dog to have better results.

3. Depression

Another reason that has deep-rooted effect on weight of a dog is depression. A dog who is victim of Depression face problem like under-weight or sudden weight loss etc. A dog who enjoys happy life also have healthy life.

So you can not ignore the depression as one of the reasons behind less weight of your dog.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs is also a reason for weight loss in dogs. Low insulin and inability of body to absorb sugar from blood leads toward decreased weight. Even though appetite of your dog may get increased but still his weight will decrease.

Senior dogs and dogs having problem in their genes are most prone for diabetes.

5. Worms

Worms are also a big reason behind weight loss in dogs. Time to time Deworming is must to avoid this comdition. Tapeworms are most responsible for weight loss due to worms.

Worms also cause many other problems like anemia. So if you are having a dog than you must visit our article on Deworming Dogs to have better understanding of the topic and know more about deworming.

6. Problems Related To Liver

Function of liver is a key for good and healthy weight and if there is any problem related to functioning of liver than there will be upset in weight of dog. Essential carbs and sugars are provided to body by liver and so it has crucial role in proper weight maintance. Some of the common problems related to liver are:-

# Loss of appetite

# Weight Loss

# Diarrhea

# Vomiting

7. Dental Problems

Dental problems are also one of the reason behind weight loss in dogs. When a dog is suffering from teeth or gum problem he food intake gets decreased and that leads toward loss of weight. So you should also monitor that is there any dental problem to your dog or not.

8. Pregnancy

Pregnancy In Female Dog is also a reason for weight loss. When puppies grow inside female dog they need lot of energy and food, for that they depend upon their mother. Even after birth their food dependancy remains on their mother and that leads toward great weight loss. So pregnancy in female dogs is also a reason behind weight loss in dogs.

9. Thyroid

Same like humans thyroid also effect dogs. As we know that in humans thyroid has effect on our body weight, some people loss their weight and some gain. Same happen in dogs they too loss and gain weight due to thyroid. Hyperthyroidism is a condition that leads toward weight loss in dogs. You may increase the food intake of your dog but his weight will went on decreasing.

10. Frequent Illness

A dog who remains mostly ill also loss weight. Frequent Fever, Diarrhea and Vomiting etc. are big reasons behind weight loss in dogs. So if you want to keep your dog healthy than Proper Vaccination and Regular Vet Check Ups are the key for it. You should also work on Increasing Dog’s Immunity, it will also help you to keep him healthy.

11. Lesser Interest In Food

It is also a possible reason for loss of weight in dog. A dog will start to skip the meals if he do not like the food, than you have to work on Making Dog’s Food Interesting to get maximum results. Find out what your dog likes and give him that thing to eat.

12. Lesser Physical Activity

A dog who gets lesser physical activity face both problems of being underweight and overweight. So you can start giving some sort of exercise to your dog to increase his food intake. Daily Exercise Has Great Benefits For Your Dog so you can give him some exercise on regular basis.

13. Problem In Digestion

Digestion system of a dog is key for healthy dog who has good weight. If you find that digestion system of your dog is not working properly than you should also work on it. We have already written an article on Ways To Improve Dog Digestion.

Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs - Dogs Weight Loss

Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs – Dogs Weight Loss

So above we have given some points those will help you to understand why weight of your dog is decreasing. Now comes the point how we can increase the weight of your dog.

For this you can visit our article Increasing Dog’s Weight.

Still we are providing some short points here:-

1. Find Whether Your Dog Is Underweight Or Overweight.

2. Take your dog for Vet Check Up.

3. Deworm Your Dog

4. Analyse Food Content And Ingridients Of Your Dog

5. Choose A Balanced Diet For Your Dog

6. Make A Diet Plan For Your Dog

7. Give him daily exercise as Exercise Has Great Benefits.

8. Work on Improving Dog Digestion.

9. Supplement according to deficiency in food.

10. Also improve Basic Dog Care to give better life.

We hope that our article Reasons For Weight Loss In Dogs – Dogs Weight Loss will help you a lot. Kindly give your views in comment section and keep visiting our site for more articles like this.

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