Royal Canin Dog Food Review – Complete Information

Royal Canin Dog Food Review - Complete Information
Royal Canin Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Royal Canin Dog Food Review – Complete Information

The most trusted dog food brand in Indian is Royal Canin and it has proved it over the long period of time. Today we will give you an complete view about this dog food brand and hope that this article Royal Canin Dog Food Review – Complete Information we will discuss about all the major points of Royal Canin dog food. So lets start discussion.

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What Will Be In Focus During Article?

In this article we will bkt discuss about what percent protien, fat or carbohydrates are present but we will discuss about what are the positive and negative points of Royal Canin as dog food brand. So lets start discussion.

Who Produce Or Manufactures Royal Canin?

Initially it was started by a veterinarian in 1968 in France. This brand shows huge growth and in 2001 Mars purchased it. So now the Royal Canin is produced by Mars but still the headquarters is situated in France.

It is a very famous brand all over the world and also sold around the globe. It has shown a great growth year by year and has earned loyal customers.

Royal Canin Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Royal Canin Dog Food Review – Complete Information

What Are The Positive Points Of Royal Canin?

Royal Canin as a brand has provided a great option to dog lovers for uplifting health of their dog. Some of the positive points are discussed here-under:-

1. Different Options For Different Breeds

The best benefit that this brand provide is that it has great variety of products. It is not a dog food, it is food for every breed of dog. Producers has worked on providing on food which is best for specific breed type and have prepared a large variety of food.

Royal Canin has set up 17 food lines according to different dog breeds. So the first and very important positive point is that it provides great variety according to breed type.

2. Products According To Age Groups

A puppy and an adult has different nutrition requirements and this thing is properly understood by Royal Canin. They have produced the food products according to different age groups.

Starting from puppy starter, than puppy food and than adult. And further these foods are also have different variety according to age group. So the second positive point is that you get the products according to age group of your dog.

3. High Quality Ingredients

The soul of a dog food is ingredients and here Royal Canin has earned the confidence of his customers. They use high quality ingredients that gives best result to your dog. We always suggest a dog food with absence of by-products and so the company ks trying.

The main ingredients are chicken meal, chicken by-product (High quality by-products like heart and liver), brown rice, brewers rice, oat groats, corn and wheat, dried beef pulp, dried egg and fish oil etc. They also use some chelated and protienated minerals that make food easy to digest.

4. Good Amount Of Nutrition

Most important part of a dog food is it’s nutrition level and here Royal Canin has shown a great results. The food contains good amount of protien, fat and carbohydrates which supports growth of a dog.

A puppy dog food must have higher level of protien and fat and the producers has taken care of it and has provided nutrition according to age and breed type.

5. Absence Of Artificial Flavour And Colour

Next great point that Royal Canin has is absence of artificial flavour and colour. Many brands use artificial colour and flavour so that they can lure the pets toward their product but such things are absent in Royal Canin.

These artificial agents are un-healthy for your dog and can cause serious problems related to health of your dog.

6. Supports Overall Growth

Royal Canin do not only limited to one point of growth instead it work on all the aspects of growth. Good skin, good bones, healthy gums etc. are on their priority list. For example they add fish oil which is better for skin.

So the next benefit is that they work on overall growth and are not limited to one aspect of growth.

7. Not Much Costly

It do not put much burden on your pocket too. It is not much costly and a person with average income can afford it easily, which we can also include in it’s positive points.

Royal Canin Dog Food Review - Complete Information

Royal Canin Dog Food Review – Complete Information

So above we have discussed the positive points of Royal Canin and our next point is discussion about negative poins.

What Are The Negative Points Of Royal Canin?

Overall Royal Canin is very trusted and famous brand among dog lovers but still soms drawbacks can be noticed in it. Some of the major negative points of brand are mentioned here-under:-

1. First Content

The most discussed drawback of this brand is that their first content is not chicken or meat. Although they have included these in their formula but these are not their first content. So the first drawback that is noticed in it is related to first content.

2. By Products

Although company says that they use high quality chicken by products in their food but for best results absence of by products is demanded. So the use of by products also make a doubt about quality of food.

3. 2017 Recall

In 2017 company recall their products due to presence of melamine in rice protien concentrate used in some of their dry pet food. Although this was the last recall and no other recall is noticed after that.

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Royal-canin has emerged as a first choice for many people and in countries like India it is leading brand in competition. Although there are some drawbacks but still it is good dog food brand and you must give it a try if you want a good dog food in normal budget.

To visit their official website Click Here.

I hope this article will help you a lot to get an idea about this dog food brand and for more articles like this keep visiting our site. Give your valuable views in comment section below.

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