Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff – All Information

Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff - All Information
Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff - All Information

Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff – All Information

The Pak Bully Kutta or Indian Mastiff is a large breed dog also known as Beast Of East. It is a working dog breed and known for it’s power all-around the world. Today in this article we will discuss about the some important points regarding this breed. So lets start our discussion about Pak Bully Kutta.

History Of Pak Bully Kutta

It is a breed that developed in undivided Sindh (Punjab) of India and Pakistan. It is considered that this breed is derived from now extinct Alaunt breed. The main use of this breed is found for hunting and it is also used in dog fighting.

Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff - All Information

Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff – All Information

Physical Specifications

Next point is physical specification of the breed. So some of the main points of physical specifications of the bully kutta are given here-under:-

Male Specifications

Height – 76-86 cm (30-34 inches)

Weight – 70-90 kg (150-200 pounds)

Female Specification

Height – 75-80 cm (30-32 inches)

Weight – 60-70 kg (120-150 pounds)


Pak bully kutta has short coat.


Pak Bully Kutta or Indian Mastiff has many colours. Some common colours of this breed are white, black, brindle, brown, piebald.


After physical specifications next thing comes temprament. Energetic, aggressive and alert are the words mostly used to describe temprament of pak bully kutta. They are intelligent too. Due to aggression in it’s temprament un-experienced dog owners must first have some experience because this dog is really beast in the form of dog.

This dog has dominating nature and due to huge size his this nature sometimes put his fellow dogs in problem in multidog house. Socialization is must if you want to adopt a bully dog.

Use Of Bully Dog

Above we have discussed about physical appearance and temprament of this breed now next point is to learn about it’s use. This breed has been used for many purposes and some of them are discussed here-under:-

# Hunting

The first use of this dog breed found in history is for hunting. Due to it’s strength and temprament it is used as hunting dog. It is used to killed wild boars and other wild animals. Even in old times Mughal emperor Akbar owned a pak bully kutta and used it for hunting purpose.

The positive points that this dog gets for a super hunting dogs are size, temprament and jaw strength.

# Guard Dog

Next use of pak bully dog is for guarding. From old times it is used for this purpose. Large size and a look that can create fear in anybody’s mind is the key behind it. Being aggressive is also a reason behind it’s use as guard dog.

In old times kings have used this dog as their guard dog. This breed is considered as fearless breed and it also become a reason behind it’s use as guard dog.

# Dog Fighting

Next use is for dog fighting. It is considered as one of the Top Fighting Dog Breeds and in many regions of Pakistan as well as India it is used as fighting dog. In many other countries traces of pak bully kutta are also found. People are importing this breed all around the world for dog fighting.

We at Dog Nation always against dog fighting and consider it a cruel practice and also urge people not to use their dogs in this.

Positive Points Of Indian Mastiff Or Pak Bully Dog

Next thing comes what are the positive points in this dog breed, some of them are discussed here-under:-

# Working Dog

First benefit is that this breed is working dog. Means it can be used for hunting, guarding and dog fighting, which demands temprament plus power.

# Powerfull

Next positive point is power. It is a large breed and has great power that it can kill large wild boars easily. So this is the second positive point.

# Intelligent

All though it looks awkward but really this breed is an intelligent breed and learn his role easily and do it perfectly. So it is also a intelligent breed.

# Gets Settled Every Where

This breed has it’s origin in Punjab of India and Pakistan but nowadays it is found all over the world, which shows that it gets settled every where.

# All-rounder

Although this breed is known for power and temprament but if an experienced owner have this breed he can make it a good family dog that makes it an all-rounder breed.

Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff - All Information

Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff – All Information

Points To Keep In Mind While Adopting Bully Kuta

Next point in our discussion is that what you should have in mind while adopting this breed, some of important points are discussed here-under:-

# Most important point is that you should have prior experience about dogs.

# You should know how to Handle Aggressive Dog and control temprament of dog.

# Should have enough space as it is large breed.

# Have experience in Dog Socialization.

# Have plenty of food available as large breed also eat more.

So I hope our article Pak Bully Kutta Or Indian Mastiff – All Information will help you to understand this breed. For more articles keep visiting our site. Don’t forget to give your valuable views in comment section below.

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