Dog Raw Feeding – Complete Guide

Dog Raw Feeding - Complete Guide
Dog Raw Feeding - Complete Guide

Dog Raw Feeding – Complete Guide

A concept that struck into mind of most of us is whether I should go for Raw Feeding to my dog or not. We have earlier written an article Canned Vs Raw Vs Home Made Dog Food you can also have look at this article too. So lets start our discussion in Dog Raw Feeding – Complete Guide.

What Is Raw Feeding?

Raw feeding is a practice of feeding your dog un-cooked meat, bones and other edible parts. This concept is based on the fact that dogs are natural carnivores and meat is their natural diet. Other domestic animals like cats are also given raw feeding.

So the raw feeding is process of feeding your dog his natural food i.e uncooked meat. There are two sides among dog owners about raw feeding, some support it and some don’t. If you want to read an article about it you can check our article Canned Vs Raw Vs Home Made Dog Food.

Dog Raw Feeding - Complete Guide

Dog Raw Feeding – Complete Guide

Points To Keep In Mind

When you opt for raw feeding you should have some points in your mind that will help you to get maximum results from raw feeding. These important points are:-

# Always Feed Fresh

The point that you should never ignore is that always feed the fresh food. In raw feeding the major problem that can effect your dog is parasites and germs present in meat or chicken. The stored food gets these parasites and germs developed that adversly effect your dog.

So it is better to feed fresh if you are opting for raw feeding to avoid such situations and get better and maximum results.

# Never Buy Packed Raw Food

As the popularity of raw feeding gets increased people start to sell raw food in packed forms. But according to me avoid buying packed raw food. In this type of foods many other elements are also included to increase the life of food which is not good at all.

The idea of raw food is based on the fact that dog is a carnivores animal and should get it’s natural diet. If wr look deep into this fact dog is a hunting animal and they should get the food in it’s natural form, as the packed raw food contains other elements too so it should be avoided.

# Store In Cold Place

The first priority should be to feed fresh food, but if by chance you have to buy food for some days than make the proper arrangement for storage to. It is better to buy a refrigrator to store the food so that your dog should get fresh food.

# Food Should Be Free Of Parasites

When you buy raw food for your dog make it clear that it should be free of parasites as food that contains parasites or germs cause many problems to your dog, so always buy fresh and free of parasites raw dog food to avoid any health related issue.

So these are some points that you jave too keep while raw feeding to your dog and get best results. Now lets we discuss about benefits of raw feeding in dogs.

Benefits Of Raw Dog Feeding

There are many benefits of raw feeding to your dog, some of them are discussed here-under:-

# Dog gets his natural diet

# Better health

# Stronger bones of your dog

# Better and shining skin

# Clean teeth and fresh breath

# Batter management of weight

# Better digestion system working

# Better stamina and more energy

# More interest in food

# Better liver health

# Overall better growth

# Gets natural source of energy

# Better immune system, means lesser illness

# Better muscles and body shape

# Hard and less smelly stool

# Fast recovery from illness

# Better fertility

So these are some important benefits that you will get when you start to feed raw food to your dog. These are very crucial benefits and many dog owners also claim that they got great results after switching to raw feeding.

Now next step is to discuss about side effects when you feed raw food to your dog.

Side-effects Of Raw Feeding

Above we have discussed about benefits, but still there are many side-effects of feeding raw food to dogs, these are discussed here-under:-

# Presence of parasites can harm your dog

# Food becomes unbalanced and for new comers it is difficult to balanced

# Whole bone meal can cause choke or any other problem

# Animal that become food may be infected

# Can break teeth of dog

# Problem for dogs with lesser physical activity

# Every owner is not expert enough for raw feeding

So these are some side-effect of this type of feeding to your dog. But overall when you have enough experience and want to build a great dog feeding your dog raw food can help you a lot.

Dog Raw Feeding - Complete Guide

Dog Raw Feeding – Complete Guide

What You Can Give As A Raw Food?

So next question arises what you can give as a raw food, than below we have given some examples of raw food:-

Raw Meat Bones

Raw Muscle Meat

Raw Organ Meat

Raw Eggs

Veggies And Fruit

Milk Products Like Cheese Yogurt etc.

You can also feed your dog as per below given table:-

# Chicken any part

# Turkey any part

# Game Hens feed whole

# Duck any part

# Quail any part

# Rabbit any part

# Egg with shell

So these are some suggestion on feeding raw food to your dog.

I hope our article Dog Raw Feeding – Complete Guide will help you to get an outline of feeding raw food. For more articles like this keep visiting our site. Give your valuable views in comment section below.

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