Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog - Making Better Dog
Qualities To Embed In Your Dog - Making Better Dog

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog

When we own a dog we look for some good qualities in him, but how they will come to your dog. Today we will discuss the ways for making better dog means will discuss the important qualities to embed in your dog. So lets start our discussion in Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog.

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What Does These Qualities Mean?

When we adopt a dog he becomes a member of our family and to stay with us he need to learn somethings and second thing is we adopt a pet for reason. Some adopt as a guard, some companion etc. Everybody has his own reason. But in all these things you want that your dog should fulfill your expectations.

To make your dog able to meet your expectations you have to embed some qualities in him and in this article we will discuss about those qualities which are must to embed in your dog.

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog - Making Better Dog

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog

What Are These Qualities?

Next question comes what are these qualities. There are many points that your dog needs to learn and they are discussed here-under:-

# Socialization

The first and most required quality is socialization. When you adopt a dog it is must that he should get socialized so that you or your lover one do not get any harm. A well socialized dog is the perfect pet to have.

Socialization is the process to train your dog for outer world interaction. When we socialize a dog we make him ready to face the outer world so that he feel normal when during his interaction with new people, places or pets.

The most important step in socialization is that it should start from childhood of puppy so that he can be easily socialized. Many times we ignore the role of socialization in childhood of puppy and we have to pay for that as in adult dogs it is difficult to change the habits.

Some basic points that you have to follow to socialize your dog are:-

# Give him time

# Take him on daily walk

# Give him basic training

# Give him time to play

# Introduce him new people and places

These are some steps that will definitely help you in socialization of your dog and make a better dog.

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# Basic Training

Next point is basic training. Basic training and socialization are inter-connected instead we can say both are part of each other. First is not complete without second and second is not complete without first. So in simple words basic training is as important as socialization.

Basic training is a process in which you teach your dog to obey some basic rules. Like place to sit, follow your command etc. In family a dog should be aware about his role as any deviation can cause problem to you. Work on inducing discipline in your dog.

Same like socialization basic training should also start from childhood itself. As the things that a puppy will learn in his early life will get strongly embeded into his nature and habit. So if you have adopted a puppy start working on basic training of your dog too so that you can build a better dog.

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Qualities To Embed In Your Dog - Making Better Dog

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog

# Good Health

Next point in the series is good health. If you want a dog who can fulfill your demands he must have good health first. The day you adopt a dog the first point that you should have in your mind is good health of your dog.

Few steps that you have to keep in your mind are given here-under:-

# Vaccination

# Regular Vet Check Ups

# Set-up Dog Check Up Frequency

# Give Him Daily Exercise

# Work On Increasing Dog’s Immunity

# Give Your Dog Balanced Diet

After following these simple steps health of your dog will get improve and he will stay healthy. Health is the key for any dog as wothout it everything get halted. So the health of your dog should be on your priority list when you adopt a dog. In simple words health is the most basic point to build better dog.

# Temperament

Last and very important point is temperament. Suppose you have a dog, there is a reason why you adopt a dog. Some common reasons are:-

# Guard

# Companion

# Breeding

# Hobby

Every owner has his own reason to adopt a dog and you too. From the very first day when you adopt a dog work on to build those qualities that you would like in your dog. Suppose you want a trained dog, start teaching him to obey your command. Similarly for every other point work according to it.

If you follow this rules you will build a dog that you like. Dogs will not become themselves, they have to be built by his owner. You may also visit our article Role Of An Owner In Building Dog. This will give you an outline how you are important for your dog as you are the mentor of your dog and it is you who will build a better dog.

# Confidence

Next and the last is confidence. A dog who do not have confidencs in himself will suffer from many problems. He may go into depression, may become Aggressive etc. there are many Behaviour Disorders in dogs that may struck your dog.

To save your dog from this situation simple and most important point is to build his confidence. A dog who has confidence will be a great dog to own. Some easy steps to follow for building confidence are:-

# Give him playtime

# Take him on daily walk

# Give him good food

# Give him time

# Work on improving his health

To read a complete article on building confidence in dog you may also visit our article Building Confidence In Dog. In last I would like to say confidence of your dog is the path that leads to a better dog.

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog - Making Better Dog

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog

I hope above mentioned points will help you to build better dog. Kindly give your views regarding our article Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog in comment section below. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Qualities To Embed In Your Dog – Making Better Dog

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